Next Lake Murray CATT is Feb 22 at Dreher Island State Park! The entry fee is $80 pre paid and $90 at the ramp!

Check this out!

For you guys fishing the 2020 CATT Lake Murray Spring Trail! The Academy Receipt Program will be in effect! Bring your Academy receipts to the Director on tourney day and for every $25 spent at Academy in the past year you will receive 2 raffle tickets! At the Lake Murray Spring Final we will draw for a $100, $75, $50 & $25 Academy Gift Card PLUS we will have Academy H2O products included in the drawing! Another great benefit when you shop Academy! 

Dane & Al Odom brought in a nice sack of bass weighing up at 23.10 lbs to take the win & $650.00! They also received an Academy Gift Card valued at $25!

2nd Place went to Johnny Mayer & Chris Epting with 22.90 lbs! 

Rodney Tapp & Travis Parrish claimed 3rd with 22.25 lbs! 

Mike Allman & Jim Davis 4th with 20.51 lbs!

29 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Dane Odom – Al Odom6.5323.10$650.00110
Johnny Mayer – Chris Epting5.1022.90$735.00109
Travis Parrish – Rodney Tapp7.4022.25$355.00108
Mike Allman – Jim Davis6.0920.51$150.00107
Matt Mollohan – Joey Spradley4.2216.01$110.00106
Mike Stephens0.0015.71105
Thomas Hardwick – Tommy Williams0.0015.53104
Dave Murdock – Steve Pizzino4.0015.00103
Bernie Dreher – Reese Turner0.0014.19102
Darrell Shull – Jimmy Vining5.0213.63101
Zak Martin – John Ray6.2111.83100
Roger Farr – TJ Farrand4.9210.6999
Phil Morris – Don Kneece0.0010.3098
Casey Jackson – Sam Browne0.0010.1197
Doug Lown – Rhet Manus2.719.2196
Howard Stephens – Paul Ham0.003.8995
Jason Ries – Roger McKee0.002.7594
Brandon Jeffcoat0.000.0093
Eric Enlow – Jeff Douglas0.000.0093
Joe Quinn – Wyatt McAbee0.000.0093
Will Anderson – Keith Anderson0.000.0093
Brian Key0.000.0093
Tim Slice – David Wiggins0.000.0093
Ben Smith0.000.0093
Jay Adams0.000.0093
Jay Adams – Tony Colocurcio0.000.0093
Mark Krengel – Ron Wood0.000.0093
Hampton Anderson – Tyson Alvinos0.000.0093
John Stevenson Sr0.000.0093
Total Entrys$1,740.00
BONUS $$$525.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,000.00
Murray Spring Final Fund$100.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund$10.00
2020 Murray Spring Final Fund$325.00
2020  CATT /Phantom Championship$1,950.00


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