WOW! What a year we’ve had on Kerr Lake! in 2018 we paid back just over $50,000 for the year….in 2019 we paid back just over $60,000.00! The Kerr Spring Trail for 2020 is posted and we’re are looking forward to paying back even more cash! Click on the Championship link below for info on the 2020 CATT Championship on Kerr June 6-7, 2020!

Robbie Mayton & Kevin Bostic are our big winners this past weekend at Kerr! They brought in 5 bass weighing 19.61 lbs and also the 1st BF at 5.49 lbs! Add in the 1st BONUS $ and they took home $3,708.00! They also received a Lews Baitcast Reel!

Ryan Roller & Gary Coldwell with some nice Smallmouth!

Check out the rest of the money winners!

45 TeamsBFWeightWinnings
1Robbie Mayton – Kevin Bostic5.4919.61$3,708.00
2Denny Gilbert- Charlie Reed4.5516.52$1,620.00
3Doug Stallings – Seth Ellis5.3616.34$1,212.00
4Jimmy Wall – Stephen Griggs4.3515.97$625.00
5Manny Lenau – John Anglos4.9415.77$500.00
6Ryan Roller – Gary Coldwell4.4715.74$300.00
7Mike Riggs – Chuck Morton4.1614.96$200.00
8Randy Black- Mikey Anderson3.4014.80$150.00
9Greg Lahr – Mike Maull5.1014.45$130.00
10Bryan Cottrell- Brandon Cottrell4.5814.27
11Michael Garner – Billy Shelton4.1914.17
12Casey Pope – Eric Royster4.0014.16
13Clay Ausely – Ken McNeil4.4613.99
14Wesley Harris – Travis Garrett3.8213.89
15Johnny Parsons – Kent Parsons0.0013.85
16Gerald Beck – Rodney Sorrells0.0013.39
17Monte Aleman- Kevin Aleman0.0013.10
18Eddie Glasscock- Billy Dunn3.7512.97
19Tyler Trent- Jacob Lloyd4.3712.82
20David Bullock – Jimmy Henderson4.8312.26
21Mark Inman – Bryan Welch4.1611.71
22Dennis Reedy – Tommy Marrow0.0011.33
23Phil Smith- Lonnie Whitfield3.4411.03
24Trey Nichols – Chad Fara0.0010.87
25Jeffery Porter – Nathan Reeves0.0010.76
26Flash Butts – Shawn Hammock0.0010.68
27Ryan Reynolds – Kenny Reynolds0.0010.58
28Francis Martin – Jeremy Turner0.0010.53
29Donnie Avant – Randy Waterman2.9410.24
30Joe Smith – Raeford Faircloth0.0010.17
31Toney Stanley – Chase Stanley3.819.76
32Rick Clements – Elton Clements0.009.35
33Scott Moser – Bobby Overby2.709.30
34Tim Wiltfong – Ray Griffin3.347.60
35Edward Townsend Dexter Hurley0.006.54
36Jake Osbourne – Keith Dutton0.004.06
37Reggie Norflett – Charlie Gunter0.003.07
38Michael Trivette – Neil Eckburg0.000.00
39Derrick Bowden – Matt Little0.000.00
40Kevin Dawson – Joey Dawson0.000.00
41Tommy Huseley0.000.00
42David Avant – Pam Pellerin0.000.00
43Eddie Fore0.000.00
44Mark Herndon – Jay Garrett0.000.00
45Jay Fogleman- Jeff Clifton0.000.00
Total Entrys$5,280.00
BONUS $$1,700.00
Kerr 2019 Fall Final Fund$1,465.00
Kerr 2019 Fall Final Total Payback$8,445.00
Kerr 2019 Fall Total Payback$23,295.00
Kerr 2019 Grand Total Paid$60,015.00


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