Ted Yandle and Brock Burgess Win CATT Lake Wylie, SC April 17, 2021 Phantom Outdoors Invitational


April 24th Phantom Outdoors Invitational High Rock ! We should have a BIG CROWD! High Rock has been HOT!

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Lake Wylie has been fishing tough for months now and we were very pleased to have 30 Teams enter the Lake Wylie Phantom Outdoors Invitational this past weekend! Ted Yandle and Brock Burgess were our winners Saturday with 5 bass weighing 15.23 lbs! They took home $3,400.00!

2nd Keith Porter & Tony Price 14.64 lbs $3,000.00!

3rd Eddie Smith & Michael Carson 14.50 lbs! $1,300.00!

Tommy Williams & Thomas Hardwick 4th 14.22 lbs! $650.00!

30 TeamsBFWeightWinnings
Ted Yandle/Brock Burgess3.7615.23$3,400.00
Keith Porter/Tony Price3.8814.64$3,000.00
Eddie Smith/Michael Carson3.6614.50$1,300.00
Thomas Hardwick/Tommy Williams3.8514.22$650.00
Mike Stephens/Chris Carnes3.8914.06$200.00
Chuck Deuthit3.4113.21
Robert Fowler/Mike Sprouse3.4912.83
Thomas Vickers/Brian Huskins3.4212.72
Glen Sparrow3.7512.72
Shawn Wallace/Axl Bartlett3.3511.50
Corey Stone/Nick Williams2.8611.20
Jay Adams/ Tony Colareurcio3.8510.98
Scott McGinnis/Caleb Propst3.8610.79
Grady Oliver/Curt Schumacher4.0110.61
John Paul/Jason Quinn3.2810.58
Josh Queen/Mike Queen4.199.96$100.00
Zach Leech/Mark Leech2.779.84
Jake Schnell/Eric Parker2.359.21
Mike Seawright/Jason Eaker4.689.12$200.00
Junior Mobley/Dibb Wylie1.998.92
Matt Stout/Steve Addington1.727.70
Mike Brehm1.987.50
Thomas Richmond/Tony Talford0.000.00
Michael Burns/Daria Burns0.000.00
David Winters/Tim Chapman0.000.00
Joel Hansil/Jason Humprhi0.000.00
Jay Adams Jr0.000.00
Billy Grier/Robby Byrum0.000.00
Mike Sanders/Jacob Miller0.000.00
Michael and Daria Burns0.000.00