Next SENC Qualifier is October 9th NE Cape Fear River Castle Hayne Ramp!

Not only will you Qualify to fish the 2021 SENC Fall Final you will be eligible to enter the Phantom Outdoors Invitational!

Nov 5-6, 2021 Phantom Outdoors Invitational Classic! Must enter 2 CATT events to be eligible! $10,000 1st Place! Go to the Division page for more info!

** Point Winners at the FALL SENC Trail earn Free entry at the Final and Blast Off #1! New this Fall we will award some point money to at the top 2 point teams…maybe more! To view the points go to the SENC Division page and scroll all the way down!

What an awesome day we had for our 2nd qualifier at Downtown Wilmington for the SENC CATT.

1st place went to Mike Lanier and Norman Mullinax with 16.20 lbs  with their winnings total of $1,700.00.

2nd place went to Jeremy Sullivan and Eric Buie with a total of 14.08 lbs also with the Academy Big fish at  5.52 lbs and a total winnings of $454.00.

3rd place went to Jason Dew and Tom Elliott with a total of 13.74 lbs with winnings of $200.00

4th place went to Dusty Jackson and Mitch Garner with 13.62 lbs and also Big fish 2 with total winnings $166.00 

I want to thank everyone for coming! Look forward to seeing everyone next month at Castle Hayne for the 3rd fall qualifier.

Mike Lanier – Norman Mulinax4.3116.20$1,725.00110
Jeremy Sullivan – Eric Blue5.5214.08$454.00109
Jason Dew – Tom Elliott3.7313.74$200.00108
Dusty Jackson – Mitch Garner4.6913.62$166.00107
Benjamin Milam – Zachery Milam4.1712.67106
David Jones – Hunter Jones0.0012.43105
Jamie Milam – Michael Milam2.7912.40104
Neil Smith – Jimmy Roughton0.0012.11103
Chris Garry – Dan MaGerry3.6011.40102
Zack Rogers – Devin Cook3.2311.05101
Brent Sewell – Owen Sewell3.6410.81100
Ian Seaver – Ken Hoffman0.0010.6699
Tim Griffin – Victor Cuevas0.0010.6498
Scott Rhoades -Brent Newton2.2910.6397
Jeffrey Milligan – Wilbur Westbrook0.0010.5096
Patrick Lunsford – John Orchard2.9810.3095
Chris Prosser – Eric Hardy0.0010.0994
Jamie Pierce – Michael Long0.009.2693
Desmond Bowen – Ray Bowen0.009.1592
Mark Fairfax – Trey Antee3.028.8991
Chris Hall – Jeremy Byrd0.005.5390
Jay Abston – Justin Abston0.000.0080
Total Entrys$1,760.00
BONUS $$475.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,545.00
SENC Fall 2021 Point Fund$100.00
SENC Fall 2021 Final Fund$290.00
2022 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2021 SENC Fall Final Fund Total$575.00
2022 CATT Championship Fund Total$0.00


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