5th and Final Qualifier for the  2021 – 5 Alive.     Team Trail Guaranteed $5000.00. Championship- Kerr lake 6/5/2021

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Last Saturday we had our last Qualifier of the 2021 season at Kerr Lake for the Guaranteed $5000.00 Championship coming up in October. First off all of us at 5 Alive Team Trail want to say THANK YOU to each and everyone of yall that came out and fished with us this year and supported our growing trail. I’ve been in and around bass fishing for along time and I can honestly say that I feel like we have the best group of guys and girls fishing with us that I have ever been around.
We got to crown our 2021 Points Champions on Saturday.  Mr. Chuck Morton and Mr. Mike Riggs  held on strong and won the Points Championship. Didn’t come easy for them. They’ve had boat trouble though out the year and had to borrow a boat to fish one of the Qualifiers but stuck with it and came out on top. For winning the Points Championship they got a check for $1200.00 , all 2022 Qualifier tournaments entry fees paid , # 1 boat in each Qualifier tournament blast off for 2022 , Points Championship plaques and 5 Alive Team Trail Points Champions coats. Their is only 6 people that owns one of them and their ain’t but one way to get them. They well deserve it and we at 5 Alive Team Trail are proud to have them as the 2021 Points Champions. Great job guys!

We had 69 boats come out Saturday to try and take home the money. Hey!! We actually didn’t have a cold front for this tournament. 🤣 Although as hot as it was I wouldn’t have minded it.🤷‍♂️ At the end of the day it was the team of Austin Woody and Zachary Smith  that topped the field. I knew everybody was in trouble when both of them come to the scales together.  I’ve seen that happen before.👀  They brought in a 5 fish limit weighing 17.49 pounds for the win. They also won Big Fish with a 4.50 pounder and they won the TWT bringing their total to $2990.00. (Did I mention it’s only a $90.00 entry fee and that includes Big Fish?) They were followed by the team of David Farman  and D.J. Farman with a 5 fish limit weighing 15.12 pounds.  They also won 2nd place TWT bringing their total to $1130.00.
Our Bobcats Bait and Tackle Kids Tournament winner was a new team . Harrell and Harrell won the  Bobcats $50.00 gift card. He also won the $75.00 gift card Donated by Mr. David Gentry and $50.00 gift card Donated by Meranda Long Wolfe  in honor of her Dad Mr. Steve Long. The 2nd place Kid was Mr. Logan Revels. He took home a $50.00 gift card Donated by David Gentry and a $30.00 gift card donated by Meranda Long Wolfe and the 3rd place kid was Mr. Ethan Larabee winning him a $25.00 gift card Donated by Mr.David Gentry and a $25.00 gift card Donated by Meranda Long Wolfe in honor of Mr Steve Long.
Great job guys!
Winning the $50.00 Bass Pro Shops gift card giveaway was Dustin Long.
Winning the Daves Tournament Tackle giveaway was Jeff Brann 🙄🤣.

We would like to say again Thank You to everyone for fishing with us this year and a BIG SHOUT OUT  for all of our 2021 Sponsors. Without them this would not be possible.
Can’t wait to see yall in October.

1st.Woody& Smith- 17.49 – $2990.00 TWT
2nd. Farman & Farman-  15.12 – $1130.00 TWT
3rd. Whitfield  & Smith- 15.08 – $800.00 TWT
4th. Harrell & Harrell-  14.94 – $505.00 TWT
5th. Barnes & Scearce – 13.98-  $310.00
6th. Wilder & Cheatham- 13.89 – $275.00
7th. Wray & Purcell- 13.62 – $260.00
8th. Brann & Bailey- 13.57 – $175.00
9th. Ellis & Stallings- 13.51- $ 100.00



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