Tournament Result Lake Norman, NC Final Sept 7, 2019 Roger Hoover Smashed the Spots! 16.47 lbs! $2,485.00! Norman Fall Schedule is Posted!

Next up is the start of the CATT Lake Norman FALL Trail September 28th! Two Tournaments in one! Check out the Norman Fall schedule on the Norman Division page!

Roger Hoover took 1st place Saturday at Lake Norman with 5 Spotted Bass weighing 16.47 lbs! He also weighed in the BF at 4.26 lbs and took home a total of $2,485.00! Roger also received a Lews Mach Speed Stick!

2nd Place went to Jason Wilson & Kelly Logan with 5 bass weighing 13.54 lbs! They took home $1,000.00!

Matt Stout took 3rd with 13.42 lbs! 

Dale Phillips weighed in the 2nd BF at 3.94 lbs!

Our top 3 Goodwill Industries Point Winners!

1st Boo Whitaker & John Miller $500

2nd Keith Westrick & Terry Pittman  $300

3rd Joel Marcotte $200


More pictures from Norman!

17  TeamsBFWeightWinnings
Roger Hoover4.2616.47$2,485.00
Jason Wilson/Kelly Logan2.9913.54$1,000.00
Matt Stout3.4013.42$500.00
Chris Baumgardner / Jimmy Leshock2.7210.71
Maurice Freeze / Jake Monti2.9510.62
Dale Phillips3.949.50$50.00
Shane Sharpe / Will Mitchell3.119.11
Mike Seawright /Jason Eaker0.008.44
Danny Mason/Lionel Mason0.007.97
Luke Helms/Kevin Toler0.007.87
Boo Whitaker / John Miller3.836.51$500.00
Keith Westrick / Terry Pittman0.005.49$300.00
Bryan Welch0.004.54
Johnny Allen / Don Potete0.000.00
Joel Marcotte0.000.00$200.00
Matt McBee/Bryan Lefever0.000.00
Keith Speece0.000.00
Total Entrys$1,920.00
BONUS $$275.00
2019 Norman Spring Final Fund$1,840.00
Total Paid At Ramp$5,035.00
Total Paid 2019 Spring Lake Norman$12,920.00


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