Doug Lown and Rhett Manus win CATT Lake Murray Open with 21.02 May 19,2018


Tournament Results Murray Open May 19, 2018

Doug Lown and Rhett Manus win $1,169.00 with 5 bass weighing $21.02!

Darryl Starkey & Nelson Walker take 2nd with 17.85 lbs!

Frankie Taylor & Robert Taylor 3rd with 17.14 lbs!

Gary McGlohorn with a Lake Murray Smallmouth!

1Rhett Manus – Doug Lown  1st BF5.6421.02$1,169.00
2Darryl Starkey – Nelson Walker4.7917.85$325.00
3Frankie Taylor – Robert Taylor4.7717.14$145.00
4Todd Huntley4.0216.04
5Clint Harrington – Hunter Harrington   2nd BF4.8215.73$51.00
6Dan McGlohorn – Gary McGlohorn3.7715.28
7Terry Morris – Michael Morris3.4215.13
8David Wiggins – Tim Slice4.4114.38
9Daniel Howell4.1013.75
10Neil Huffstetler – Charles Frick3.7713.14
11Brett Collins – Kane Simpson0.0010.12
12Shane Deans – Andrew Starnes4.109.09
13Mark Richardson – Rhett Richardson0.000.00
14Les Westberry – Dean Chapman0.000.00
15Bernie Dreher – CB Dreher0.000.00
16Aaron Petty – Anthony Henderson0.000.00
17Todd Ledford – Kirk Allen0.000.00


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