Tournament Results Norman Sept 8, 2018

We had a great crowd Sept 8th at Norman! Next up is Sept 23rd at Pinnacle Access! Remember the membership kicks in at this one!

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48 TeamsBig  TotalTotal
Aaron Jordan  1st Bonus $4.5113.63$1,111.00110
Doug Easton  2nd Bonus $4.5612.49$599.00109
Rob Spears – Ferande Encarnacino3.9711.63$265.00108
Danny & Lionel Mason4.3611.56$215.00107
Nick Miller – Brandon Brickweg   BF4.7111.40$416.00106
Reid McGinn – Maurice Barnett2.9910.78$140.00105
Jesse Smith – Patrick Houpe3.4610.48$115.00104
Luke Helms – Kevin Toler2.0910.09$90.00103
Maurice Freeze – Rick Poplin2.709.97$65.00101
Chris Anderson – Mike Clark3.049.95101
Matt McBee – Marty Williams2.529.66100
Spencer Taylor – Dylan Johnson0.009.6499
Jody & Jay Wright2.709.4898
Jerry & Shane Lineberger2.529.350
Larry Lehew – Shane Lehew2.419.080
David Bright – Joe Justice2.219.0197
Aric Dwyer – Robbie Anderson2.768.5196
Carroll & Jeff Queen0.008.4095
Dylan & Austin Smith2.348.1894
Keith Westrick – Jonathan Foster1.967.5193
Alan Whitaker – John Miller0.007.3692
Jerry Craig – Mark Connley0.007.3191
Jason Dew – Jeremy Sullivan0.007.1690
Allen & Jerry Robbins4.197.0989
Adam Waters0.006.8188
Warren Ray – Ronnie Jennings2.366.3787
Kenny Kanipe – Terry Benfield0.004.5786
Bill Greir – Brian Herndon0.004.4485
George Lauster0.004.2484
Doug & Jake Monti2.972.9783
Allen Tuttle – Byron Tuttle2.322.3282
Norman Lowe – Justin Edgell0.000.0081
Arthur Harris – John Marshall0.000.0081
Robert Porter – Morris Elliott0.000.0081
Jerry Willoughby – Dan Funderburke0.000.0081
Kenny Seagle – Rob Roakes0.000.0081
Brent Sanders – John Freeman0.000.0081
Travis & Andy Tindall0.000.0081
Orlando Giles – Mike Ray0.000.0081
Sheldon Hipps – Matt Hipps0.000.0081
Landon Dockery – Cameron Ellis0.000.0081
Jason Wilson – Kelly Logan0.000.0081
Charles Ray – Craig Rycroft0.000.0081
Chad Atchley – Dempsey Carter0.000.0081
Chuck Douthit – Patrick Tierney0.000.0081
Tommy Williams0.000.0081
Mark & Vince Parker0.000.0081
Joshua & Gene Hall0.000.0081
2018 Norman Fall Final Fund Total$165.00


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