Thursday, July 25, 2024

Jarvis Raynor & Perry Stevenson Win CATT Potomac River, VA June 8, 2024


Next Potomac River CATT is Saturday June 15th! Tap this link to view the schedule!

Jarvis Raynor & Perry Stevenson win the Potomac River with 5 bass weighing 16.99 lbs!

Jarvis Raynor – Perry Stevenson6.1916.99$1,600.00110
Ray Hogge – Donnie Daniel0.0015.24$1,200.00109
Nathan Keller – John Doyle4.2214.66$1,070.00108
Nick Sapio – Nick Lober7.1214.05$210.00107
Greg Dent – Cody Dent0.0013.58106
Safu Rana0.0013.53105
Robbie Henderson – Bob Ackerman0.0013.15104
David Hooker – Kenny Henderson0.0012.89103
Brian Kline – Luke Beard0.0012.83102
Sam Musselman – Ryan Musselman0.0012.19101
John Stevens – Jake Keller3.5411.83100
Steve Starkey – Josh Payne0.0011.7999
Buck Covington – Jesepth Hughes0.0011.4998
Clayton Payne – Waylon Etherton5.2411.4097
Joshua Lewis – Melvin Ruiz0.009.9996
Karl Sampson – Donnie Caldwell0.008.8095
Steve Schantz  – Will Harner6.545.86$420.0094
Scottie Melton – Shawn Smith0.004.3793
Desmond Allen – Derrick Taylor0.000.0083
Ricky Meyers – Richard Hare0.000.0083
Don Gregg – Kurt hildebrand0.000.0083
Total Entrys$2,940.00
BONUS $$1,400.00
Snakehead Side Pot$420.00
Total Paid At Ramp$4,500.00
Potomac River 2024 Spring Final Fund$210.00
2024 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2024 Potomac River Spring Final Fund$410.00

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