Dennis Reedy & Tommy Marrow Win CATT Old North Final Falls Lake, NC June 19, 2021


We had a great Old North Spring Trail  in 2021! The total payback was just over $47,000.00! Mark your calendar! 2022 CATT Academy Championship May 21-22, 2022! Kerr Lake! We had 198 teams enter this past May so come join us! CATT features the Best Payback in the Carolinas & Virginia! We do charge a membership! Compare what we pay to those who don’t charge a membership! You’ll be shocked at the amount of $$ we pay!

Dennis Reedy & Tommy Marrow claimed 1st Place with 5 bass weighing 25.94 lbs! They took home $5,750.00!

Brian McDonald & Billy Bledsoe claimed 2nd with 5 bass weighing 24.31 lbs and took home $2,690.00!

Mike Dinterman & Todd Sumner earned 3rd with 23.96 lbs and took home $1,260.00!

Justin Rhew & Roger Clary took 4th with 23.88 lbs!

Michael Britt & Robert Barton II 5th with 22.31 lbs!

Dennis Reedy / Tommy Marrow6.6825.94$5,750.00
Billy Bledsoe / Brian McDonald7.0224.31$2,690.00
Todd Sumner / Mike Dinterman5.5723.96$1,260.00
Justin Rhew / Roger Clary5.1323.88$700.00
Robert Barton II / Michael Britt7.4822.31$400.00
Jeremy Moody / Tobey Lawson7.8921.86$459.00
Scott Dunn / Stewart Adams6.7121.77
Todd Staker / Scott Woodson4.7719.80
Jamie Fajardo / Josh Hooks4.9018.60
Jason Suggs / Calton Hall4.1416.32
Mark Williams / Tim Goad3.6215.34
David Farmer – Matt Deese4.1413.83
Johnny Wilder7.1113.21$111.00
Matthew Jones / Sonny Tindel0.0012.68
Travis Watson5.4312.57
Lucas Lobaugh / Preston Jacobs0.0011.78
Craig Leff / Thomas Sheffer0.009.58
Brandon Taylor / David Eagle2.319.47
Rick Dunstan / Josh Huff5.419.32
John McLelland / Eric Schell0.009.22
D J & Dean Myslinski0.006.69
Jonathan & Mike Rhew4.704.70
Dane Butler  / Derick Wright0.000.00
Dennis & Dalton Allen0.000.00
Terry Amen / Casey Johnson0.000.00
Gary Johnson / Scottie Smith0.000.00
Steve Michales / Kenneth Ragland0.000.00
Clay Ausley0.000.00
Doug Stallings0.000.00
Will Howard / Bryce McLenney0.000.00
Dale Delaney Jr. / Mike Salguero0.000.00
Blain Brogden / Owen Pinhollow0.000.00
Mike Corbishley / Bryson Peed0.000.00
Jordan & Mark Young0.000.00
Bo Adams / Brian Fritts0.000.00
Josh Genthe0.000.00
Lynn Fox0.000.00
Rich Z / Jamie Olive0.000.00
Total Entrys$5,920.00
BONUS $$550.00
Old North Spring Final Fund$1,400.00
Total Paid At Ramp$11,370.00
Grand Total Paid Spring 2021 Old North$47,200.00


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