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Austin & Keith Woody Win 4th Annual Lloyd Kirby Fathers Day Tournament on Mayo Lake


4th Annual Lloyd Kirby Father’s Day Tournament
Mayo Lake – 6/15/2024

The 4th Annual Lloyd Kirby Father’s Tournament is in the books!
We were Blessed with another awesome turnout. We had 52 teams show up consisting of Father’s and sons, Father’s and daughters, mothers and sons and Grandfather’s and Grandkids.
Before we get started with the story of the day me and Jeff Brann  want to say THANK YOU to everyone who donated money and prizes and everyone that showed up to be apart of this awesome event.

As I blasted off each individual team and called their boat # it made my day seeing all of the smiles and excitement on the faces of everyone. I can honestly say that I feel that this was not a tournament of competition but a tournament of seeing who could have the most fun. That is the reason that me and Jeff Love doing this tournament each and every year.

When the weigh in concluded it was the team of Austin Woody and Keith Woody that took home the WIN


They had a 3 fish limit weighing 13.26 pounds. That earned them $500.00, Stainless steel fish cooker valued at $500.00 and the Winners plaques. Awesome job to them on a great catch and Win.
They were followed by last years winners of the Father’s day tournament. The team of Porterfield & Porterfield had a 3 fish limit weighing 12.45 pounds.  That earned them $400.00 and two custom made glide baits valued at around $100.00. Great job guys!
The Winners of the Earnst Dixon Big Bass Award was the team of Ashley & Ashley. They had a fish weighing 5.79 pounds. That earned them $520.00 and the Eanest Dixon Big Bass Award plaques. ( That being said if anyone knows how to get in touch with Mr. Ashley please tell him to contact me as I forgot to give them their plaques


We paid back 24 spots and gave out around $5000.00 worth of door prizes. After payout and door prizes close to $8500.00 was handed out. Everyone that participated walked away with something.

Please take a look at this list of people and businesses that donated to make this tournament happen. If you get a chance go check out these businesses and people and Thank them for making this happen!

List of Donators!

Pico Propane of Yanceyville (Ryan McPherson)

Chris Lappin with Farm Bureau

Marcus & Tracey Richmond with R&S Race Cars

David Trickey , Kayleigh Trickey , Taylor Puryear, Caroline Puryear & Jordan Puryear “In Honor of Kevin Puryear”

Ricky Davis In Loving Memory of Malinda “ Shorty “ Davis

Frank Dalton

Jeff & Sylvia Wagner “In Loving Memory of Lloyd Kirby”

Jeremy Clayton with Re/Max Premier Realty

Mike Riggs with Riggs Rods

Shane Brantley with Caswell Glass Company

Jason “Skeet” Wilborn with Skeet’s Concealed Carry

Jeff Gentry “In Loving Memory of Judy Gentry”

Tony McGhee with T.M. Custom Glide Baits

Jeff Brann & Robin Gentry “In  Loving Memory of Percy Brann Jr , Charles Suitt , Dennis Brann, Herman Gentry Sr. & Dwight Williamson “

Kenneth & Mable Dixon “ In Loving Memory of Ernest Dixon “ added money to the Ernest Dixon Big Bass Award

WF Cox

Grissom & Holloman Attorneys at Law

County Line Automotive

Wild Blossom Boutique

Sherry Huff Clayton with Huffs Insurance and Realty Inc.

Revels Construction

Carolyn & Wendy Chambers “In Loving Memory of CW Chambers”

Buoys on Hyco

Toreros Mexican Restaurant of Roxboro

Tammy Cox Foster “In Loving Memory of Kelby Lane Oakley”

Old Country Club Steakhouse
“In Loving Memory of Chris Long”

Shane Perkins

Jonathan Hubbard with Hubbard’s Roofing

Kristy Sheppard with Kristy’s Kleaning Service

5 Alive Team Trail

Kenyon’s Meat Market

Will Carver

Edward & Charlie Franklin

Pete & Susan Tuck “In Memory of JD Tuck and Honor of Richard Duncan.

Multiple Anonymous Donors

1st. Woody & Woody – 13.26 pounds-$500.00 – cooker
2nd. Porterfield & Porterfield- 12.45 pounds-$400.00 – 2 glide baits
3rd. Moser & Moser- 12.41 pounds-$300.00
4th. Patterson & Patterson- 11.56 pounds-$200.00
5th. Vaughn & Vaughn- 11.44 pounds-$180.00
6th. Bowen & Bowen- 11.31 pounds-$140.00
7th. C. Mullins & R. Mullins- 11.25 pounds- $130.00
8th. Glosson & Glosson- 11.02 pounds-$120.00
9th. Tuck & Tuck- 10.99 pounds-$100.00
10th. Mullins & Mullins- 10.98 pounds-$100.00
11th. J.Mullins & M.Mullins- 9.74 pounds-$100.00
12th. J. Mullins & I.Mullins- 9.23 pounds-$100.00
13th. Smith & Smith- 8.98 pounds-$100.00
14th. Barnette & Barnette- 8.97 pounds-$100.00
15th. Talley & Talley- 8.73 pounds-$100.00
16th. Jones & Jones- 8.60 pounds-$100.00
17th. Johnson & Johnson- 8.52 pounds-$100.00
18th. Milam & Milam- 8.44 pounds-$100.00
19th. Brann & Brann- 8.21 pounds-$100.00
20th. W.F. Cox & Cox- 8.17 pounds-$100.00
21st. Brown & Brown- 7.89 pounds-$100.00
22nd. Rimmer & Rimmer- 7.52 pounds-$100.00
23rd. Whitfield & Whitfield- 7.36 pounds-$75.00
24th. Ashley & Ashley- 7.33 pounds- Free Entry

Lowest weight.
Pearson & Pearson- 3.13 pounds-$75.00

Big Fish.
Ashley & Ashley- 5.79 pounds-$520.00

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