We are having some big crowds on the Cooper River this Spring! Come join us for the next Cooper River CATT which is this coming Saturday April 3rd at Cypress Gardens! 54 teams are eligible to enter the Cooper River Final at this point! Only have to enter 1 Cooper River Qualifier to be eligible! To view the Cooper River points go to the Cooper River Division page and scroll all the way down!

With 30 teams competing for the top spot Saturday at the Cooper River no doubt you had to catch em to come out on top! David Driggers did just that with 5 bass weighing 19.17 lbs good enough for 1st Place and $650.00!

Close behind in 2nd Place was Justin Harvey & Jonathan Brindle with 19 lbs even! With the Side Pot added in they took home $825.00!

James Fender & Kyle Welch claimed 3rd with 15.89 lbs!

Travis Gatlin & Grant Powell 4th with 14.73 lbs!

Matt & Andrew Baker 5th with 14.40 lbs!

Dale & Shawn Hanna 6th 14.25 lbs!

30 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
David Driggers7.0119.17$650.00110
Jonathan Brindle Justin Harvey0.0019.00$825.00109
Kyle Welch James Fender0.0015.89$165.00108
Travis Gatlin Grant Powell0.0014.73$125.00107
Matt Baker Andrew Baker0.0014.40$100.00106
Dale Hanna Shawn Hanna0.0014.25$75.00105
Cody Wilson Alan Wilson0.0014.09104
Shawn Benton Logan Benton0.0013.67103
William Gregory James Roy Jr Robison0.0013.65102
Edward Punchak Michael Dibello0.0012.85101
Landy Filyaw Chris Weaver0.0012.58100
Nicholas Mcpherson David Waldrop0.0012.5099
John Campbell Grace Campbell0.0012.3998
James Butler Chris Peirano0.0011.6297
Wayne Clifton Shawn Thomas0.0011.3796
Darrel Knies0.0011.2795
Travis Osborn Gentry Manning0.0011.1094
Dale Lovelace0.009.6593
Jeremy Hewitt Dalton Hewitt0.009.5692
Winkey Watford0.008.9591
Gavin Miles0.008.7590
Johnny Brinson James White0.008.7590
Clay Kolb Jeffrey Peralta0.008.2988
Dave McConnell Dylan Mcconnell0.007.4187
Andy Rutledge0.007.0186
Jonathan Singletary Jonathan Singletary0.006.9885
James Skelton0.006.9484
Randy Gibson Jeremey Hernandez0.003.1983
Chris David Henry Mueller0.000.0073
Jimmy Bihlear Kevin Horn0.000.0073
Total Entrys$1,500.00
BONUS $$550.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,940.00
Cooper River 2021 Spring Final Fund$100.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$10.00
Cooper River 2021 Spring Final Fund Total$330.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$2,085.00


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