Next East Spring Qualifier is June 25 at the Roanoke River launching from the Water St Lighthouse Ramp!

2022 CATT Academy Championship this weekend on Kerr! May 21-22 $10,000 1st Place! You only had to enter 2 CATT events since June 2021 to be eligible!

1st Tanner Beaman and June Bug Barrow, 20.25lbs $525.00
2nd Rip Bass, 19.84 lbs $300.00 1st side pot, $238.00- Total $538.00!
3rd Donald Luther and Mike Kannan, 18.61 lbs $200.00 2nd side pot $102.00
4th Danny Flynn and Brad Elks, 17.85 lbs $120.00 They also won 2nd big fish 5.76 lbs $69.00

1st big fish winner is Sammy Barrow and Spencer Barrow. 6.28 lbs $161.00

Tanner Beaman – June Bug Barrow5.6720.25$525.00110
Rip Bass4.6419.84$538.00109
Donald Luther – Mike Kannan4.3818.61$302.00108
Danny Flynn – Brad Elks5.7617.85$189.00107
Sammy Barrow – Spencer Barrow6.2816.68$161.00106
Thomas Craft -Shane Craft5.1916.49105
Chris Turner – Quinton Chappell4.5514.92104
Bruce Swain – Billy Paderick3.7514.05103
Stacey Light – Mike Askew3.9513.68102
Steve Vann – Skippy Lewis4.9813.42101
Dean Jones – Levi Jones4.5912.80100
Travis Newborn – Matt Newborn0.0012.7499
Danny Wood – Nathaniel Lucas3.5512.6698
Matt Oakley – Bryant Oakley0.0012.3897
Tracy King – David Price3.8212.0296
Geral Herring0.0011.9095
Jason Smith – Jacob Smith4.4111.4094
Hal Caldwell – John Caldwell0.0010.8793
Danny Hall – Vincent Pouvaysay3.109.6692
Stacy Hobson – Brandon  Pearce0.005.1582
Mike Ellis – Mark Faircloth0.000.0072
Matt Harrell – Justin Chappell0.000.0072
Michael James – Luke James0.000.0072
Total Entrys$1,840.00
BONUS $$340.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,715.00
East 2021 Final Fund$365.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2021 East Final Fund Total$685.00