Next Yadkin CATT is Oct 3 at Tuckertown launching from Flat Creek!

Nov 7-8 is the CATT Championship on Kerr! Only enter 2 CATT events to be eligible! $10,000 1st Place!

Great crowd this past weekend on High Rock and lots of $$ spread around! Jeremy Talbert & Todd Haynes squeaked past the 2nd place team with 5 bass weighing 17.41 lbs! They took home $1472.00!

2nd Place David Eichorn & Bo Russell with 17.47 lbs worth $605.00!

Rodney Bell & Tommy Jones claimed 3rd with 15.74 lbs!

Mike Ray & Orlando Giles finished 4th with 15.50 lbs and weighed in the 1st BF at 6.68 lbs!

5th went to Wayne Engram & Chris Brown 15.25 lbs!

Barry & Harrison McCall 6th Place 14.73 lbs!

7th Place Steve Sink & Jason Riggs 13.2 lbs!

Phillip & Lucas Hedrick took home the cash!

39 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Todd Haynes – Jeremy Talbert0.0017.51$1472.00110
Bo Russell – David Eichorn4.9517.47$605.00109
Rodney Bell – Tommy Jones4.6415.74$413.00108
Mike Ray – Orlando Giles6.6815.50$473.00107
Wayne Engram – Chris Brown5.6615.25$257.00106
Barry McCall – Harrsion McCall0.0014.73$110.00105
Jason Riggs – Steve Sink0.0013.26$100.00104
Phillip Hedrick – Lucas Hedrick4.3313.15103
Robert Mixon0.0012.94102
Todd Harris – Lance Isenhour0.0011.65101
Michael Corley – Alan Thompson0.0011.24100
John Kistler & Rusty Melton0.0011.0599
Herby Young – Craig Greason0.0010.7198
Chris Murphy & Vince Murphy0.0010.4197
Dwayne Hughes – Adam Almo0.0010.3096
Joel Ketchum0.008.9995
Elliott White – Blake White0.005.6594
Scott Harwood – Hunter Harwood4.714.7193
Brandon Shaver & Chad Cook0.003.4192
Tony Vernon & Scott Quinn0.002.9891
Corey Gibson – Brandon Gibson0.000.0090
John Wagner – Bobby Bowers0.000.0090
Duke Denison – Bobby Cline0.000.0090
Ladd Whicker – Landon Whicker0.000.0090
Dean Talbert – Mike Davis0.000.0090
David Hunt – Darrell Crumbley0.000.0090
Rich Quinn0.000.0090
Roy Barrow – April Barrow0.000.0090
Scott Hinsley – Nick House0.000.0090
Steve Singleton – Brian Robbins0.000.0090
David Lloyd – Daniel Lloyd0.000.0090
Randy Bell – Harrison Bell0.000.0090
Robert Brunson – Andrew Wilson0.000.0090
RM Parker0.000.0090
Randy Weddington – Ronnie Smith0.000.0090
Bradley Chandler – Kevin Chandler0.000.0090
Jerry Davis – Tony Tysinger0.000.0090
Robert Walser – Mack Lowe0.000.0090
Todd Hammond – Tom File0.000.0090
Total Entrys$3,120.00
BONUS $$875.00
Total Paid At Ramp$3,430.00
Yadkin Spring 2020 Final Fund$465.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2020 Yadkin Spring Final Fund Total$1,835.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund Total$4,580.00


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