The Bull Shad is known far and wide among bass fishing swimbait anglers. It has been a cult classic since its inception when Mike Bucca sought out to fill a hole in the big swimbait market with oversized gizzard shad imitators. He’s made them up to 11 inches and now has come full circle with his partnership with Catch Co. in the creation of the Baby Bull Shad—a mass produced smaller plastic version of his popular hand crafted swimbaits that introduces new anglers to hard swimbaits while offering a more finesse option.

Immediately, I appreciated the color options, the heavy duty hardware, the added durability of plastic and possibly some new applications with the much smaller Baby Bull Shad. You can throw it easily on conventional gear, even spinning tackle, opening up more anglers to his swimbait creations. Here is a deeper look at these small swimbaits and how I’ve been using them.



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