Next up is the last Monticello Qualifier August 28 then the Final is Sept 28! You only have to enter 5 Qualifiers to make the Final!

Andrew Starnes & Brady Livingston make it 2 in a row at Monticello with 5 bass weighing 12.03 lbs! They took home $620.00!

Andrew Starnes – Brady Livingston3.7712.03$620.00110
Devin Black – Cory Vaughn0.0010.23109
Jason Bateman – Michael Bateman3.089.96108
Jason Ries – Roger McKee0.008.36107
Chase Mount – Ronald Davis0.000.0097
Louis Rosborough – Louis Rosborough II0.000.0097
Phillip Thompson – Chad Bradburn0.000.0097
Monticello Final$530.00


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