Savannah River Summer Qualifier #1 July 8, 2017

Nick Hager & Christopher Chavis 1st Place Savannah River July 8 14.34 lbs BF 5.12 lbs

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The 1st Summer Savannah River Qualifier was held on July 8th with Christopher Chavis & Nick Hager taking 1st Place with a limit weighing 14.34 lbs! They also weighed in the 1st BF at 5.12 lbs. Add in the BONUS $ and they took home $489.00!

2nd went to Mel Long & Felix Stanley with 8.05 lbs and they brought in the 2nd BF at 2.68 lbs. They collected $111.00!

Next Savannah River CATT is August 5th at Stokes Bluff!

Carolina Anglers Team Trail LLC  Savannah River Summer July 8,  2017
1Christopher Chavis/Nick Hager   1st BF & BONUS $5.1214.34$489.00110
2Mel Long/Felix Stanley    2nd BF2.688.05$111.00109
3Richard Boatright/Michael Hurt0.007.45108
4Al Pittman/Trim Roundtree0.005.44107
5Barry Descaro/Anthony Joyner0.005.35106
6Clint Proudfoot0.004.87105
7Joe Toth0.001.43104
                                                                     Total Entrys$560.00
                                                                           BONUS $$140.00
                                                        Total Paid At Ramp$600.00
                        Savannah 2017 Summer Final Fund$100.00
                                2018 CATT Championship Fund$0.00
             2017 Savannah Summer Final Fund Total$100.00
                    2018 CATT Championship Fund Total$655.00


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