North Carolina’s Bass Nation members competed in the NCBN Eastern Regional on Lake Gaston with 69 anglers vying to represent the NC BASS Nation at the 2019 BASS Regional hosted by B.A.S.S. with all hoping to continue on the road to qualify for a shot at the BASS MASTER CLASSIC!

Rob Conway was the emerging victor and he overtook Ivan Morris on the second day to claim the Championship. On Day one, Ivan had the lead with a great catch of 14.54 pounds with Rob right behind at 13.64 pounds. It was never in doubt that the duel would be between those two for the championship as third place was less a touch shy of 10 pounds. On Day two, Rob brought 5 fish to the scales weighing 13.40 and Ivan brought 10.92 and Rob Conway claimed the Championship.

The top four boaters advancing to the B.A.S.S. regional in Maine are: Rob Conway – 27.04 lbs, Ivan Morris – 25.46 lbs, Michael Garner – 21.33 lbs and Brian Sorrell at 18.09 lbs.

These four anglers have punched their way to the 2019 NCBN State Team as boaters. The qualifiers will head to Maine in 2019 trying to make it to the B.A.S.S. National Championship.

On the non-boater side, there was a wild finish as well. Phil Bain came from 13th place to win the non-boater championship. Phil had only one fish on Day one, but that 1.83 pound fish put him over the top when he weighed in 10.78 lbs to win the co-angler championship. Phil weighed a two day total of 12.61 lbs. David Blanton came in second place with 11.86 lbs and Chris Moss was third with 11.42 lbs. These three anglers advance to the 2019 NCBN State Team.

Hog Snatches team 1 claimed the Title of Eastern Regional Team Champions with a total weight of 63.17 pounds. Team Bassmasters took second with 57.77 pounds.

Triton Big Fish Honors were Day 1 Rob Conway – 4.92 lbs (boater) ; Matt Rodriguez 3.62 (non-boater)

Day 2 Lowrance Big bass award (boater) Brian Sorrell 5.17 lbs (non-boater) David Blanton 5.90 lbs

Special thanks go out to Randy Groves, Danielle Groves, Lori and Chuck Murray for assisting in the tourney.

Day 1Day 2
1Rob Conwayboater27.044.924.4713.6413.40
2Ivan Morrisboater25.464.1414.5410.92
3Michael Garnerboater21.339.6611.67
4Brian Sorrellboater18.092.745.172.7415.35
5Charles Andersonboater17.883.447.9710.16.25
6Brent Sewellboater17.607.4610.14
7Adam Haithcockboater17.523.824.5912.93
8Billy Scogginsboater17.353.907.659.70
9Jeff Hagerboater16.792.724.353.8912.90
10Jeff Farmerboater16.567.559.01
11Andy Coorboater16.267.598.67
12Adam Richardsonboater15.733.4512.28
13Eric Schellboater14.664.252.5512.11
14Mike Marionboater14.213.907.996.22
15William Vaughanboater13.722.324.352.3211.40
16Trey Nanneyboater12.634.538.10
17John McClellandboater11.893.576.645.25
18Richard Cooperboater11.785.376.41
19John K Mayoboater11.604.883.957.65
20Charlie Allenboater11.483.088.40
21Joe Stewartboater11.444.732.808.64
22Wesley Bennetboater11.407.044.36
23Keith Joyceboater10.912.855.635.28
24Allen Whiteboater10.704.356.35
25Mikey Andersonboater10.572.242.248.33
26Joseph Campbellboater10.471.568.91
27Wayne Winsteadboater10.351.303.801.309.05
28Norman Mulinaxboater10.
29Todd Parkerboater10.153.426.73
30Ron Johnsonboater10.073.416.66
31Jim Sheehanboater8.282.832.835.45
32Mark Robertsonboater8.043.884.16
33George Cainboater8.034.833.20
34John Jacksonboater7.984.863.12
35Dekota Shawboater7.862.412.415.45
36Herby Youngboater7.252.844.41
37Randy Parkerboater6.673.684.921.75
38Alan Haighboater6.665.051.615.05
39George Lambertboater5.685.68
40Will Jamesboater4.974.97
41Jim Sampsonboater4.351.562.79
42Jerry E Deeseboater3.483.48
43Johnathon Cannadyboater3.271.621.65
44Ricky Mozingoboater3.163.16
45Gene Byrdboater2.192.19
46James Williamsboater1.931.93
47Scott Shawboater
48David Newellboater
49Bob Gomezboater
50Brian Stallsboater
51Owen Sewellboater
52Erik Lentineboater
53Jeremy Saboboater
54Mike Nadeauboater
1Phil Bainnon-boater12.611.8310.78
2David Blantonnon-boater11.865.9011.86
3Chris Mossnon-boater11.426.045.38
4Matt Rodrigueznon-boater10.823.627.922.90
5Cleve Boswoodnon-boater9.499.49
6“Ivan C”. Morrisnon-boater9.353.692.776.58
7Scott Shrewsburynon-boater9.223.071.357.87
8Chad Brogdennon-boater7.232.644.59
9Eddie Yahyanon-boater6.461.801.804.66
10Blaney Bestnon-boater6.393.003.003.39
11Danny Hammondsnon-boater6.352.592.593.76
12Brandon Parkernon-boater6.
13Tim Wiltfongnon-boater5.922.671.694.23
14Dean Copelandnon-boater5.585.58
15Ronnie Bridgersnon-boater5.521.823.701.82
16Nathan Canadynon-boater5.371.873.50
17Airroc Gossnon-boater5.001.763.24
18Keith Stillsnon-boater4.945.190.25
19Jeffrey Davisnon-boater4.651.213.44
20Braxton Bridgersnon-boater4.251.302.95
21Reggie Norfleetnon-boater4.112.711.40
22Anthony Hortonnon-boater3.602.273.60
23Mike Greenenon-boater3.153.153.15
24Brian Adamsnon-boater3.073.07
25Roger Thomasnon boater2.702.70
26Mike Shandleynon-boater2.582.58
27Angela Mayonon-boater2.452.45
29Jacob Steelenon-boater2.202.20
30Mike Bankesnon-boater2.052.05
31Bill Strongnon boater
32Lance Kornegaynon-boater
33John W. Mayonon-boater
35David Wardnon-boater
36Dean Thompsonnon-boater
37Craig Fergusonnon-boater
38Austin Brumfieldnon-boater
39Jordan Peadennon-boater
40Buddy williamsnon-boater
41Daniel Walkernon-boater
42Nick Kincaidnon-boater
43Brian Renuanon-boater


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