Blake & James Condrey Win CATT James River Sept 12th 2020


Next and last James River Qualifier is Sept 26! Keep in mind you only had to enter 3 James River Qualifiers to be eligible to enter the James River Final! Team with 2 Qualifiers must enter the Sept 26 Qualifier to get their 3 in! Also keep in mind a team only had to enter 2 CATT events to be eligible to enter the 2020 CATT Championship on Kerr Lake Nov 7-9 $10,000 1st Place!

Blake & James Condrey collected $1,450.00 with a 1st Place 5 bass bag weighing up at 18.78 lbs this past Saturday at Osbourne! 

2nd Place went to Curtis Combs & CJ Combs with a limit weighing 17.52 lbs worth $710.00!

Brian Bereik & Justin Faison claimed 3rd with 16.52 lbs! They also weighed in the 2nd BF at 5.44 lbs and earned the BONUS $ for a total of $765.00!

Richard Bates % Scott Randall finished 4th with 16.50 lbs and collected $310.00!

Check out the rest of our $$ winners!

36 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Blake condrey & James Condrey5.1018.78$1,450.00110
curtis combs-cj combs4.9917.52$710.00109
brian berseik- justin faison5.4416.52$765.00108
richard bates – scott randall4.7716.50$310.00107
jay teasley pat jones4.0115.37$210.00106
tommy little – jerry heifler4.1815.24$155.00105
luke carson5.4515.19$370.00104
stacey vasser- steve webb4.9313.87103
brian brooks – avery powelson0.0013.74102
roger walters- david fox4.9713.62101
edward and thomas milton0.0013.33100
chase huffman- harrison baker0.0012.5899
david bivens clay lewis0.0012.5398
walter emerson brody webb0.0010.8297
travis heath- kevin gregory0.0010.7796
anvery neely0.0010.7495
william clements-jimmy cornet0.009.8794
marshall johnson- ryan locktight0.008.8793
paul watson – melissia watson4.298.8392
liedy clark -ricky west *0.008.2291
bryan keane0.007.9990
dave carney-andy bollhorst0.006.6389
chris cockrall -brian snipes0.004.0188
james tilley-andy walker0.003.6487
tim chaffin trey goodman*0.000.0086
Ray Hogge- donnie daniles0.000.0086
jeffery banko-erik williamson0.000.0086
clayton robens-0.000.0086
jason bishop0.000.0086
jeff valentin-daryl moody0.000.0086
kelly robinette-david barlow0.000.0086
kevin davis kevin helton0.000.0086
jamie neally greg ball0.000.0086
frank poirier brian durahm0.000.0086
chris bryant- matt dunnigan0.000.0086
casey logan- keaton dalton0.000.0086
Total Paid At Ramp$4,200.00
James River 2020 Final Fund$480.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund$0.00
2020 James River Final Fund Total$2,195.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund Total$4,540.00


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