John Campbell & Kyle Welch win the 2018 CATT Cooper River Spring Final with 5 bass weighing 18.41 lbs!


Tournament Results Cooper River Spring Final May 5, 2018

We had another great Spring Trail on the Cooper River! We paid back over $13,000.00! Thanks to Ferris & Becky Jennings! We will have the Fall schedule out soon! Come join us!


John Campbell & Kyle Welch win the 2018 CATT Cooper River Spring Final with 5 bass weighing 18.41 lbs! They also weighed in the Lews BF at 7 lbs even with the BONUS $ added in they took home $2,122.00! John and Kyle also received a Lews Mach Speed Spool Baitcast Reel and an Academy Gift Card!\

Travis Gatling & Grant Powell took 2nd with 15.70 lbs and weighed in the 2nd Lews BF at 6.28 lbs! They took home $1,078.00 and a Lews Mach Speed Stick!

3rd James Roy Robison Jr & William Gregory with 15.27 lbs and they collected $500.00!

Moe Pictures at the bottom of the results!


27 TeamsFishWeightWinnings
Kyle Welch – John Campbell   BONUS $ & 1st Lews BF7.0018.41$2,122.00
Travis Gatlin – Grant Powell   2nd BF6.2815.70$1,078.00
James Roy Robison Jr –  William Gregory0.0015.27$500.00
Jeremy Hewitt – Bill Lawshe0.0014.00$300.00
Bucky Black – Carl Harrington0.0013.50$230.00
Ryan Romesberg – Oliver Watkins0.0013.43
Wesley Ragland – Chandler Ackerman0.0013.22
Health Hunter – Bruce Wheeler0.0013.19
Matt Baker – Andrew Baker0.0013.19
Benjamin Smith – Brent Bartman0.0012.84
Bob Letizi – Derrick Nixon0.0012.25
Scott Perrine-  Brian Nordyke0.0011.94
Joseph Giampa – Gene Youngs0.0011.88
Tom Bancroft0.0011.26
Rusty Chapman – Jonathan Davis0.0011.14
Cody Carter – William Minus0.0011.09
Dave McConnell – Dylan Mcconnell0.0010.81
Bubba Dennis – Randy Gibson0.009.76
Tim Hilton – Victor Moore0.009.44
Greg Benton – Logan Benton0.009.36
Jonathan Brindle – David Grooms0.008.99
Joe Hutchinson – Elvis Black0.008.47
Dustin Cox – Anthony Amerson0.007.84
Jimmy Mccants0.007.72
CJ Connington-  Garrett White0.005.20
James White – Johnny Brinson0.000.00
Will Thompson0.000.00
Total Entrys  $3,120.00
BONUS $  $440.00
2017 Cooper River Spring  Final Fund  $670.00
Total Paid At Ramp  $4,230.00
Total Paid 2017 Spring Cooper River  $13,055.00





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