Next up is the 2029 Yadkin Fall Final on High Rock November 24th! A Team had to enter 2 Yadkin Fall Qualifiers to be eligible to enter the Yadkin Fall Final!

We had a tie in the Yadkin Points! Kevin Chandler & Allen Griffin – Chris Brown & Wayne Ingram! Both teams take home $250.00!

Dale Surratt & Danny Nifong win at High Rock with 19.99 lbs! 

Ron Wolfarth & Shawn Knight finished 2nd with 18.34 lbs!

Ronnie Smith & Randy Weddington 3rd with 17.78 lbs!

Chris Brown & Wayne Ingram 4th with 15.88 lbs!

Todd Shoaf & Gary Klein 5th 15.63 lbs!

Kevin Chandler & Alan Griffin earned $50 from!

26 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Danny Nifong – Dale Surratt6.4319.99$978.00110
Ron Wolfarth & Shawn Knight6.4718.34$662.00109
Randy Weddington & Ronnie Smith0.0017.78$210.00108
Wayner Ingram & Chris Brown0.0015.88$110.00107
Todd Shoaf – Gary Klein0.0015.63$100.00106
Kevin Chandler – Alan Griffin0.0015.46105
Chris Tucker – Brandon Shaver0.0014.86104
Steve Sink – Jason Riggs0.0013.93103
Samuel Thomas – David Wright0.0013.84102
Lance Isenhour – Todd Harris0.0012.52101
George Lambeth – Herby Young0.0012.43100
Todd Barbie – Joe Swain5.7011.8499
Mike Morgan – Steve Carlisle4.7910.7198
Shane Floyd – Tony Garitta3.5710.1497
Tod Haynes – Jeremy Talbert4.7010.0996
Steve Singleton & Brian Robbins0.008.9695
Mike Ray & Orlando Giles0.005.8794
Jay Motely – TJ Henley0.004.1593
Tim Royal0.003.1692
Ladd & Landon Wicker0.000.0091
Derek Crumbley – Derek Crumbley0.000.0091
Mark Cannon – Nick Schueman0.000.0091
Jimmy Fortson – Craig Hamilton0.000.0091
Tony Brewer – Scott Faulkner0.000.0091
Barry Davis – Will Davis0.000.0091
Dusty Taylor – Nick Williams0.000.0091
Total Entrys$2,080.00
BONUS $$500.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,060.00
2019 Yadkin Fall Final Fund$440.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$50.00
2019 Yadkin Fall Final Fund Total$2,190.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Total$1,630.00


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