JR Milligan & Jamie Phelps wins CATT Roanoke River May 19, 2018


Tournament Results East Roanoke River May 19, 2018

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Guys we are picking up steam on the Roanoke River! We have close to 30 team eligible to enter the September 8th East Final! You only have to enter 1 Qualifier to be eligible to enter!

Next East Qualifier is June 23rd! Water Street Lighthouse Landing!

JR Milligan & Jamie Phelps took the win with 5 bass weighing 20.76 lbs! They secured the BONUS $ as well and took home $1,355.00!

2nd went to James Ormond & Danny Flynn with a limit weighing  18.68 lbs and they collected $450.00!

Taking 3rd were Jason Tripp & Adam Darby with 5 bass weighing up at 16.14 lbs! They earned $200.00!

 19 TeamsBigTotalTotal 
JR Milligan – Jamie Phelps  BONUS $5.1420.76$1,355.00110
James Ormond – Danny Flynn5.9018.68$450.00109
Jason Tripp – Adam Darby5.3316.14$200.00108
Larry Thomas – Gerald Elks4.6316.14 107
Mike Ellis – Mark Faircloth  2nd BF6.0215.88$57.00106
JA Williford – Justin Chamblee4.0714.51 105
Steve Vann – Richard Lewis   1st BF6.2614.50$133.00104
Thomas Dew – Lee King4.9414.07103
Charles Weatherby – Michael Hanon0.0013.53102
Hal Caldwell – Larry Gunn3.2113.08101
Tyler Jones – Kain Jones3.9612.68100
Norwood Logon – Darrell Peele3.9812.6099
Joe Varnell4.8111.2398
Walt Goff – Allen Campbell3.3310.7497
Jeff Galloway2.6410.0096
Greg Creech – Chris McDuffie4.677.6495
Max & Monica Altman3.036.4094
John Kellett0.000.0093
Dean Jones – Ray Burress0.000.0093
Total Entrys  $2,280.00
BONUS $  $380.00
Total Paid At Ramp  $2,195.00
East 2018 Final Fund  $390.00
2018 CATT Championship Fund  $75.00
2018 East Final Fund Total  $1,055.00
2018  CATT Championship Fund Total  $4,765.00


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