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Kenneth Moore and Joseph Eure Win CATT Tidewater Chowan River, NC May 27, 2023

I’m sure for the teams that made long runs today the lower part of the Chowan got a little sporty this past Saturday but overall we had pretty good weather for our last divisional qualifier of the year. The rain held off throughout the tournament day but the overcast conditions made for good fishing with most teams bring in 5 fish limits and many teams reporting catching 30-40 fish.

Brian Meadows & Michael Evans win the Tidewater Spring Points and will fish the Tidewater Final Free!

The team of Kenneth Moore and Joseph Eure separated themselves from the rest in a BIG way and brought a whopping 27.06 lb bag to the scales that was anchored by the big fish of the day weighing 7.78 lbs!!! All total that 27 lbs earned them a $2600 payday.

The team of Justin Brittenham and Michael Lassiter weighed a beautiful bag of river chunks weighing 22.09 to take home a second place finish and $875.

Tommy Houlroyd and Don Porter brought 20.38 lbs to the scales to secure a third place finish. The following teams rounding out the money winners.

4th Bobby Dunlow/Dawson Dunlow 19.14 lbs

5th Jordan Sanderlin/ Lloyd Sanderlin 18.36 lbs

6th Kirk Nixon/ Trent Nixon 18.08 lbs

7th Eugene Foushee/ Brandon Johnson 18.00 lbs

8th Mike Chlomoudis/ David Tatem 17.84 lbs and second big fish of the day weighing 7.48 lbs.

This tournament concludes our regular season. If you have fished with us this year you are eligible to fish our division championship out of Pembroke creek on June 11th.

Joseph Eure/ Kenneth Moore7.7827.06$2,600.00110
Justin Brittenham/ Michael Lassiter6.3222.09$875.00109
Tommy Houlroyd/ Don Porter6.7420.38$525.00108
Bobby Dunlow/ Dawson Dunlow4.9419.14$370.00107
Jordan Sanderlin/ Llyod Sanderlin6.9418.36$290.00106
Kirk Nixon/ Trent Nixon5.3418.08$210.00105
Eugene Fouschee/ Brandon Johnson0.0018.00$175.00104
David Tatem/ Mike Chlomoudis7.4817.84$265.00103
Brad Webb/ Matt Holt5.8115.28102
Mike Wenthe/ William Chappel0.0013.77101
Michael Evans/ Brian Meadows0.0013.35100
Chris Pike/ Rick Plemons4.5313.2799
Chris Banks/ Zachary Meads5.2713.2598
Brian Cooper/ Heath Parker0.0013.1497
Bubba Banks/Tommy Banks4.9312.8996
Nick Meek/ Kyle Verkullen0.0012.3995
Russell Gammon4.4312.3894
David Buchanan/ Brian Richardson0.0012.3593
Josh Powell/ Eric Rountree0.0012.2892
Brian Jackson/ Billy Saunders0.0012.2491
Ryan Broughman/Randy Broughman4.1412.2190
Justin Chamblee/ Don Lassiter0.0012.1989
Jonathan Yost/ Billy Yost5.0012.0688
Kevin Jones/ Tyler Jones0.0011.7687
Joe Glazebrook/ Nick Koening0.0011.5986
Mike Knapp/ Ben Knapp3.2111.0885
Hunter Holloman/Bryan Hendricks0.0010.9384
Quintin Chappell/ Chris Turner0.009.5683
Matt Anderson0.009.4382
Austin Hughes/ Holden Northcott0.009.3981
Jeff Archer/ Allen Archer3.749.1180
Wayne Hayes/ Andy Morath0.009.0979
Jim Dick/ Greg Dick0.008.4178
Al Biagioni/ John LaRock3.118.1177
Mike Scott/ JP Scott0.007.6676
David Shaffer/ Scott Shaffer0.007.4675
Darren Saunders/ Dave Parker0.004.6874
Larry Barefoot0.004.0173
Ronnie Ketchum0.000.0063
Aaron Johnson/ Grayson Barefoot0.000.0063
Ricky Mize/ Travis Badgett0.000.0063
Eric Polk0.000.0063
Mark Moretz0.000.0063
Total Entrys$5,160.00
BONUS $$650.00
Total Paid At Ramp$5,310.00
2023 Tidewater Final Fund$450.00
2023 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2023 Tidewater Final Fund Total$2,100.00

Jonathan Dailey & Dylan Locklear Win CATT Lake Wateree, SC Open May 20, 2023

Next Lake Wateree Open is June 10th at Clearwater Cove Marina!

Must enter 3 Opens to be eligible to enter the Open Final
Fishing an Open solo will count for your teams Final Qualification
Must fish Wateree Open Final with your partner or a sub your team used
Safe Daylight – Weigh in Determined at Ramp
$100 Entry Optional $25 side pot at each event!

Jonathan Dailey & Dylan Locklear win Wateree with 5 bass weighing 16.75 lbs!

Todd Butler & Mack Kitchens 2nd with 16.50 lbs!

3rd Jeff & Jacob Norris with 16.41 lbs!

Robert Jackson & Darrell Fenton 4th with 14.41 lbs! They also weighed in the BF at 5.10 lbs!

Jonathan Dailey – Dylan Locklear4.5316.75$765.00110
Todd Butler – Mack Kitchens3.8016.50$225.00109
Jeff Norris – Jacob Norris4.0016.41108
Darrell Fenton – Robert Jackson5.1014.59$91.00107
Donald Hinson – Tyler Hinson2.9314.41106
Jess Williams – Mark Healon4.3514.35105
Butch Williams – Sonny Beam3.3714.06104
Greg Nettles – Matt Nettles4.6713.81$39.00103
Steve Phillips – Chad Sims3.3313.52102
Craig Haven – Paul Wells4.4513.19101
Bob Weaver – Scott Floyd2.9513.00100
David Weatherford – Brian Kicker3.2411.8399
Jason Ries – Roger McKee2.6911.3698
Scott Williams – Robbie English0.000.0088
2023 Wateree Open Points$955.00
2023 Wateree Open Final$715.00

Walters Wins It All on Santee Cooper

South Carolina angler Patrick Walters wins stop number three of the NPFL on Santee Cooper Lakes.

Story by Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons

The most consistent angler all week, Patrick Walters wins the National Professional Fishing League stop number three on Santee Cooper Lakes with a total weight of 67 pounds, 12 ounces. Walters caught 22 pounds, 8 ounces on day one, 24 pounds even on day two, and a final round weight of 21 pounds, 4 ounces to seal his second NPFL victory in two years.

Go fishing and have fun. That was the mentality of Patrick Walters on his home body of water where being stubborn has cost him some good finishes in the past.

“It worked out,” said Walters. I knew the weather was going to affect us out here and I played it smart and didn’t run around like I could have. Typically, you do things on your home pond and I was not going to let that happen this week.”

Walters mixed up his approach on day one to get off to a good start but key adjustments on days two and three put him in a position to redeem himself after a tough Elite Series event earlier this spring.

“I fished mainly offshore and caught mostly post-spawn bass. Some came off brim beds but the last two days were all about the brush,” added Walters. “When the little things go right, that makes all the difference. I fished clean this week and landed some fish that had one treble hook; that is the difference in winning these bigger events.”

With a short turnaround before his next professional event, being successful on a lake he knows so much about will help his confidence going into the second half of the NPFL season.

“It feels pretty darn good; I am not going to lie,” he concluded. “Coming off the lowest of lows and a really bad event, having that good finish gets me back into it. I made the right calls, lost no fish and that was the difference.”

Walters takes home $100,000 and the National Professional Fishing League shield for his efforts this week on Santee Cooper.

Todd Goade 
Making a run for his first NPFL victory, Todd Goade finished the event on Santee Cooper Lakes in the second-place spot with a three-day total of 62 pounds, 2 ounces. Goade caught 18 pounds, 14 ounces on day one, 22 pounds on day two, and a final day weight of 21 pounds, 4 ounces for his highest finish with the NPFL.

Goade had located several productive areas in practice and continued to dial in his approach each day. With lots of excellent-looking cypress trees all over, he learned that the best trees had 3 or more feet of water on them.

“I found so many really good-looking trees but they were in 2 feet. I never got bit on any of those, and they were all on the 3-foot trees,” said Goade. “I also learned that the big fish were on the right side of the trees, and every fish I caught was sitting on that side and my line would swim out away from it.”

Goade did his work this week without forward-facing sonar and mainly relied on 2D sonar and mapping to keep in the right areas and depth and avoid extra sonar pinging to spook fish.

“I love forward-facing sonar, but I didn’t need it here and anything you can do to avoid spooking the bass is helpful,” he said. “Rather than potentially spook any fish, I just left it off all week.”

Goade is having a great season with the NPFL logging 10th place, 5th place, and now a 2nd place finish. Except for Reams, he is one to watch for as the Progressive Angler of the Year and championship becomes more in the picture.

“I am having a great year,” he added. “Looking bigger picture, the AOY and the championship, you want to keep the momentum going and keep making good decisions. Fishing is all highs and lows, and when you’re riding high, you have to ride the wave, or ‘keep rolling the hot dice’ as I like to say.”

Will Harkins
Starting the day in second place, Will Harkins caught 11 pounds, 14 ounces on day three to finish the event with a total weight of 55 pounds, 1 ounce. Harkins caught 20 pounds, 4 ounces on day one and 22 pounds, 15 ounces on day two, and with one bass shy of a limit on the final day, his brush pile pattern was enough to remain in the top five in the third-place spot.

“All my offshore timber and brush fizzled on me today but I was able to run some midrange brush piles and catch them today,” said Harkins. “I was also fishing some eel grass clumps and caught a few. 95% of this event I was staring at my Garmin Livescope; it was really fun.”

This week was the first time he had fished Santee Cooper and his highest NPFL finish is a great outcome.

“I was questioning this one coming in as I had never seen this lake, but I will take it,” he added. “I kind of wish today went better for me but I am happy with my finish and look forward to getting up North to Saginaw Bay.”

Timmy Reams
With a three-day total weight of 53 pounds, 14 ounces, Timmy Reams, the Progressive Angler of the Year leader, did what he has done all season and found a way to stay consistent for three days. He added 16 pounds on the final day to his day one weight of 16 pounds, 6 ounces, and day two weight of 21 pounds, 8 ounces, and finishes the event in fourth place.

Coming into day one after a tough practice, Reams was not sure what to expect. After day one and seeing other guys in the top ten fishing around him, he knew the quality bass were in his area and settled down.

“On day two, I knew there were good ones and I focused on getting five bites and upgraded as much as I could,” said Reams. “Today, I told myself to go out and catch five fishing the grass and then try to catch a few key fish to upgrade.”

One of eight anglers who weighed in a five fish limit each day, Reams did what he had to do to stay atop the points race and collected yet another top ten check. This week, his focus was on grass with a spinnerbait and chatterbait and then moving to the trees to upgrade.

“I was flipping and pitching a wacky rig on the timber but it got tough with the wind,” he added. “I had to find new trees each day and it all worked out for me this week.”

On the AOY race, Reams is going to take one event at a time and take advantage when the opportunity knocks.

“You try not to think about the points, but you definitely have to plan around it. You have to pick your battles and catch fish to stay in the hunt, but also, I am fishing to win each event,” he concluded.

Kevin Martin
After catching just 13-pounds, 9 ounces on day one, Kevin Martin added 20 pounds, 13 ounces on day two and 18-pounds, 11 ounces on day three to finish in the fifth-place spot with a three-day total weight of 53-pounds, 1 ounce.

Rest of the best:
Darrel Robertson 51-0
Jesse Wise 50-15
Matt Massey 47-10
John Cox (FL) 47-1
Brad Staley 46-8


Leveraging early action, Walton wins B.A.S.S. Nation Regional on Douglas

Kevin Walton of Norfolk, Va., has won the 2023 TNT Fireworks B.A.S.S. Nation Southeast Regional at Douglas Lake with a three-day total of 42 pounds, 7 ounces.

Photo by Logan Crumley/B.A.S.S.

May 26, 2023

Leveraging early action, Walton wins B.A.S.S. Nation Regional on Douglas

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Tenn. — Talk about a memorable debut.

Kevin Walton of Norfolk, Va., made the most of his first time fishing Douglas Lake by catching a three-day total of 42 pounds, 7 ounces to win the TNT Fireworks B.A.S.S. Nation Southeast Regional at Douglas Lake.

After a Day 1 limit of 14-14 put Walton an ounce off the lead set by Jordan Card of Knoxville, Tenn., Walton stepped on the Day 2 gas pedal and caught 15-0 — the event’s biggest bag — to enter Championship Friday 1-13 ahead of Card.

His final limit of 12-9 pushed him across the finish line by the same margin over second-place Zeke Gossett of Pell City, Ala. Walton took home a top prize of $5,000.

The top boater and the top nonboater from each of the 10 participating state teams earned a spot in the TNT Fireworks B.A.S.S. Nation Championship Oct. 18-20 at Lake Hartwell.

“It was better than I expected it to be because I had a horrible practice,” said Walton, who had fished only as a nonboater before this season. “This was definitely my biggest win.

“They bit pretty well today. Not the size I’ve been catching all week, but (my nonboater and I) caught a ton of fish.”

Walton did all of his work on a 150-yard upstream stretch of the French Broad River, which flows through Douglas. Positioning proved critical to extending his window of opportunity.

“The shade was key,” Walton said. “Other people were fishing the right side of the river, and the left side where I was fishing stayed shaded longer. So, the shad spawn lasted two to three hours, when the main-lake shad spawn only lasted 30 minutes (after takeoff).”

Targeting bushes in 8 to 10 feet of water, Walton mirrored his previous steps, but found the final morning offered a much more vibrant scenario. While Day 1 presented an active shad spawn, the second morning saw the baitfish gone.

Remaining in the area throughout the second day, Walton found his current-tuned river fish less keen on moving, even without baitfish present. Day 3 was game on.

“Today there was bait everywhere,” Walton said. “There were bombs going off in the bushes.”

Walton started Day 1 with a black Spro Bronzeye popping frog on 65-pound PowerPro braid. When that bait succumbed to the violent attacks, he switched to a black Booyah Pad Crasher. Each day, Walton added one of his weight fish on a Lobina Rico popper in a shad pattern.

“They didn’t want the frog moving slowly,” Walton said. “I couldn’t twitch the frog fast enough. They were coming out of the bushes and gulping it.”

Walton said he caught eight of the 15 fish he weighed out of one tree.

“I don’t know if the fish were coming out of the bay and coming to that tree, but that tree produced a bunch of fish,” Walton said. “My co-anglers caught fish on that tree and I caught the majority of mine on that tree.”

Attributing his success to trusting his spot and sticking with it through changing scenarios, Walton said his final day seemed like it was one of those meant-to-be days. With a nearly flawless performance, he left nothing significant on the water.

“I lost one fish on (Friday) that might have given me a 1/4-pound upgrade. But for the whole tournament, I never lost another fish that would have helped me.

“Usually, in those bushes you lose quite a few, but they were eating it so good they were staying pinned.”

Gossett turned in daily limits of 13-12, 12-13 and 14-1 for a tournament total of 40-10.

“I looked for a shad spawn early, but I didn’t catch anything there, so I started swimming a 3/8-ounce white Strike King Hack Attack Swim Jig with a white Strike King Rage Menace in the bushes and caught 8 to 9 pounds,” Gossett said. “After that, I spent the rest of the day out deep.”

Gossett caught most of his bass on a Strike King 6XD crankbait. He also caught keepers on a Strike King 10XD and boated his biggest Day 3 fish — approximately 4 pounds — on a 3/4-ounce Strike King football jig with a Rage Menace.

“I was reeling the swim jig pretty fast near the surface and I had to reel the crankbaits pretty fast to get them to react,” Gossett said. “The biggest thing offshore was finding the right angle. They changed all three days.”

With daily weights of 14-15, 13-2 and 11-2, Card finished third at 39-3. Despite coming up short, he said he was happy to achieve a season-long objective.

“The goal coming here was just to make that National Championship,” said Card, whose younger brother, Brandon, fishes the Bassmaster Elite Series. “To win would have been nice, but it didn’t work out.”

Card spent all day offshore and rotated through several spots. He caught his bass on Strike King 6XD and 10XD crankbaits, along with a small swimbait on a 3/8-ounce ball head.

All week, Card had been looking for fish that were closer to the bottom. Day 3 found most of his fish suspended — a more challenging scenario.

“When they’re feeding, they’re close to the bottom and they’re waiting for the bait to come by,” Card said. “When they’re suspended, they’re less aggressive.

“I did catch one suspended fish today on the swimbait, but when they’re up off the bottom, they’re a whole lot harder to catch.”

Chuck Howard of Elloree, S.C., won the $500 Big Bass award with a 5-6 he caught on Day 1.

Gossett won the $500 Garmin Tournament Rewards bonus.

Matt Summers of Gassaway, W.Va., won the nonboater division with 21-11. Catching daily limits of 6-1, 6-14 and 8-12, Summers took home the $2,500 top prize and earned a spot in the championship.

The tournament was hosted by the Jefferson County, Tenn., Department of Tourism.

2023 TNT Fireworks B.A.S.S. Nation Southeast Regional at Douglas Lake 5/24-5/26
Douglas Lake, Jefferson County  TN.
(BOATER) Standings Day 3

   Angler                   Hometown              No./lbs-oz  Pts   Total $$$

1.  Kevin Walton           Norfolk, VA (VA)        15  42-07  0
2.  Zeke Gossett           Pell City, AL (AL)      15  40-10  0
3.  Jordan Card            Knoxville, TN (TN)      15  39-03  0
4.  Jacob Lee              Lynchburg, VA (VA)      15  36-01  0
5.  Brad Johnson           Salem, AL (AL)          15  35-12  0
6.  Dustin Hollen          Buckhannon, WV (WV)     15  35-10  0
7.  Chris Moody            Brooks, GA (GA)         15  35-02  0
8.  Gary Pope              Georgetown, SC (SC)     15  35-00  0
9.  Josh Oliver            Ohatchee, AL (AL)       15  34-09  0
10. Mark Pierce            Cadiz, KY (TN)          15  34-09  0
11. Richard Young Jr       Melbourne, KY (KY)      15  33-13  0
12. Hootie Smith           Cecilia, KY (KY)        15  32-09  0
13. Marc Leech             Kings Mountian , NC (NC 15  32-02  0
14. Adam Richardson        Littleton, NC (VA)      15  31-12  0
15. Brad Weese             Petersburg, WV (VA)     15  31-10  0
16. Chuck Howard           Elloree, SC (SC)        15  31-06  0
17. Dave Frost             Mount Dora, FL (FL)     14  30-11  0
18. Chris Beaudrie         Princeton, KY (KY)      15  30-10  0
19. Chad Dorland           Dunnellon, FL (FL)      15  30-08  0
20. Chad Warnol            Moss Point, MS (MS)     15  30-08  0
21. Jason Cheek            Eatonton, GA (GA)       15  29-12  0
22. Jon Williams           Clayton, NC (NC)        15  29-06  0
23. Mikey Batten Jr        Grantsville, WV (WV)    15  29-04  0
24. Ryan West              Hartsville, SC (SC)     15  28-11  0
25. Sam Jenkins            Abita Springs, LA (MS)  15  27-03  0
26. Lee Byrd Jr.           Pell City, AL (AL)      11  23-14  0
27. Brian Carroll          Manitou, KY (KY)        10  21-06  0
28. Pat Westbrook          West Union, SC (SC)     10  21-04  0
29. Corey Smith            Clermont, FL (FL)       10  20-12  0
30. Travis Lugar           North Chesterfield, VA  10  20-11  0
31. Chris Jones            Conway, SC (SC)         10  20-10  0
32. Nick Coleman           Kuttawa, KY (KY)        10  20-10  0
33. Jad Willis Jr          Fountain Inn, SC (SC)   10  20-10  0
34. Keith Broyles          Jackson, TN (TN)        10  20-04  0
35. James Graves III       Syria, VA (VA)          10  20-04  0
36. Craig Owens            Chesapeake, VA (VA)     10  20-02  0
37. Michael Belter         Reidsville, NC (NC)     10  20-01  0
38. Peter Bayerle          Lexington, KY (KY)      10  20-01  0
39. Jerry Shawver II       Jacksonville, FL (FL)   10  19-05  0
40. Lane Bailey            Granite Falls, NC (NC)  10  19-04  0
41. Michael Catt           Jacksonville, FL (FL)   10  19-03  0
42. Dalton Eury            Oakboro, NC (NC)        9  19-02  0
43. Eric Cerny             Cumming, GA (GA)        10  18-15  0
44. David Ottman           Terry, MS (MS)          10  18-14  0
45. Greg Phillips          Alamo, TN (TN)          10  18-11  0
46. Gregg Fogner           Conway, SC (SC)         10  18-08  0
47. Mark Jones             Meadville, MS (MS)      10  18-08  0
48. Ted Milby              Greensburg, KY (KY)     10  18-07  0
49. Jack White             Vance, AL (AL)          10  18-07  0
50. Skipper Smith Jr       Pearl, MS (MS)          10  18-06  0
51. Brian Baker            Olmstead, KY (TN)       10  17-15  0
52. John Mayo              Maiden, NC (NC)         10  17-15  0
53. David Morton           Sugar Hill, GA (GA)     10  17-10  0
54. Ed Powell              Sandyville, WV (WV)     10  17-10  0
55. Eric Silverstrim       Indian Mound, TN (TN)   10  17-07  0
56. Myles Palmer           Alexander City, AL (AL) 10  17-06  0
57. John Wiese             Charlotte, NC (NC)      10  17-05  0
58. Brandon Pritchett      Goode, AL (VA)          10  17-05  0
59. John Holtman Jr        Rydal, GA (GA)          10  17-04  0
60. Reid McDowell          Galivants Ferry, SC (SC 10  17-02  0
61. Nathan Dellinger       Hickory, NC (NC)        10  17-00  0
62. David Presley          Kingston , TN (TN)      10  17-00  0
63. Eric Holder            Cumming, GA (GA)        10  17-00  0
64. Richard Meuth          Henderson, KY (KY)      10  16-15  0
65. Mark Bell              Fisherville, KY (KY)    9  16-13  0
66. Adam Haithcock         Butner , NC (NC)        10  16-13  0
67. Daniel Jackson         Townville, SC (SC)      10  16-10  0
68. Brandon Wolf           Cincinnati, OH (KY)     10  16-09  0
69. Christopher Brummitt   Palmetto, GA (GA)       10  16-08  0
70. Keith Glasgow          Guin, AL (AL)           8  16-07  0
71. Lyle Atkins            Culloden, WV (WV)       10  16-04  0
72. Andrew Vitu            Alexander City, AL (AL) 10  16-01  0
73. Waine Pittman          Villa  Rica, GA (GA)    10  16-00  0
74. Mark Blevins           Palatka, FL (FL)        10  15-14  0
75. Wil Dieffenbauch III   Hundred, WV (WV)        9  15-08  0
76. Jeff Kitchens          Auburn, AL (AL)         8  15-03  0
77. Johnathan Harris       Moody, AL (AL)          10  15-03  0
78. David Kucish           Fairmont, WV (WV)       8  15-00  0
79. Kenneth Ellis          Bowman, SC (SC)         10  14-15  0
80. Caleb McCaffery        Mccomb, MS (MS)         10  14-13  0
81. Sidney Ryan            Bracey, VA (VA)         10  14-06  0
82. Dave Carson            Burnsville, WV (WV)     10  14-04  0
83. Joel Noble             Laurel, MS (MS)         9  14-03  0
84. Nick Godwin            Benson, NC (NC)         9  14-03  0
85. Mel Biggs Jr           Kingston, TN (TN)       9  13-11  0
86. Blaine Partee          Oviedo, FL (FL)         8  13-09  0
87. Jeffery Lawson         Ellisville, MS (MS)     10  13-08  0
88. Justin Durham          Madison, GA (GA)        8  12-15  0
89. Abe Collins            Parkersburg, WV (WV)    10  12-15  0
90. Zeke Abegg             Clarksville, TN (TN)    10  12-14  0
91. Jimbo Collins          Holden, WV (WV)         9  12-12  0
92. Bill Rosch             Michie, TN (TN)         10  12-11  0
93. Mike Jackson           San Mateo, FL (FL)      8  12-10  0
94. Richard Hodges IV      Camden, NC (VA)         7  11-10  0
95. Gary Little            Soso, MS (MS)           8  11-06  0
96. Brad McCarthy          Columbus, GA (GA)       6  10-04  0
97. Eric Stong             Apopka, FL (FL)         5  09-01  0
98. Robert Stumpe          Palatka, FL (FL)        5  08-05  0
99. Christopher Childress  Charleston, WV (WV)     4  06-00  0
100. Adam Brewer            Ellisville, MS (MS)     4  04-02  0

Day   #Limits    #Fish      Weight
 1       93       482       939-07
 2       83       468       871-10
 3       24       125       246-10
         200      1075      2057-11

    State                Lbs-Oz
  1 VIRGINIA             358-12
  2 ALABAMA              338-14
  3 SOUTH CAROLINA       336-13
  4 NORTH CAROLINA       332-00
  5 KENTUCKY             319-05
  6 TENNESSEE            315-14
  7 WEST VIRGINIA        309-11
  8 GEORGIA              284-05
  9 FLORIDA              271-02
 10 MISSISSIPPI          257-13


    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Kevin Walton         Norfolk, VA                 15   42-07  0
  2 Jacob Lee            Lynchburg, VA               15   36-01  0
  3 Adam Richardson      Littleton, NC               15   31-12  0
  4 Brad Weese           Petersburg, WV              15   31-10  0
  5 Travis Lugar         North Chesterfield, VA      10   20-11  0
  6 James Graves III     Syria, VA                   10   20-04  0
  7 Craig Owens          Chesapeake, VA              10   20-02  0
  8 Brandon Pritchett    Goode, AL                   10   17-05  0
  9 Sidney Ryan          Bracey, VA                  10   14-06  0
 10 Richard Hodges IV    Camden, NC                  7   11-10  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Dustin Hollen        Buckhannon, WV              15   35-10  0
  2 Mikey Batten Jr      Grantsville, WV             15   29-04  0
  3 Ed Powell            Sandyville, WV              10   17-10  0
  4 Lyle Atkins          Culloden, WV                10   16-04  0
  5 Wil Dieffenbauch III Hundred, WV                 9   15-08  0
  6 David Kucish         Fairmont, WV                8   15-00  0
  7 Dave Carson          Burnsville, WV              10   14-04  0
  8 Abe Collins          Parkersburg, WV             10   12-15  0
  9 Jimbo Collins        Holden, WV                  9   12-12  0
 10 Christopher Childress Charleston, WV              4   06-00  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Chad Warnol          Moss Point, MS              15   30-08  0
  2 Sam Jenkins          Abita Springs, LA           15   27-03  0
  3 David Ottman         Terry, MS                   10   18-14  0
  4 Mark Jones           Meadville, MS               10   18-08  0
  5 Skipper Smith Jr     Pearl, MS                   10   18-06  0
  6 Caleb McCaffery      Mccomb, MS                  10   14-13  0
  7 Joel Noble           Laurel, MS                  9   14-03  0
  8 Jeffery Lawson       Ellisville, MS              10   13-08  0
  9 Gary Little          Soso, MS                    8   11-06  0
 10 Adam Brewer          Ellisville, MS              4   04-02  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Chris Moody          Brooks, GA                  15   35-02  0
  2 Jason Cheek          Eatonton, GA                15   29-12  0
  3 Eric Cerny           Cumming, GA                 10   18-15  0
  4 David Morton         Sugar Hill, GA              10   17-10  0
  5 John Holtman Jr      Rydal, GA                   10   17-04  0
  6 Eric Holder          Cumming, GA                 10   17-00  0
  7 Christopher Brummitt Palmetto, GA                10   16-08  0
  8 Waine Pittman        Villa  Rica, GA             10   16-00  0
  9 Justin Durham        Madison, GA                 8   12-15  0
 10 Brad McCarthy        Columbus, GA                6   10-04  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Gary Pope            Georgetown, SC              15   35-00  0
  2 Chuck Howard         Elloree, SC                 15   31-06  0
  3 Ryan West            Hartsville, SC              15   28-11  0
  4 Pat Westbrook        West Union, SC              10   21-04  0
  5 Chris Jones          Conway, SC                  10   20-10  0
  6 Jad Willis Jr        Fountain Inn, SC            10   20-10  0
  7 Gregg Fogner         Conway, SC                  10   18-08  0
  8 Reid McDowell        Galivants Ferry, SC         10   17-02  0
  9 Daniel Jackson       Townville, SC               10   16-10  0
 10 Kenneth Ellis        Bowman, SC                  10   14-15  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Dave Frost           Mount Dora, FL              14   30-11  0
  2 Chad Dorland         Dunnellon, FL               15   30-08  0
  3 Corey Smith          Clermont, FL                10   20-12  0
  4 Jerry Shawver II     Jacksonville, FL            10   19-05  0
  5 Michael Catt         Jacksonville, FL            10   19-03  0
  6 Mark Blevins         Palatka, FL                 10   15-14  0
  7 Blaine Partee        Oviedo, FL                  8   13-09  0
  8 Mike Jackson         San Mateo, FL               8   12-10  0
  9 Eric Stong           Apopka, FL                  5   09-01  0
 10 Robert Stumpe        Palatka, FL                 5   08-05  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Zeke Gossett         Pell City, AL               15   40-10  0
  2 Brad Johnson         Salem, AL                   15   35-12  0
  3 Josh Oliver          Ohatchee, AL                15   34-09  0
  4 Lee Byrd Jr.         Pell City, AL               11   23-14  0
  5 Jack White           Vance, AL                   10   18-07  0
  6 Myles Palmer         Alexander City, AL          10   17-06  0
  7 Keith Glasgow        Guin, AL                    8   16-07  0
  8 Andrew Vitu          Alexander City, AL          10   16-01  0
  9 Jeff Kitchens        Auburn, AL                  8   15-03  0
 10 Johnathan Harris     Moody, AL                   10   15-03  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Marc Leech           Kings Mountian , NC         15   32-02  0
  2 Jon Williams         Clayton, NC                 15   29-06  0
  3 Michael Belter       Reidsville, NC              10   20-01  0
  4 Lane Bailey          Granite Falls, NC           10   19-04  0
  5 Dalton Eury          Oakboro, NC                 9   19-02  0
  6 John Mayo            Maiden, NC                  10   17-15  0
  7 John Wiese           Charlotte, NC               10   17-05  0
  8 Nathan Dellinger     Hickory, NC                 10   17-00  0
  9 Adam Haithcock       Butner , NC                 10   16-13  0
 10 Nick Godwin          Benson, NC                  9   14-03  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Richard Young Jr     Melbourne, KY               15   33-13  0
  2 Hootie Smith         Cecilia, KY                 15   32-09  0
  3 Chris Beaudrie       Princeton, KY               15   30-10  0
  4 Brian Carroll        Manitou, KY                 10   21-06  0
  5 Nick Coleman         Kuttawa, KY                 10   20-10  0
  6 Peter Bayerle        Lexington, KY               10   20-01  0
  7 Ted Milby            Greensburg, KY              10   18-07  0
  8 Richard Meuth        Henderson, KY               10   16-15  0
  9 Mark Bell            Fisherville, KY             9   16-13  0
 10 Brandon Wolf         Cincinnati, OH              10   16-09  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Jordan Card          Knoxville, TN               15   39-03  0
  2 Mark Pierce          Cadiz, KY                   15   34-09  0
  3 Keith Broyles        Jackson, TN                 10   20-04  0
  4 Greg Phillips        Alamo, TN                   10   18-11  0
  5 Brian Baker          Olmstead, KY                10   17-15  0
  6 Eric Silverstrim     Indian Mound, TN            10   17-07  0
  7 David Presley        Kingston , TN               10   17-00  0
  8 Mel Biggs Jr         Kingston, TN                9   13-11  0
  9 Zeke Abegg           Clarksville, TN             10   12-14  0
 10 Bill Rosch           Michie, TN                  10   12-11  0

2023 TNT Fireworks B.A.S.S. Nation Southeast Regional at Douglas Lake 5/24-5/26
Douglas Lake, Jefferson County  TN.
(NON_BOATER) Standings Day 3

   Angler                   Hometown              No./lbs-oz  Pts   Total $$$

1.  Matt Summers           Gassaway, WV (WV)       9  21-11  0
2.  Larry Witt             Evington, VA (VA)       9  20-04  0
3.  Tristen Boyd           Monteagle, TN (TN)      9  20-04  0
4.  Grant Harris           Maiden, NC (NC)         9  19-06  0
5.  Will Sigmon            Elkview, WV (WV)        9  19-03  0
6.  Zach Leech             Bessemer City, NC (NC)  9  19-03  0
7.  Josh Ankrom            Williamstown, WV (WV)   9  19-03  0
8.  Tristan Garriga        Lucedale, MS (MS)       9  18-11  0
9.  Dale Robertson         Ponchatoula, LA (MS)    9  18-11  0
10. Edward Owens           Hemingway, SC (SC)      9  18-11  0
11. Brian Hill             Red House, WV (WV)      9  18-09  0
12. Richard White          Alexander City, AL (AL) 9  18-05  0
13. JJ Morse               Mooresville, NC (NC)    9  18-01  0
14. Bryden Mugleston       Mount Juliet, TN (TN)   9  17-14  0
15. Hunter Silverstrim     Indian Mound, TN (TN)   9  17-07  0
16. Claude Loftin          Jacksonville, FL (FL)   9  17-07  0
17. James Crook Jr         Jefferson, SC (SC)      9  16-13  0
18. Matt Luken             Independence, KY (KY)   9  16-10  0
19. Brad Gandee            Mcdonough, GA (GA)      9  16-05  0
20. Joshua Hall            Palmyra, VA (VA)        9  16-05  0
21. Jeff Gauspohl          Dayton, KY (KY)         9  16-03  0
22. Chase Martin           Conover, NC (NC)        9  15-11  0
23. Geanpaolo Amendola Barbieri Fayetteville, GA (GA)   9  15-09  0
24. Michael Davis          Lake Wales, FL (FL)     8  14-08  0
25. Jarrett Hughes         Conway, SC (SC)         7  14-00  0
26. Curtis Gossett         Pell City, AL (AL)      7  13-05  0
27. Dean Jones             Eustis, FL (FL)         6  11-12  0
28. Mark Ochkie            California, PA (WV)     6  11-11  0
29. Charles Anderson       Grimesland, NC (NC)     6  11-07  0
30. Christopher Curvin     Piedmont, AL (AL)       6  11-04  0
31. Dylan Cornelius        Guin, AL (AL)           6  11-01  0
32. Randy Gibson Jr        Moncks Corner, SC (SC)  6  10-12  0
33. Randy Huffman          Charleston, WV (WV)     6  10-10  0
34. Kim Giddens            Eclectic, AL (AL)       6  10-10  0
35. Danny Hayes            Wilson, NC (NC)         6  10-09  0
36. Derek Lilley           Charlotte, NC (NC)      6  10-08  0
37. Brian Guckert          Chesapeake, VA (VA)     6  10-08  0
38. John Roth III          Kuttawa, KY (KY)        6  10-08  0
39. James Gregg III        Powhatan, VA (VA)       6  10-07  0
40. Brian Howard           Andrews, SC (SC)        6  10-05  0
41. Ed Rios                Clarksville, TN (TN)    6  10-04  0
42. Ethan Monk             Mountain Rest, SC (SC)  6  10-03  0
42. Benjamin Sarno         Canton, GA (GA)         6  10-03  0
44. Robin Rogers III       Pinopolis, SC (SC)      6  10-02  0
45. Mike Burchett          Pulaski, VA (VA)        5  10-01  0
46. Rich Jordan            Cecilia, KY (KY)        6  10-01  0
47. Parker Brogan          Moneta, VA (VA)         6  10-01  0
48. Travis Culbreth        Alexander City, AL (AL) 4  09-14  0
49. Bobby Johnson          Hemingway, SC (SC)      6  09-13  0
50. Ray Trudeau            Saint Cloud, FL (FL)    6  09-13  0
51. Jeff Poplin            Franklin, VA (VA)       6  09-09  0
52. Chris Shrader          Niceville, WY (FL)      6  09-07  0
53. Jermane Robinson       Louisville, KY (KY)     6  09-06  0
54. Wyatt Powell           Parkersburg, WV (WV)    6  09-06  0
55. Justin Stamm           Sherrills Ford, NC (NC) 5  09-05  0
56. Lucas Thornton         Hoover, AL (AL)         5  09-03  0
57. Zack Lemaster          Hardy, VA (VA)          6  09-03  0
58. Heath Willard          Brookhaven, MS (MS)     6  09-02  0
59. Rod Gentry             White House, TN (TN)    5  09-01  0
60. Tom Borish             Clarksville, TN (TN)    5  09-01  0
61. Mike Goff              Clendenin, WV (WV)      5  08-15  0
62. Josh Milam             Elkview, WV (WV)        6  08-15  0
63. Cole Huff              Youngstown, FL (FL)     6  08-13  0
64. Josh Hosford           Dudley, GA (GA)         6  08-11  0
65. Johndale Robertson     Ponchatoula, LA (MS)    5  08-08  0
66. Larry Carter           Lucedale, MS (MS)       4  08-05  0
67. Roland Burton          North Prince George, VA 6  08-05  0
68. David Oney             Harrogate, TN (TN)      5  08-05  0
69. Jason Brown            Salem, KY (KY)          4  08-04  0
70. Jeff Williamon         Newnan, GA (GA)         5  08-03  0
71. Cole Wiliams           Jackson’S Gap , AL (AL) 6  08-03  0
72. Ryan Stewart           Brookhaven, GA (GA)     6  08-02  0
73. Chris Lanier           Clarksville, TN (TN)    6  08-01  0
74. Beau Terrell Jr        Auburn, AL (AL)         4  07-13  0
75. Sam Terry              Nathalie, VA (VA)       5  07-13  0
76. Craig Monnin           Cumming, GA (GA)        5  07-13  0
77. Keith Thompson         Mooresville, NC (NC)    4  07-10  0
78. Evan Newell            Lakeland, FL (FL)       3  07-07  0
79. Todd Mallicoat         Tazewell, TN (TN)       6  07-07  0
80. Emile Gennaro  Sr      Wesson, MS (MS)         6  07-06  0
81. Shane Godwin           Clayton, NC (NC)        4  07-01  0
82. Jayson Hooven          Hudson, FL (FL)         5  07-00  0
83. Ethan Wheeler          Water Valley, KY (KY)   4  06-05  0
84. Gary Ross II           Rosemont, WV (WV)       6  06-05  0
85. Kourtney Funk          Jamestown, KY (KY)      4  06-04  0
86. Rodger Mcpherson Jr    Douglasville, GA (GA)   4  06-03  0
87. David Wheat            Philadelphia, MS (MS)   5  06-03  0
88. Lee Foster             Inman, SC (SC)          4  06-02  0
89. James Kilby  Jr.       Tifton, GA (GA)         4  06-02  0
90. Joseph Batton          Moody, AL (AL)          4  05-12  0
91. Ryan Bearden           Canton, GA (GA)         3  05-12  0
92. Jacob Crapyou          Portsmouth, OH (KY)     4  05-07  0
93. Jeremy Willis          Fountain Inn, SC (SC)   3  05-04  0
94. Jeremy Barbour         Lucedale, MS (MS)       3  04-09  0
95. Cypress Robertson      Ponchatoula, LA (MS)    3  04-01  0
96. Tommy Thompson         Counce, TN (TN)         4  03-13  0
97. Scott LaFave           Okeechobee, FL (FL)     2  03-03  0
98. Nolan Bunnell          Louisville, KY (KY)     2  02-08  0
99. Teance Blackburn       Vernon, FL (FL)         2  01-14  0
100. Rick  Lewis            Madison, MS (MS)        1  00-14  0

Day   #Limits    #Fish      Weight
 1       86       276       483-11
 2       0        251       449-09
 3       23       73        133-10
         109       600      1066-14

    State                Lbs-Oz
  1 VIRGINIA             358-12
  2 ALABAMA              338-14
  3 SOUTH CAROLINA       336-13
  4 NORTH CAROLINA       332-00
  5 KENTUCKY             319-05
  6 TENNESSEE            315-14
  7 WEST VIRGINIA        309-11
  8 GEORGIA              284-05
  9 FLORIDA              271-02
 10 MISSISSIPPI          257-13


    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Larry Witt           Evington, VA                9   20-04  0
  2 Joshua Hall          Palmyra, VA                 9   16-05  0
  3 Brian Guckert        Chesapeake, VA              6   10-08  0
  4 James Gregg III      Powhatan, VA                6   10-07  0
  5 Mike Burchett        Pulaski, VA                 5   10-01  0
  6 Parker Brogan        Moneta, VA                  6   10-01  0
  7 Jeff Poplin          Franklin, VA                6   09-09  0
  8 Zack Lemaster        Hardy, VA                   6   09-03  0
  9 Roland Burton        North Prince George, VA     6   08-05  0
 10 Sam Terry            Nathalie, VA                5   07-13  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Matt Summers         Gassaway, WV                9   21-11  0
  2 Will Sigmon          Elkview, WV                 9   19-03  0
  3 Josh Ankrom          Williamstown, WV            9   19-03  0
  4 Brian Hill           Red House, WV               9   18-09  0
  5 Mark Ochkie          California, PA              6   11-11  0
  6 Randy Huffman        Charleston, WV              6   10-10  0
  7 Wyatt Powell         Parkersburg, WV             6   09-06  0
  8 Mike Goff            Clendenin, WV               5   08-15  0
  9 Josh Milam           Elkview, WV                 6   08-15  0
 10 Gary Ross II         Rosemont, WV                6   06-05  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Tristan Garriga      Lucedale, MS                9   18-11  0
  1 Dale Robertson       Ponchatoula, LA             9   18-11  0
  3 Heath Willard        Brookhaven, MS              6   09-02  0
  4 Johndale Robertson   Ponchatoula, LA             5   08-08  0
  5 Larry Carter         Lucedale, MS                4   08-05  0
  6 Emile Gennaro  Sr    Wesson, MS                  6   07-06  0
  7 David Wheat          Philadelphia, MS            5   06-03  0
  8 Jeremy Barbour       Lucedale, MS                3   04-09  0
  9 Cypress Robertson    Ponchatoula, LA             3   04-01  0
 10 Rick  Lewis          Madison, MS                 1   00-14  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Brad Gandee          Mcdonough, GA               9   16-05  0
  2 Geanpaolo Amendola Barbieri Fayetteville, GA            9   15-09  0
  3 Benjamin Sarno       Canton, GA                  6   10-03  0
  4 Josh Hosford         Dudley, GA                  6   08-11  0
  5 Jeff Williamon       Newnan, GA                  5   08-03  0
  6 Ryan Stewart         Brookhaven, GA              6   08-02  0
  7 Craig Monnin         Cumming, GA                 5   07-13  0
  8 Rodger Mcpherson Jr  Douglasville, GA            4   06-03  0
  9 James Kilby  Jr.     Tifton, GA                  4   06-02  0
 10 Ryan Bearden         Canton, GA                  3   05-12  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Edward Owens         Hemingway, SC               9   18-11  0
  2 James Crook Jr       Jefferson, SC               9   16-13  0
  3 Jarrett Hughes       Conway, SC                  7   14-00  0
  4 Randy Gibson Jr      Moncks Corner, SC           6   10-12  0
  5 Brian Howard         Andrews, SC                 6   10-05  0
  6 Ethan Monk           Mountain Rest, SC           6   10-03  0
  7 Robin Rogers III     Pinopolis, SC               6   10-02  0
  8 Bobby Johnson        Hemingway, SC               6   09-13  0
  9 Lee Foster           Inman, SC                   4   06-02  0
 10 Jeremy Willis        Fountain Inn, SC            3   05-04  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Claude Loftin        Jacksonville, FL            9   17-07  0
  2 Michael Davis        Lake Wales, FL              8   14-08  0
  3 Dean Jones           Eustis, FL                  6   11-12  0
  4 Ray Trudeau          Saint Cloud, FL             6   09-13  0
  5 Chris Shrader        Niceville, WY               6   09-07  0
  6 Cole Huff            Youngstown, FL              6   08-13  0
  7 Evan Newell          Lakeland, FL                3   07-07  0
  8 Jayson Hooven        Hudson, FL                  5   07-00  0
  9 Scott LaFave         Okeechobee, FL              2   03-03  0
 10 Teance Blackburn     Vernon, FL                  2   01-14  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Richard White        Alexander City, AL          9   18-05  0
  2 Curtis Gossett       Pell City, AL               7   13-05  0
  3 Christopher Curvin   Piedmont, AL                6   11-04  0
  4 Dylan Cornelius      Guin, AL                    6   11-01  0
  5 Kim Giddens          Eclectic, AL                6   10-10  0
  6 Travis Culbreth      Alexander City, AL          4   09-14  0
  7 Lucas Thornton       Hoover, AL                  5   09-03  0
  8 Cole Wiliams         Jackson’S Gap , AL          6   08-03  0
  9 Beau Terrell Jr      Auburn, AL                  4   07-13  0
 10 Joseph Batton        Moody, AL                   4   05-12  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Grant Harris         Maiden, NC                  9   19-06  0
  2 Zach Leech           Bessemer City, NC           9   19-03  0
  3 JJ Morse             Mooresville, NC             9   18-01  0
  4 Chase Martin         Conover, NC                 9   15-11  0
  5 Charles Anderson     Grimesland, NC              6   11-07  0
  6 Danny Hayes          Wilson, NC                  6   10-09  0
  7 Derek Lilley         Charlotte, NC               6   10-08  0
  8 Justin Stamm         Sherrills Ford, NC          5   09-05  0
  9 Keith Thompson       Mooresville, NC             4   07-10  0
 10 Shane Godwin         Clayton, NC                 4   07-01  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Matt Luken           Independence, KY            9   16-10  0
  2 Jeff Gauspohl        Dayton, KY                  9   16-03  0
  3 John Roth III        Kuttawa, KY                 6   10-08  0
  4 Rich Jordan          Cecilia, KY                 6   10-01  0
  5 Jermane Robinson     Louisville, KY              6   09-06  0
  6 Jason Brown          Salem, KY                   4   08-04  0
  7 Ethan Wheeler        Water Valley, KY            4   06-05  0
  8 Kourtney Funk        Jamestown, KY               4   06-04  0
  9 Jacob Crapyou        Portsmouth, OH              4   05-07  0
 10 Nolan Bunnell        Louisville, KY              2   02-08  0

    Angler               Hometown                   No./lbs-oz Total $$$
  1 Tristen Boyd         Monteagle, TN               9   20-04  0
  2 Bryden Mugleston     Mount Juliet, TN            9   17-14  0
  3 Hunter Silverstrim   Indian Mound, TN            9   17-07  0
  4 Ed Rios              Clarksville, TN             6   10-04  0
  5 Rod Gentry           White House, TN             5   09-01  0
  6 Tom Borish           Clarksville, TN             5   09-01  0
  7 David Oney           Harrogate, TN               5   08-05  0
  8 Chris Lanier         Clarksville, TN             6   08-01  0
  9 Todd Mallicoat       Tazewell, TN                6   07-07  0
 10 Tommy Thompson       Counce, TN                  4   03-13  0

Walters Takes Over on Santee Cooper Lakes

South Carolina angler Patrick Walters takes over the lead at Santee Cooper heading to Showdown Saturday.

Story by Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons

With a two-day total of 46 pounds, 8 ounces, South Carolina angler Patrick Walters takes over the lead at Santee Cooper. His 22-pound, 8-ounce day one weight had him in second place after day one, but his biggest bag of the tournament of 24-pounds even gives him a 3-pound, 5-ounce advantage going into Showdown Saturday.

Walters managed a stingy Santee Cooper and increased his bites from seven to over 12 on day two. He is rotating through several spots and baits and fishing what feels right.

“I caught them on a bunch of stuff and had a little flurry where I caught two good fish,” said Walters. “Once the cold front hit me at like one, they shut down and stopped biting.”

As for the final day, more of the same from the South Carolina angler looking to redeem himself from a less-than-stellar Elite Series event earlier in the season.

“I am going to fish a few areas tomorrow,” added Walters. “I may run across the lake and just let things develop as I have been.”

Will Harkins
Adding 22 pounds, 15 ounces to his 20-pound, 4-ounce limit on day one, Will Harkins moves into the second-place spot on Santee Cooper with a two-day weight of 43 pounds, 3 ounces.

With a goal of 20 pounds when he left the dock this morning, Harkins was unsure if he would get enough bites to hit his target weight. With one fish in the box early, he stuck with his offshore brush game and rotated through several bites to catch quality bass.

“I have still not hardly touched my main area,” said Harkins. “The wind has been bad and today was mostly plan B for me. I caught them on a variety of baits trying to fire them up and this afternoon I did cull twice on the main lake.

His plan for the final day is simple. Start where he has been fishing to get a solid limit, and then move to his main area and try to catch as many as possible.

Todd Goade
Adding 22 pounds to his day one weight of 18 pounds, 14 ounces, Todd Goade moves into the third-place spot with a two-day total of 40 pounds, 14 ounces. 

Goade is fishing a mix of areas with different cover and relying on timely decisions that have been paying off. Going into the final day, he hopes to keep taking advantage of timing and expand on his four main areas.

“This week has been all about good decisions and timing,” said Goade. “I found a new area on google earth that looked like it has the right stuff and culled a couple of times in there. And, with 20 minutes left before check-in, I went back to where I lost that big fish yesterday, made the same flip, and put a 5-pounder in the boat.”

He is looking forward to the final day and plans on sampling all four of his productive areas.

“When I am in contention but not leading, it lets me fish freely, and combined with how this week has gone, I cannot wait to go again tomorrow,” he added.

Timmy Reams
The Progressive Angler of the Year leader Timmy Reams started the event with a 16-pound, 6-ounce bag on day one which had him outside the top ten looking in. Reams showed his consistency by making a comeback on day two with 21-pounds, 8-ounces and moved into the fourth-place spot.

After a tough practice, Reams survived a tougher day one and continue to explore new water each day. His “whatever looks good” pattern has moved him to the top of the leaderboard and taken the pressure off for Angler of the Year.

“From yesterday to today, I just got some bigger bites,” said Reams. “That is the difference in weight. The wind is not affecting me at all so that helps, but I just explored more around places from practice and fished anything that looked good.”

“With the AOY now out of mind, I am looking forward to getting out and just going fishing.”

Quentin Cappo
With only two fish for 5 pounds on day one, Quentin Cappo dropped the “dirty thirty” on day two on Santee Cooper. His two-day total of 35 pounds has him in the fifth-place spot going into the final day.

Rest of the best:
Kevin Martin 34-6
Nick Brown 33-10
Randy Sullivan 33-5
Sheldon Collings 31-12
Darrel Robertson 31-11


Walton claims Day 2 lead at Douglas

Written by

David A. Brown

Photography by

Logan Crumley

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Tenn. — Going with the flow may not always be the best strategy for tournament competitors, but doing so allowed Kevin Walton of Norfolk, Va.,  to tally a two-day total of 29 pounds, 14 ounces and move into the lead at the TNT Fireworks B.A.S.S. Nation Southeast Regional at Douglas Lake.

After posting 14-14 on Day 1, Walton added 15-0 — the event’s biggest bag. Entering Day 2 an ounce behind Day 1 leader Jordan Card of Knoxville, Tenn., Walton surged past Card by a margin of 1-13.

Returning to the waters that produced his second-place bag on Day 1, Walton fished a 150-yard stretch up the French Broad River. Targeting bushes in 8 to 10 feet of water, he found a different, but nonetheless productive scenario. 

“The shad spawn was gone, but the fish were still there,” Walton said. “I didn’t see any of the bait that was there on Day 1. I got an earlier boat draw today, and they were still gone. 

“I think with the river current the fish tend to stay put even if that bait moves. Today, I had everything I weighed by 9 o’clock. I had a limit in the first 20 minutes.”

Reporting that he and his nonboater found success on multiple topwater baits, Walton said he believes he has located something unique.

“I think it’s an area,” he said. “There are other boats around me and they’re not catching them.”

Walton also caught his weight early on Day 1 and then went scouting for additional areas. He tried some of that new water in the second round, but he was unable to upgrade his bag.

“I fished some of the spots I found yesterday, but I only caught small fish there today,” Walton said. “So, my success is very dependent on that early morning bite.”

Walton said Day 2 found his bass more aggressive and he ended up catching better numbers, including his biggest one of the week — a 4-pounder that was on a unique scenario within his main area.

“I don’t see anything in the weather that should alter the fish tomorrow,” Walton said. “As long as I fish clean and get them in the boat I should do good.

“I’ve only made one pass down this area both days. Tomorrow I’m going to stay there all day.”

Card, whose younger brother, Brandon, fishes the Bassmaster Elite Series, bolstered his opening bag of 14-15 ounces with another limit that weighed 13-2 for a 28-1 total.

Abandoning his Day 1 plan, which started with a shallow shad spawn, Card went directly to his offshore game. He didn’t have any trouble getting bit, but his day was defined by quantity, rather than quality.

“I went to my first spot and it had a boat sitting there,” Card said. “On my second spot, I had a limit in 30 minutes.

“I fished five other spots, but I just never got any big bites. That was the difference in my weight today.”

Card said his bait selection was similar to that of Day 1. He’s basically trying to show the highly pressured offshore fish baits they’re not likely to see.

Noting that he caught one quality bass on a bait he did not throw on Day 1, Card said he’s hopeful that Friday’s smaller field will expand his opportunities.

“I’m just going to fish deep all day,” he said. “With fewer guys out there tomorrow, maybe I’ll be able to put together a big bag.”

Zeke Gossett of Pell City, Ala., is in third place with 26-9. His daily weights were 13-12 and 12-13.

Focusing on the mid-lake region, Gossett said he fished within 5 miles of the ramp, both uplake and downlake. His action began early, but he amassed most of his weight in the afternoon.

“I started in the bushes on shad spawns and caught my limit in the first 30 minutes on a frog,” Gossett said. “Once the sun got up, I didn’t catch any fish until 12.”

Later in the day, Gossett caught his fish offshore over long points in 25 to 30 feet. He fished five to six schools and caught them deep cranking with a Strike King 10XD and 6XD, both in the barfish color. Gossett also caught fish on a Strike King 4.75 Rage Swimmer on a 3/4- and 1-ounce Strike King Squadron Head.

“The main thing I noticed was the fish had to be set up on the bottom,” Gossett said. “If they had just been hit by another boat, they’d be suspended off the bottom. I hit a couple schools today that were suspended and I didn’t spend much time on them.

“If the fish are glued to the bottom, I’d catch one or two from each school. I’d just run and gun between all those schools. More fish are coming out. One of my schools grew today and three of my fish came off that school.”

Chuck Howard of Elloree, S.C., is in the lead for Big Bass honors with a 5-6.

Larry Witt of Evington, Va., remains atop the nonboater division with 14-2. Witt took the Day 1 lead with a limit that weighed 8-1. He added at a second-round bag of 6-1.

Dale Robertson of Ponchatoula, La., holds the Big Bass lead among nonboaters with a 4-3

The Virginia B.A.S.S. Nation team won the team competition with 306-6. South Carolina finished second with 299-5, followed by North Carolina with 294-3, Alabama with 290-5, Kentucky with 283-1, Tennessee with 278-5, West Virginia with 264-9, Georgia with 255-13, Florida with 245-12 and Mississippi with 226-10.

After two days of competition, the final field comprises the Top 20 overall, plus the top two boaters and the top two nonboaters from each state team, if they are not already included.

Friday’s final takeoff is scheduled for 6:30 a.m. ET at the Dandridge Dock Boat Ramp. The weigh-in will be held at the ramp at 2:30 p.m.

The tournament is being hosted by the Jefferson County, Tenn., Department of Tourism.

Sheldon Collings Takes Day One Lead at Santee Cooper

The Oklahoma Pro leads the charge after Day One on Stop #3 of the NPFL 2023 Season.

Story by Justin Brouillard | Photos by Tanner & Travis Lyons

After a tough practice period, Oklahoma angler Sheldon Collings takes the lead on Santee Cooper with a day-one weight of 23 pounds, 12 ounces. Focusing his efforts shallow for most of the practice, it was a short time fishing offshore that turned his event around.

“I fished shallow and had 6 bites over three days,” said Collings. “The one area that produced gave me four keepers this morning and then I just went fishing. I fished some cypress trees that looked good and caught the big one, and then fished a creek I had located some offshore stuff and caught two more big ones there.”

Unsure about tomorrow and forecasted high winds, Collings will plan on doing more of the same by getting an early limit and moving to more isolated structure as the day progresses.

“I’ll do what feels right,” he added. “I love fishing offshore and watching them eat. When I do get bit, they are the right size.”

Patrick Walters
With plenty of history on Santee and experience fishing under tough conditions, Patrick Walters did what he does best and hunkered down in an area and just fished. His 22-pound, 8-ounce effort on day one landed him in the second-place spot with two days remaining.

“It was typical Santee for me today,” said Walters. “I only got seven bites and moved all around to catch them. I caught fish shallow, caught fish chasing bait, caught some on structure, and fished both shallow and deep.”

Walters’ plan for day two is simple. 

“I will just keep fishing around where I am comfortable and do what feels right,” he added.

Will Harkins
With 20 pounds, 4 ounces on the day, Will Harkins relied on “off the wall” areas to catch his fish. He rotated through 10 or 12 keepers to cull up to his final weight and ended the day in the third-place spot. 

“I found some different type of stuff in practice and I also fished shallow with not much luck,” he said. “Today, I hunkered in an area where I got a couple of bites and it worked out for me.”

With wind expected tomorrow, Harkins will keep fishing with two rods on his deck and expand on his area. He noted his is fishing very specific and is not mixing up his approach too much.

Tim Cales
With a limit weighing 19-pounds, 15 ounces, Tim Cales sits in the fourth-place spot after day one on Santee Cooper

Todd Goade
Todd Goade caught a five-bass limit on day one weighing 18 pounds, 14 ounces which has him in the fifth–place spot. He spent his Sunday practice period learning how to catch five bass. The other two days, after one or two bites in an area, he put the rods down and tried to dial in other productive spots close by,

“Once I got a few bites, I was done fishing,” said Goade. “This place is like Florida where if you get bitten, you need to hunker down, and that’s exactly what I did today.”

Goade protected his area by getting a quick limit for over 17 pounds and leaving lots of productive water alone. His goal was to catch five a day and then go practice as much as he could. His one mistake on the day was making a cast he knew would be dangerous.

“I flipped in there and knew I shouldn’t have,” he said. “The boat was in the wrong position and it was just a weird angle. As soon as it hit the bottom, she ate it and I did my best but with everything the way it was, it pulled off – it was over 6 pounds.”

Goade is dialed in his approach and has two rods on deck. The first is an ARK Reinforcer 7’ 1” MH with a Gravity 7 reel, and the other is an ARK Randy Tharp King Cobra series rod and Ark Gravity 5 reel. Both were paired with Zoom worms and a 15-pound Seaguar line.

Rest of the best:
Dan Blackert 17-14
Randy Sullivan 17-12
Nick Brown 17-9
Louis Fernandes – 17-8
John Cox (FL) 17-4


Seneca and Lake Hartwell Ready for 40th Annual Phoenix Bass Fishing League All-American Presented by T-H Marine

Major League Fishing’s Annual Grassroots Bass-Fishing Championship to Take Place Next Week at Seneca Creek Boat Ramp, REDCREST 2024 Qualification Up for Grabs

SENECA, S.C. (May 25, 2023) – Major League Fishing (MLF) is set to return to South Carolina, next week, May 31-June 2, for the 40th annual Phoenix Bass Fishing League All-American Championship Presented by T-H Marine on Lake Hartwell. The three-day tournament, hosted by Visit Oconee SC , will showcase the nation’s best weekend grassroots anglers, and awards the winning boater a top prize of up to $120,000, and an automatic qualification into REDCREST 2024, MLF’s most prestigious event.

In addition to the automatic REDCREST qualification, the highest-finishing boaters and co-anglers from each of the seven regionals at the All-American advance to the 2023 Toyota Series Championship.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to host the Phoenix BFL All-American in Oconee County, South Carolina on Lake Hartwell at the new Seneca Creek Boat Ramp,” said Ken Sloan, President & CEO of Visit Oconee SC.  “This will be the inaugural opening of the Seneca Creek Boat Ramp, and that would not have been possible without the vision, leadership and hard work from Oconee County Parks, Recreation and Tourism and the support of the City of Seneca.

“We have worked with Major League Fishing and their BFL series on multiple events throughout the years and their professionalism is unmatched. To that end, we look forward to another successful event and our continued partnership with MLF.”

The BFL All-American championship was previously held on Lake Hartwell in 2020, however that event launched out of Anderson. The All-American often serves as a steppingstone for anglers who wish to advance to the Toyota Series, Tackle Warehouse Invitationals and ultimately the Bass Pro Tour. Former All-American champions who currently compete on the Bass Pro Tour and the Tackle Warehouse Invitationals include Shaw Grigsby (1984), Stephen Browning (1996), Jacob Wheeler (2011), Jeremy Lawyer (2016), Nick LeBrun (2018) and Connor Cunningham (2022).

“This is going to be a fun event and we’re going to see a lot of fish caught from Lake Hartwell next week,” said Bass Pro Tour angler Casey Ashley of Donalds, South Carolina. “They’ll be catching fish a lot of different ways, too. Out deep with a drop-shot rig, up shallow targeting bream beds with a topwater, and the docks will play too. It’s going to be interesting to see what patterns are strongest in this one.

“A lot of it will depend on the weather,” Ashley continued. “I think it’ll likely take a mixed bag every day – largemouth and spots. Something like working the brushpiles early, then throwing a shallow topwater during the afternoon. Or opposite – starting shallow early and then moving deep. Playing the weather is going to be the key.”

Ashley said that if he was fishing the event, he’d make sure that he had a Lucky Craft Sammy, a Zoom Super Fluke and a shaky-head rig tied on.

“I think if a guy can catch 16 or 17 pounds a day next week they’ll be right there at the end,” Ashley went on to say. “The three-day winner is going to have right around 50 to 52 pounds, I predict.”

Anglers will launch each day at 6:30 a.m. CT from the Seneca Creek Boat Ramp, located at 280 Seneca Creek Road in Seneca. Weigh-in each day will be held at the boat ramp and will begin at 2:30 p.m. Fans are welcome to attend all launch and weigh-in events and encouraged to follow the event’s online coverage at MajorLeagueFishing.com.

The full field of 49 boaters and 49 Strike King co-anglers will compete on Days 1 (Wednesday) and 2 (Thursday) of the event. After two days of competition, the field is cut to just the top 10 boaters and co-anglers, based on two-day total cumulative weight, and the final 10 anglers compete on Championship Friday. The boater and co-angler that catch the heaviest three-day total weight will be crowned the 40th Phoenix Bass Fishing League All-American Champions.

The 2022 Phoenix Bass Fishing League Presented by T-H Marine was a 24-division circuit devoted to weekend anglers, with 128 tournaments throughout the season, five qualifying events in each division. The top 45 boaters and Strike King co-anglers from each division, along with the five winners of the qualifying events, advanced to one of six Regional Championships where they competed to finish in the top six, which then advanced them to compete in the Phoenix Bass Fishing League All-American.

Television coverage of the 2023 Phoenix Bass Fishing League All-American will premiere November 11 on CBS Sports and the Sportsman Channel. The full television air schedule can be found at MajorLeagueFishing.com.

Proud sponsors of the 2023 MLF Phoenix Bass Fishing League Presented by T-H Marine include: 13 Fishing, Abu Garcia, B&W Trailer Hitches, Berkley, Black Rifle Coffee, E3, Epic Baits, Favorite Fishing, General Tire, Grundéns, Gill, Lew’s, Lowrance, Mercury, Mossy Oak, Mystik Lubricants, Onyx, Phoenix, Polaris, Power-Pole, Strike King, Tackle Warehouse, T-H Marine, Toyota, Wiley X and YETI.

For complete details and updated tournament information, visit MajorLeagueFishing.com. For regular Bass Fishing League updates, photos, tournament news and more, follow MLF5’s social media outlets at Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Bassmaster Elite Series pros eager to capitalize on Sabine River opportunities

Orange, Texas, will host the Folds of Honor Bassmaster Elite at Sabine River June 1-4. The last Elite event in 2021 drew a total 40,107 fans to the four-day event while generating more than $2.5 million in revenue for local businesses.

Photo by Dalton Tumblin/B.A.S.S.

May 25, 2023

Bassmaster Elite Series pros eager to capitalize on Sabine River opportunities

ORANGE, Texas — Jason Christie is looking forward to another shot at Lone Star glory, but he’s expecting significantly more resistance during the upcoming Folds of Honor Bassmaster Elite at Sabine River.

Competition days will be June 1-4 with daily takeoffs from the City of Orange Boat Ramp at 6 a.m. CT and weigh-ins each day at the ramp at 3 p.m. Full coverage will be available on Bassmaster.com

When the Bassmaster Elite Series last visited Sabine in 2021, Christie was fishing his first season back on tour after a two-year absence. While notching a win just four events into his return gifted him a special memory he’d like to repeat, he’s mentally preparing himself for a much more challenging scenario.

“I think one thing that’s gonna throw a lot of us for a loop this time is that we’re going way later than we’ve ever been,” Christie said. “For one thing, it should be miserably hot. It’s going to be, by far, the hottest event of the year and I think the fishing is going to be different from how it has been in years past.

“We’ve always been there around the spawn. When the fish are around the spawn, they’re kind of congregated in certain areas, either going up to spawn or coming off the spawn or getting ready. This time, we’re going to be a couple of months after the spawn, so I can see the fish being spread out.”

Christie said this scenario has the potential to be one of the season’s toughest events. On the other hand, he’s wondering if the timing might so greatly disperse the fish that it spreads the field, as opposed to the typically crowded spring groupings.

With the tournament site close to the Intracoastal Waterway, Gulf of Mexico tides impact most of the eligible waters, although tidal influence decreases the farther upriver you travel. With tournament boundaries reaching up to the Toledo Bend Dam, outfall current from this major Sabine River reservoir could bring positive impacts for anyone fishing north.

“Toledo Bend is a little above what we normally are (this time of year) but not too bad,” said third-year Elite Darold Gleason, who lives and guides on Toledo Bend. “It might just make (the upper end of tournament waters) slightly dirtier, but it shouldn’t be too negative. It will probably help some anglers to have some current.”

As Christie explained, the event’s playing field, plus the Sabine’s seasonal pattern, will weigh heavily in this event’s outcome. With tournament waters comprising both sides of the Sabine, all publicly accessible tributaries (Texas side only), the Intracoastal and the Houston area, competitors have a lot of water at their disposal.

In 2021, Christie ran approximately two hours upriver to a backwater creek just below the Toledo Bend Dam. On the opposite extreme, a handful of competitors — including Mississippi pro Brock Mosley, who led Day 1 of the 2021 event and ultimately finished second — made the long run west to the Houston area.

Making the trip the first three days, Mosley ran approximately 110 miles through the Intracoastal Waterway and across Galveston Bay. Despite having to allow time for fuel stops and enduring rough water when crossing the bay on a windy Day 2, Mosley’s gamble nearly paid off. At the very least, he had his areas in Clear Creek all to himself.

Comparing the two extremes, Christie said his and Mosley’s strategies exemplified a common theme that will likely confront the entire field. Options may be many, but decisions must be cautiously made.

“The thing about that place, it’s not like a lake where you might say, ‘I’m going to run down here by the dam and fish deep and if it doesn’t work out, then I’ll run midlake and try something different,’” Christie said. “Whenever you leave the boat ramp (on the Sabine), you’re pretty much locked in to where you’re going.

“The main areas are so spread out. You run 20 minutes down the river and then you run 20 minutes up another river. It’s not like you can run out and run back and go up another place. You’re committed.”

Wherever anglers fish, competition days will likely see more quantity than quality. The Sabine River definitely holds big bass (Georgia’s Micah Frazier won the 2021 Phoenix Boats Big Bass award with a 6-6), but those opportunities are few and far between.

“This fishery has some good ones in it, but it doesn’t seem to have a lot of them, especially when we’re confined to Texas waters,” Christie said. “A lot of the Louisiana waters have more of the marsh habitat where you’d think that probably some bigger fish could live.

“You just have to focus from start to finish, not only hoping that you’re going to get an above-average bite, but being ready for it and landing it. If you get an above-average bite, chances are you’re not going to get two of them, so you don’t want to mess that up.”

Capitalizing on day-making opportunities always bodes well, but even more so on lean fisheries like the Sabine River.

“One big bite there can swing you 50 places (in the standings),” Christie said. “You catch four keepers and you put a 4-pounder in there and that can be a big difference.”

Given the full-on summer patterns that will dominate this event, Christie expects anglers to focus on shallow wood, vegetation and docks. Predicting a 30-pound threshold to make the Top 10 and 43 pounds to win, he said spinnerbaits, topwaters, squarebills and Texas-rigged plastics will see a lot of playing time.

“By June, those fish have seen a lot of baits, they’ve seen a lot of traffic, and they’re going to be educated,” Christie said. “It’s going to be a tough event, but everybody knows that — everybody knows it’s going to be a grinder.

“This is going to be the fifth time we’ve been there, so there’s not really any secrets left. It’s gonna happen in a lot of different areas and now you’re just going to have to figure out how to out-fish those guys that are fishing the same area you’re fishing.”

Despite the “everything’s bigger in Texas” notion, it’s likely someone will fare well with finesse standbys like the venerable wacky rig or a drop shot.

Notably, 2021 saw Japanese superstar Taku Ito showcase his skill and patience by catching several of his third-place fish during the afternoon heat when the tide went slack — basically, one of bass fishing’s most challenging scenarios. While others threw moving baits in hopes of triggering reactions, Ito Neko rigged a Nories Sankaku-T-San, a T-shaped soft-plastic bait, and used painfully long presentations to coax key bites.

With the long-term forecast showing daytime highs in the upper 80s for tournament week, it’s likely that the most successful anglers will be the ones who make the right location decisions, exercise the most patience and make the most of those big-fish opportunities.

Going into the sixth event of the nine-event Elite season, Greenwood, S.C., pro Brandon Cobb leads the Progressive Insurance Bassmaster Angler of the Year race with 485 points. Georgia pro Drew Cook is second with 436 points, followed by Louisiana’s Tyler Rivet in third with 415, Florida’s John Cox in fourth with 414 and Alabama’s Kyle Welcher in fifth with 413.

Alabama rookie Will Davis Jr. — winner of the last Elite event — leads the Dakota Lithium Bassmaster Rookie of the Year race with 383 points, followed by fellow Alabama pro David Gaston in second with 369 and California pro Bryant Smith in third, also with 369.

In addition to the popular Bassmaster Outdoors Expo and daily weigh-ins, fans can enjoy four days of festivities, including live music, at the Orange County River Festival.

New for 2023, fans can enjoy predictions, conditions and live hits from the lake as part of the LIVE Preview show streaming on Bassmaster.com Wednesday, May 31 at 8 a.m. CT. Bassmaster LIVE kicks off tournament coverage Thursday and Friday mornings at 7 a.m. on Bassmaster.com, Tubi and the FOX Sports platforms while FS1 will broadcast live with the tournament leaders Saturday and Sunday.

The Folds of Honor Bassmaster Elite at Sabine River is being hosted by the Greater Orange Chamber of Commerce

Folds of Honor named title sponsor of Bassmaster Elite on Sabine River

May 24, 2023

Folds of Honor named title sponsor of Bassmaster Elite on Sabine River

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Those who protect our freedoms and our families will take center stage when the Bassmaster Elite Series heads to Texas following Memorial Day. The Folds of Honor Bassmaster Elite at Sabine River will be held June 1-4 in Orange, Texas.

Since 2007, Folds of Honor has provided more than 44,000 life-changing scholarships totaling nearly $200 million to the spouses and children of America’s fallen or disabled military and first responders. The scholarship recipients are as diverse as the place they call home. Minority recipients represent 41% of all scholarships awarded.

“Folds of Honor takes great pride in partnering with the proud patriots of Bassmaster and the Bassmaster Elite at the Sabine River,” said Diane D. Nemecek, the Folds of Honor senior director of chapter relations. “We have a longstanding relationship with Bassmaster, and the fans have always been a tremendous support of our noble and worthy mission. This Elite Series event takes place just after Memorial Day, and we consider the timing a blessing and a salute to all veterans and service members of the armed forces. Bassmaster fans have a history and reputation built on patriotism, and anglers witness our country in its rarest form. From sunrise to sunset, outdoorsmen are able to enjoy the tranquil waters thanks to those who preserve and protect the land we hold dear.” 

The extraordinary work of Folds of Honor will be highlighted at one of the Elite Series’ best-attended events.

When the Elite Series last visited Orange in 2021, the event generated more than $2.5 million in revenue for local businesses and drew a record-breaking total of 40,107 fans to four days of festivities, including live music at the Orange County River Festival, the popular Bassmaster Outdoors Expo and daily weigh-ins. 

Full coverage from all four days of the Folds of Honor Bassmaster Elite at Sabine River will be available on Bassmaster.com, Tubi and the FOX Sports digital platforms. FS1 will also broadcast live with the tournament leaders on Saturday and Sunday. For more information and a viewing schedule, visit Bassmaster.com.

About Folds of Honor
Folds of Honor is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that provides educational scholarships to the spouses and children of military members who have fallen or been disabled while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Beginning in 2022, it expanded its mission to include first responders. Our educational scholarships support private school tuition or tutoring in grades K-12, tuition for college, technical or trade school and post-graduate work, including a master’s degree, doctorate or professional program. Funds for a second bachelor’s degree or trade/technical program certification are also available. Since its inception in 2007, Folds of Honor has awarded over 44,000 scholarships totaling about $200 million in all 50 states. Among the students served, 41% are minorities. Folds of Honor is rated a four-star charity by Charity Navigator and Platinum on GuideStar. It was founded by Lt Col Dan Rooney, the only-ever F-16 fighter pilot (with three combat tours in Iraq) and PGA Professional. He is currently stationed at Headquarters Air Force Recruiting Service Detachment 1, at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas. For more information or to donate in support of a Folds of Honor scholarship, visit southtexas.foldsofhonor.org.