The Fellowship of Anglers

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Fishing is one of the only sports where it is you against nature and our prey, the fish. No matter the species, it is the same. We can do it alone. But even though we do choose to be alone at time for whatever reason, more often, it is the fellowship of the sport that makes it so unique. No matter our skill level, whether we just do it only on the weekends or if we do it professionally, we all started off the same, beginners who are ready to have fun.

I am reminded by my grandson, and from my daughters, that we don’t start off knowing everything. My grandson loves to be out fishing with me. His mom and dad has worked with him on casting, but he still does not want to touch the fish. But he will touch the night crawlers. He will grow out of it and will be holding them soon. He is already wanting to move from the push button reel to my baitcasters.
But it is the fellowship that makes the difference. There is nothing like being out there with fellow anglers. Whether it is being with a beginner, t
Helping teach them or with an advanced angler so we can learn, there is something special about it. Now, we are talking about fun fishing here, not tournament fishing, which is an all together other story.

I have been blessed to enjoy fishing with both family and friends. I have been fishing with both my brothers, David and Bill, and that is so very special. No matter what, when we get out fishing it is nothing but a joy, and a day of laughter. I have also enjoyed fishing with my dad and my grandfather, which was different, but really taught me so much. Yes, we laughed, and those memories still bring laughter to us today. I have been out fishing with both my daughters. My oldest is always willing, but isn’t into it as much, and I still hold out hope. My youngest is really into fishing. She and I have shared a lot of adventures, and she continues to pass on the passion.
But it is within the community that I have really been blessed. I have met some amazing friends and had some amazing adventures on the water. Fishing is a sport that does not look at sex, at age, at color, or at skill level. Friends are made through the shared passion. Through the passion, I have met some of the top Elite Pro Anglers who fish for a living. I have met Professional Saltwater Anglers. These are people who I can now call friends. And I have met upcoming anglers who will be professional soon. And I have met a young lady who was new but still learning. She went from a blind partner in a tournament to a best friend that enjoys fishing as much as I do. I am lucky that her fiancee isn’t jealous about fishing with me. We go out and just have fun. It is funny, we started off the friendship in the rain, forgetting the plug on the boat, and no fish for the day. Yet, we laughed all day long and even discovered so much we share in common.

Adventures are meant to be shared. Memories are made with others. What will be my next chapter on this amazing journey? Who will I be sharing a memory with? Where will that journey take us? I can’t answer those, but I can guarantee, they will be with a fellow angler who shares the passion. It will be with a brother or sister, for fishing is a family. Who will it be and where? Who will help you make a memory to last a lifetime.


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