Scott Perrine & Brian Nordyke Win CATT Cooper River April 7, 2018 Big Bags!

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The Cooper River was putting out this past week with 5 bags over 20 lbs! Next and last Cooper River Spring Qualifier is April 21st! You only have to enter 1 Qualifier to be eligible to enter the Final!

Scott Perrine & Brian Nordyke weighed in 5 bass at 25.62 lbs to take the win this past Saturday out of Cypress Gardens! They also took home the BONUS $ for a total of $1,000.00!

2nd place went to James White and Johnny Brinson with a limit weighing 24.74 lbs and they collected $300.00!

Elvis Black & Joe Hutchinson claimed 3rd with another great bag of bass weighing up at 24.17 lsb! They also weighed the BF at a whopping 9.13 lbs! They day fishing netted them $370.00!

There’s your top 3! Full results posted below!

Fred Cruise with some nice uns!


34 BoatsBigTotal  
Scott Perrine – Brian Nordyke    BONUS $0.0025.62$1,000.00110
Johnny Brinson – James White0.0024.74$300.00109
Elvis Black – Joe Hutchinson   BF9.1324.17$370.00108
Jeremy Hewitt – Bill Lawshe0.0022.07$140.00107
Travis Gatlin – Grant Powell0.0020.26$110.00106
Fred Cruise0.0019.68$85.00105
Andrew Baker – Matt Baker0.0016.75104
Buck Black – Carl Harrington0.0015.86103
Jimmy McCants – Kevin Powell0.0014.46102
Joseph Giampa – Gene Youngs0.0014.45101
Bob Letizi – Brian Harper0.0014.21100
Cooper Hopkins – Sierra Boddoff0.0013.8999
Winston Martin – Neal Martin0.0013.1198
Greg Benton – Logan Benton0.0012.0497
Adam Rodenhouse0.0011.8796
Ryan Aaron – Spencer Moffit0.0011.4595
William Gregory – James Roy Jr Robison0.0011.4494
Anthony Amerson – Dustin Cox0.0010.7793
David Kelly – Kenny Clark0.0010.5892
Cody Carter – William Minus0.0010.5691
Hagen Swindlerdecker  -Eric Glen0.009.8690
Dale Lovelace0.008.6589
Allen Bowzard – Leah Bowzard0.008.6388
Ryan Romesburg  -Oliver Watkins0.008.2287
Bubba Dennis – Randy Gibson0.007.9786
Wesley Ragland – Chandler Ackerman0.007.0285
Casey Leach0.006.2984
Gary Elsey0.006.2983
John Campbell – Grace Campbell0.004.3382
Will Thompson0.000.0081
Brad Swartz – Joel Hopkins0.000.0081
Jimmy Bihlear – James Bihlear0.000.0081
Tim Hilton0.000.0081
Brett Fields – Randall Drew0.000.0081
Total Entrys  $1,700.00 
BONUS $  $500.00 
Total Paid At Ramp  $2,005.00 
Cooper River 2018 Spring Final Fund  $170.00 
2018 CATT Championship Fund  $25.00 
Cooper River 2018 Spring Final Fund Total  $550.00 
2018 CATT Championship Fund  $3,835.00 



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