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Dennie Gilbert & Bobby Crisman Win 5 Alive/ ALTEC Trail- Qualifier #5 – 6/22/2024 Kerr lake


Our 5th and final Qualifier tournament of the ALTEC Guaranteed $7000.00 Trail was last Saturday at Kerr Lake.
Our boat count was down some but I’ve got to admit that it takes a dedicated individual to go out in that heat and compete. I spoke on dedication during our morning prayer and I hope the message took hold to all that was listening.
34 teams showed up for the final Qualifier. With lots on the line there was quite a bit of anticipation by the Anglers as they waited to be blasted off. There was 2 different Championships to be decided and a extra $4000.00 and hardware to be awarded at the end of the day.
I give the teams 8 hours to get it done and brought them back to the scales at 1:30pm to try to help with the heat.
Once the weigh in was over it was the team if Dennie Gilbert & Bobby Crisman that took the WIN


. They had a 5 fish limit weighing 16.22 pounds. That earned them a total of $1600.00 for the day. That was an impressive catch on a tough day at Kerr Lake by some good guys and Great fisherman. Congrats Guys!
They were followed by the winners of our last Qualifier. The team of Jeff Ross & Clay Ross  had a 5 fish limit weighing 15.91 pounds. That earned them a total of $1000.00 for the day. Them guys are


each and every tournament. 
Big Fish was won by the team of Johnson & Bowman. They had a fish weighing 4.66 pounds earning them $340.00
Congratulations to all the teams that placed in the money.

Let’s talk about this  POINTS CHAMPIONSHIP !!!

As they were blasted off Saturday their was only a 10 point difference between 1st and 2nd in the Points Championship standings. 3rd place in the Points standings was a very tight race as well and 3rd place got paid as well.
The team of Moore & Moore carried the 10 point lead into the final tournament followed by the team of Hall & Carter. When everything was totaled up it was the team of Craig Hall & Bobby Carter that took home the 2024 – 5 Alive/ALTEC Trail Points Championship


There was 1 point that decided the outcome.


Hall & Carter are the first 2 time Points Champions in the 5 Alive Team Trail. They Won $1500.00, paid entry fees to all of the Qualifiers of the 2025 Guaranteed $7000.00 Trail, plaques, Points Champions coats and the #1 starting spot in all of the 2025 Qualifiers for the Guaranteed $7000.00 Trail.
Hall & Carter have always been one of the most consistent teams each and every year and consistency  PAYS OFF!  Big Congratulations to them on a great year!!!
Joey Moore & Jacob Moore ( The reigning 2024 Hyco Trail Points Champions) finished 2nd in Points. They Won $1000.00 , plaques and the #2 starting spot in all of the Qualifiers of the 2025 Guaranteed $7000.00 Trail. These two are also the model of consistency and are strong at each event. They have nothing to hang their heads at with a year that they have had. Great job guys!
Taking home 3rd in the points our final paying spot was the team of Corey Herndon & Blain Brogden. This spot was also determined by a 1 point difference.


They Won $500.00 , plaques and the #3 starting spot in all the Qualifiers in the 2025 Guaranteed $7000.00 Trail. Yet another very consistent team each year. Congrats Guys!

There was also one more Championship to decide on Saturday.  The Daves Tournament Tackle FAT 5 Championship.
The top 3 teams going into Saturday were seperated by just over a 1/2 of a pound with one fish still left to be weighed in by each team in the Fat 5.
After the weigh in was done it was the team of Hall & Carter that swept the Championships and took home the WIN in the Daves Tournament Tackle FAT 5 Championship as well. They had a 5 fish limit for the year weighing 19.78 pounds. That earned them $1000.00 and the Daves Tournament Tackle FAT 5 Points Championship Belts. Another Great job by a great team. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!

We want to say THANK YOU to all of our 2025 Sponsors. I have the best Sponsors I could ever ask for and not only are they Sponsors they are great friends as well. Without them this Trail would not be possible.  Thank you again!

I also want to say THANK YOU to my staff!
(My wife )


Krystal Kirby Sheppard
, Jessica Turner Byrd and Chris Byrd Thank yall for all of the support and help.

The ALTEC Guaranteed $7000.00 two day Championship will be held on September 14th & 15th at Kerr Lake – Occoneechee Ramp.  It’s going to be a good one with a heap of money given away. Look forward to seeing yall there.

As we end one Trail we fire up another one.
This weekend – 5/29/2024 the Caswell Glass Mayo Trail kicks off at Mayo Lake. These are full Qualifier as well to get you into the 2 day Guaranteed $7000.00 Championship Tournament.
For any information on this Trail you can contact me Kevin Sheppard at 336-264-8416. 
Thanks again!

1st. Gilbert & Crisman- 16.22 pounds-$1600.00 TWT
2nd. Ross & Ross – 15.91 pounds-$1000.00 TWT
3rd. Woolard & Woolard- 12.51 pounds-$400.00
4th. Woody & White- 12.11 pounds-$490.00 TWT
5th. Joseph Sharpe- 12.07 pounds-$190.00
6th. Green & Wiles- 11.68 pounds-$120.00

Big Fish
Johnson & Bowman- 4.66 pounds-$340.00

5 Alive/ALTEC Trail Points Championship
1st. Hall & Carter- 691points -$1500.00
2nd Moore & Moore – 690 points -$1000.00
3rd. Herndon & Brogden- 679 Points-$500.00

Dave’s Tournament Tackle FAT CHAMPIONSHIP
1st Hall & Carter- 19.78 pounds-$1000.00

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