The Bassmaster Classic 2019
Media Day Angler Interviews

The 2019 Bassmaster Classic practice has officially ended and the big media day, where we, the media, get the opportunity to interview all 52 anglers. As hard as you try, it’s not always easy.
I posed the same questions to each angler in hopes to gain some insight into what they had planned for the 3 days.

What do you think the winning weight will be?
Brandon Palaniuk 18 a day for 54 pounds
Brent Chapman 49 lbs 1 ounce
Jason Christie 46 pounds
Edwin Evers 16 a day for 48 pounds
Seth Feider 57 pounds
Micah Frazier 50 pounds
Brett Hite 48 pounds
Alton Jones Jr 47 pounds
Wesley Stader 48-52 pounds
Chris Zaldain 50 pounds
Jesse Wiggins 50 pounds

What will you be fishing for primarily, LM or SM?
Brandon Palaniuk in areas predominantly largemouth with smallmouth nearby
Brent Chapman largemouth
Jason Christie largemouth
Edwin Evers (laughing)whatever bites
Seth Feider largemouth
Micah Frazier mixed bag
Brett Hite both
Alton Jones Jr largemouth
Wesley Stader largemouth
Chris Zaldain both
Jesse Wiggins largemouth

What 2 words would you use to sum up the TENN River right now?
Brandon Palaniuk constant change
Brent Chapman muddy & fast
Jason Christie very inconsistent
Edwin Evers greatest river
Seth Feider fast
Micah Frazier changing and inconsistent
Brett Hite Changing
Alton Jones Jr rolling rolling
Wesley Stader fast and muddy
Chris Zaldain up and down
Jesse Wiggins big bite

What do you think will be type of bait that wins the Classic?
Brandon Palaniuk Rapala DT6
Brent Chapman vibrating jig & square bill crankbait
Jason Christie soft plastic, spinnerbait, squarebill
Edwin Evers variety of baits
Seth Feider soft plastic
Micah Frazier spinnerbait
Brett Hite Crankbait, spinner bait, jig
Alton Jones Jr crankbait
Wesley Stader mix of baits
Chris Zaldain swimbait
Jesse Wiggins crankbait


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