Next CATT on Kerr Lake is Oct 25th at Occoneechee! This is the last Qualifier of the Fall Kerr Lake Trail! You only have to enter 1 Qualifier to be able to enter the 2020 Fall Kerr Lake Final!

Eddie Glascock & Billy Dunn win with 5 bass weighing 15.17 lbs!

Danny & Jason Houchins 2nd with 13.87 lbs!

35 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Eddie Glascock/Billy Dunn3.4515.17$1,255.00110
Jason Houchins/Danny Houchins4.0213.87$1,045.00109
Ricky Trent/Tyler Trent2.7613.02$460.00108
Robbie Mayton/Kevin Bostic3.8512.64$305.00107
Terry Easter/Dave Farrington3.1212.07$120.00106
Rick Clements/Elton Clements2.9511.65$110.00105
Ryan Roller/Gary Calwell2.9611.46$100.00104
William Hubbard/Brian Calloway0.0010.76103
Tony Woodard/Bo Grosvnor0.0010.49102
Dennie Gilbert/Charlie Reed2.9110.34101
Clay Samples/Jeff Edwards0.009.92100
Eddie Fore/Brian Kirkpatrick0.009.6599
Ernest Howell/Randy Taylor3.279.4998
Don Warren/Jack Gorton2.389.3597
Bryson Peeed/Johnathan Jones2.938.8096
Jay Folgman/Jeff Clifton0.008.5195
Brandon Slaughter/Brandon Curtis0.008.3594
Nathan Webber /Brandon Gray0.008.1793
Wesley Cashwell0.007.2992
Donnie Avant/Randy Waterman0.006.9491
Tom Wilkerson/Tyler Purcell0.006.5690
James Byrd3.636.5289
Jimmy Barron/Spencer Barron0.005.1988
Phillip Dunn/Evan Fleming0.004.8787
Mark Winn/Mike Nichols0.000.0086
Will Howard/Mike Whitehurst0.000.0086
Jake Osborne/Keith Dutton0.000.0086
Gary Williams/Andrew Kernes0.000.0086
Derrick Bowden/Matt Littles0.000.0086
Blake Gillispie/Collin Bennett0.000.0086
Alex King/Matt Norras0.000.0086
Gerald Beck/Rodney Sorrell0.000.0086
Ben Dalton/Dean Dalton0.000.0086
Tim Thurman/Thomas Jerrell0.000.0086
Chuck Morton/Mike Riggs0.000.0086
Total Entrys$2,800.00
BONUS $$1,100.00
Total Paid At Ramp$3,395.00
Kerr 2020 FALL Final Fund$405.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$50.00
2020 Kerr FALL Final Fund Total$860.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Total$4,100.00


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