Preston & Stanton Harris Win Catt Lake Norman, NC Sept 28, 2019


Tournament Results Lake Norman, NC Sept 28, 2019 Preston & Stanton Harris Top The 30 Boat Field! 13.15 lbs $1,125.00!

Next Lake Norman FALL CATT is this coming Saturday Oct 5 at Pinnacle!

Preston & Stanton Harris take the win Saturday with 5 bass weighing 13.15 lbs! They took home $1,125.00!

2nd Place Craig Chambers & Derrick Cummings 12.80 lbs!

Dale Phillips claimed 3rd with 12.42 lbs!

30 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Preston & Stanton Harris2.9013.15$1,125.00110
Craig Chambers / Derrick Cummings3.3812.80$360.00109
Dale Phillips3.2512.42$250.00108
Adam Parker / Logan Anderson2.9412.02$130.00107
Hunter Harwell4.6411.64$310.00106
Matt Stout3.7011.06$100.00105
Jody & Jay Wright2.6910.99104
Troy & Fisher Armstrong3.4910.38103
Jeff & KJ Quueen2.089.84102
Alan “BOO” Whitaker (vet) / John Miller3.769.49$90.00101
Rodney Lambert (vet) / Mark morrison2.739.40100
Nathan McGethey / Eric Vangerloff3.689.3399
Tim Cline / Bobby Snyder0.009.0898
Dylan Fulk / Adam Waters0.008.9497
Alvin Shaw / Brent White0.006.5396
T J  Rumpf0.001.8595
Joel Marcotte (vet)0.001.3894
Major & Mile Collier0.000.0093
David Stevens / Brent Long0.000.0093
Aric Dwyer0.000.0093
Jason Land0.000.0093
Gene & Josh Hall0.000.0093
Jordan Wright / Chris Casey0.000.0093
Wendell Ireland / Todd Anders0.000.0093
Allen Tuttle0.000.0093
Jason Eaker / Mike Seawright0.000.0093
Shane Suddeth / Fred Moore0.000.0093
Adam Filmore (vet) / Andrew Swain0.000.0093
Larry & Milton (vet) Yancey0.000.0093
Keith Speece0.000.0093
Total Entrys$2,400.00
BONUS $$500.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,365.00
Norman FALL 2019 Final Fund$445.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$60.00
2019 Norman Fall Final Fund Total$445.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom  Fund Total$685.00


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