Roger Hoover Wins CATT Lake Norman, NC Oct 19,2019


Tournament Results Lake Norman, NC Oct 19, 209 Roger Hoover Takes 1st in the CATT! Jeff & KJ Queen Win the PRO Side!

Next Lake Norman CATT is Sunday Nov 11 at Pinnacle!

Roger Hoover fishing solo claims the win at Norman with 5 bass weighing 11.50 lbs!

KJ & Jeff Queen PRO Side and finish 2nd in the CATT!

Derek Cummings & Craig Chambers with their Academy Gift Card!

18 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Roger Hoover2.9411.50$775.00110
Jeff & KJ Queen3.2611.43$279.00109
Reid McGinn & Reggie Pollock2.9310.99$100.00108
Dylan Fulk & Adam Waters0.0010.41107
Adam Parker & Logan Anderson2.689.78106
Steve Addington2.429.32105
Aric Dwyer & Robbie Anderson2.129.04104
Luke Helms & Myles Stewart0.007.76103
Craig Chambers & Derrick Cummings2.117.67102
Troy & Fisher Armstrong0.007.56101
John Miller & Jeff Miller (VET)2.357.21100
Andy Brode & Herb Brammel4.737.03$126.0099
Joel Marcotte  (VET)0.006.2498
Mark Morrison & Rodney Lambert (VET)2.333.9097
Will Price0.000.0096
Mike & Major Collier0.000.0096
Keith Speece & Willie Norman0.000.0096
Wendall Ireland & Todd Anders0.000.0096
Total Entrys$1,440.00
BONUS $$275.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,280.00
Norman FALL 2019 Final Fund$355.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$50.00
2019 Norman Fall Final Fund Total$1,260.00
2020 CATT Champ/Phantom  Fund Total$1,165.00
Team PROBFWeightWinningsPoints
Jeff & KJ Queen3.2611.43$395.00110
Aric Dwyer & Robbie Anderson2.129.04109
Craig Chambers & Derrick Cummings2.117.67108
Pro Final Fund$45.00
Pro Finmal Fund Total$165.00


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