Scott Perrine Win’s CATT Copper River Oct 20,2018


Tournament Results Cooper River Oct 20, 2018 Scott Perrine Wins!

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Next Catt Cooper River Fall Qualifier is November 3rd at Cypress Gardens!

Scott Perrine bested the 2nd place team by over 3 lbs with 5 bass weighing 16.50 lbs! Add in the BONUS $ and Scott took home $860.00!

2nd went to Justin Craven & Michael Craven with a limit weighing 13.08 lbs and they earned $235.00!

The 3rd place team was Bubba Dennis & Randy Gibson with 5 bass weighing 12.87 lbs! They collected $125.00!

John and Grace Campbell finished 4th with 12.21 lbs and received $70.00!

BF weighing 5.72 lbs was brought in by Justin Harvey & Terry Harvey worth $120.00!

24 TeamsFishWeightWinningsPoints
Scott Perrine  BONUS $4.3916.50$860.00110
Justin Craven/Michael Craven4.5213.08$235.00109
Bubba Dennis/Randy Gibson3.7312.87$125.00108
John Campbell/Grace Campbell5.6212.21$70.00107
Justin Harvey/Terry Harvey5.7211.75$120.00106
Chris Peirano/Jim Butler3.3411.03105
Tyler Cunningham/Matt Peterson2.7110.03104
Jacob Cramer/Frank Forbes0.009.50103
Dave McConnell/Dillion McConnell4.579.21102
Matt Baker/Andrew Baker0.008.76101
Andy Rutledge0.008.17100
Adam Rodenhouse0.007.6399
Ben Smith/Brent Bartman0.007.6298
CJ Cannington/Nathan McPherson0.006.9597
Allen Boward/Leah Boward0.006.8696
Casey Leach/Charlene Leach0.006.7295
Matthew Brannon/Amanda Brannon0.006.5594
Quinton Jones/Clinton Jones0.006.2893
Bob Letizi/Derrick Nixon0.006.1992
James Ray Robinson Jr./William Gregory0.000.0091
Darrell Knies0.000.0091
Wayne Clifton/Kyle Welch0.000.0091
Corey Casey0.000.0091
Travis Gatlin/Grant Powell0.000.0091
Total Entrys$1,200.00
BONUS $$360.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,410.00
Cooper River 2018 Fall Final Fund$140.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$10.00
Cooper River 2018 Fall Final Fund Total$520.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$1,530.00



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