Joe Floyd & Mike Stone Win CATT Lake Wylie, SC Nov 23, 2019


Next up is the Lake Wylie Fall Final Dec 14th at Buster Boyd Bridge! Fishing has been tough on Lake Wylie as you can see! David Winters & Mike Allman win the Wylie Points and will fish the Wylie Free!

Joe Floyd & Mike Stone take the win with 9.46 lbs! 

2nd went to Mike Allman & David Winters with 9.43 lbs!

15 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
1Mike Stone/Joe Floyd2.819.46$805.00110
2David Winters/Mike Allman2.369.43$245.00109
3Brent Kukowski/Pat Carter2.108.93$80.00108
4Clay Williams/Mike Thompson1.687.68107
5Gordon Smith1.505.85106
6Michael Yokem/Jeff Wilson2.285.29105
7Glenn Sparrow/Chris Bumgardner0.004.16104
8John Walker/Brad Zeigler0.000.00103
9Jeff Ozman/Cason Causey0.000.00103
10Tim Chapman0.000.00103
11Artie Phillips/Thomas Richmond0.000.00103
12Mike Stephens0.000.00103
13Dave Calbert/Bill Carothers0.000.00103
14Todd Garner/Jeff Raby0.000.00103
15Derek Lilley/ Eric Barsche0.000.00103
Total Entrys$1,200.00
BONUS $$250.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,130.00
Wylie 2019 Fall Final Fund$260.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$30.00
2019 Wylie Fall Final Fund Total$1,005.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Total$1,755.00


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