Lex & Xan Costas Win CATT Phantom Outdoors Invitational Santee Cooper, SC April 3, 2021 $32,000.00 Purse!


2022 Santee Cooper Phantom Outdoors Invitational will GUARANTEE $10,000.00 to the 1st Place Team! Dates will be released later this Summer! Tap on the Phantom logo below to start shopping. Use PHANTONCATT15 at checkout and save 15% off your order!


Nov 5-6 Lake Hartwell, SC MINIMUM $10,000 1st Place! Tap on the link below!

Down in the Low Country of South Carolina this past weekend we had 113 Teams converge on John C Land trying to take home a chunk of the $32,000.00 purse up for grabs! They were met by a crisp cool morning but very little wind! This was our 2nd Phantom Outdoors Invitational of 2021 and the teams were biting at the bit to get going! We saw a lot of new faces and we very much appreciate you joining us! Hope to see you again soon!

We also had the Lews/ Strike King Promo Trailer at the Santee Cooper Phantom and the trailer will be at the May 15th Lake Norman Phantom Outdoors Invitational! We will award a $50 Lews/ Strike King Gift Card at each Phantom in 2021

When you check out tournament results for Santee Cooper you expect to see some huge bags! The cool air temp kept Santee Cooper from showing the number of heavy bags she can produce in April but we did have a few! Craig McFadden & Mike Watson weighed in the heaviest bag at 27.30 lbs! Kick in the Skeeter Real Money Bonus and they took home a total of $18,900.00!

Lex & Xan Costas took 2nd Place with 5 bass weighing 26.56 lbs! They collected $4,620.00!

Nathan Mixson & Michael Craven claimed 3rd with 5 bass weighing 23.63 lbs for a $3,040.00 payday!

Perry Holloway & Tim Sox 4th with 22.04 lbs $1,500.00!

Freddie & Clark Gibbs brought in 21.86 lbs to finish 5th and they weighed in the 1st BF at 7.61 lbs! $1,350.00!

Daniel Howell & Sean Anderson 6th with 21.80 lbs! $900.00

Steve Borton & Dave Murdock 7th 21.53 lbs! $800.00

Joe & Joseph Buddin 9th 21.53 lbs! $650.00!

Ben Cox & Chase Marshall finished 17th with 17.52 lbs and weighed in the 1st BF at 7.65 lbs! $$1,100.00!



113 TeamsBFWeightWinnings
Craig McFadden – Mike Watson  0.0027.30$18,900.00
Lex Costas – Xan Costas7.3826.56$4,620.00
Michel Craven – Nathan Mixson0.0023.63$3,040.00
Perry Holloway – Tim Sox0.0022.04$1,500.00
Freddie Gibbs – Clark Gibbs7.6121.86$1,350.00
Daniel Howell- Sean Anderson0.0021.80$900.00
Steve Borton – Dave Murdock6.5021.53$800.00
Trey Shultz – Tanner Shultz7.5521.03$700.00
Joe Buddin – Joseph Buddin0.0020.98$650.00
Kyle Austin – Jimmy Austin0.0019.55$600.00
Dean Jacob-Mark Cummings0.0019.16$550.00
John Wilson – Danny Shanz5.8918.78$500.00
Bryan Cook – Steve Harmon0.0018.75$450.00
Chuck Howard- Wayne Frierson0.0018.20$400.00
Winky Watford5.2917.87$350.00
Wade Grooms0.0017.58$325.00
Ben Cox – Chase Marshall7.6517.52$1,100.00
Mark Hutson – Wendy Hutson0.0017.49$250.00
Eric Glenn – Brad Schindledecker0.0017.41
Brent Riley – Nathan Burgess0.0017.40
Brent Waynick- Emmett McCauley0.0017.18
Mack Altman – Randall Miller0.0016.80
Patrick Cook – Mack Cook0.0016.78
Brian Scott- Brad Beatson0.0016.72
Jordan-Justin Marlow0.0016.62
Wendell Causey – TJ Anderson6.1316.45
Chad Ardis – Bud Bowman0.0016.44
Justin Cromer-Sean Skey6.4316.29
Jess White- Hunter Dickerson0.0016.12
Rodney Wrenn-Rod Wrenn0.0016.11
Andy Rutledge – Marty Mixon6.8816.07
Freddie Gamble- Jay Morris0.0016.07
Billy Willis – Glenn Porter0.0015.38
Dane Odom-Ross Burns0.0014.98
Nelson Walker- Ed Paul0.0014.79
Nathan Griffith – Jared Griffith0.0014.68
Jamie Partee – Donnie McCord0.0014.54
Timothy Kelley – Chad Craven5.7414.50
Joel Hopkins-Jason Barrett0.0014.44
Cecil-Michael Wolf0.0014.10
Cory Casey-Matt Judy6.5513.98
Chad Pennell – Todd Smith0.0013.89
Trez Wienges – Wesley Bilton0.0013.83
Robbie Drake0.0013.30
Nick Gant-Brandon Jeffcoat6.3613.10
Todd Olds – Jonathan Gowdy0.0012.97
Robb Boyne – Ed August0.0012.45
Rusty Bullard – Eric Martin0.0012.13
Mark Abbott- Joey McLean0.0011.85
Kevin Alford – Tripp Fryar4.7111.11
Elvis – Brian Peagler0.0011.11
Bucky DeBerry0.0010.64
Bennett Lawshe – River Squires2.9510.60
Thad Driggers-Bunn Tyson0.0010.60
Kyle McElveen – Chris Edge0.0010.47
Micah Bennett – Wayne Clifton0.0010.42
Clint Burrows- Casey McLeod0.009.47
Tom Bancroft-TJ Bancroft0.008.53
Henry Mueller- Chris Davis0.007.79
Cayden Lawrence – Pete Lawrence0.007.67
Willie Weatherford – Jeff Debar4.217.07
John Johnston – Mark Cercopely0.006.38
Zeke Lynam-Sullivan Curti5.355.35
Austin Jernigan – Jesse Strickland0.005.24
William Hester – Montae Gregg0.004.71
Casey Warren – Ryan Thompson0.000.00
Spencer McNeill-Jason Miles0.000.00
William Griffith – Curt Tilghman0.000.00
William White – Van Malphrus0.000.00
Mike Byrd-Justin Barfield0.000.00
Ryan Drew – Butch Drew0.000.00
Ray Walsh – Hunter Spivey0.000.00
Jeremy Hewitt – Chad Williams0.000.00
Mitch Drew – Kenny Drew0.000.00
Robbie Boyd – Dalton Warren0.000.00
Jamie Glasscock – Max Terry0.000.00
John Eagen – Amanda Eagen0.000.00
Skeeter Wayne Crosby – Chris Wrenn0.000.00
Blake Thompson – Mark Curry0.000.00
JW Smith – Jimmy Owens0.000.00
Bill Holmes – Will Smith0.000.00
Richard McConnell – Wayne Gamble0.000.00
Richard Bellamy – Josh Jones0.000.00
Timmy Squires – Alan Richardson0.000.00
Michael Criminger – Kinzie Gilreath0.000.00
Hunter Solberg – Todd Solberg0.000.00
Mike King – Chris Crawford0.000.00
Rusty Chapman – Chris Shumpert0.000.00
Curt Causey – Chris McDonald0.000.00
Casey Stamey – Rachel Stamey0.000.00
David Ardis – Chris Barfield0.000.00
Chris Sullivan – Chris Sullivan0.000.00
Justin McGrady – Allen Osborne0.000.00
Jordan Tilton – Zach Gulbronson0.000.00
Glenn Locklair – Jason Locklair0.000.00
Ted Urqchart- John Ford0.000.00
Mason Miles-Rudy Williams0.000.00
Jamie Blackburn- Dale Carter0.000.00
Chandus-Gavin Porter0.000.00
Mitchell Gordon- AJ Kluesner0.000.00
Elvis Black- Brian Crosby0.000.00
Jonathan Keller- James Meadows0.000.00
Clayton King- Mike Holloway0.000.00
Mark Deschanes- Mike Sott0.000.00
Mike Ard- Jeff Parsons0.000.00
Robert-Frankie Taylor0.000.00
Tom Rubbo- Paul Selle0.000.00
Vinson Blanton-Mark Collins0.000.00
Reggie Hopkins- Mike Brasington0.000.00
David Malin- Robbie Setcora0.000.00
Chad Cook-Alan Williams0.000.00
Jonathan Brindle-David Grooms0.000.00
Carl Smith- Donald Henson0.000.00


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