Tom Foster & David Gardner Win CATT Tidewater Pasquotank River, NC Aug 23, 2020


Another great crowd at the Tidewater Division! Even with the interruption we had this Spring we still may payback over $20,000 after the Final is wrapped up! Thanks for fishing with us and please spread the word and we will keep growing on the Tidewater Division! Huge Thanks to Matt &n Dawn Jennings for putting on the Tidewater trail!

We finished up the last qualifier of the CATT Tidewater division on the Pasquotank River with 25 teams competing!. The word at the ramp this morning was that practice had been tough for most of the teams leading up to tournament day. Well the fish had to start biting sometime and today appeared to be that day. Many teams reported catching upwards of 30-40 fish. We can only hope that Mother Nature spares us a bad hurricane this fall and the rivers stay healthy! Taking home the win with a 17.54 lb bag including big fish of the day at 7.66 was the team of Ronnie Ketchum and Benny Hendricks. They took home $1,825.00 for their days work! The division championship will be held on the Perquimans River September 27th. If you have participated in any of the division qualifiers you and that partner are eligible to compete for the guaranteed $2,500.00 first place prize!

2020 Tidewater Point winners are Tom Foster & David Gardner! They will receive free entry at the Final and blast off #1 position plus 2 Point Champions plaques!

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25 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Ronnie Ketchum/ Benny Hendrix7.6617.54$1,825.00110
Ken Kipler/Shawn Dunlap0.0016.69$550.00109
Tom Foster/ David Gardner5.2916.62$250.00108
Jeff Hayden/ Benny Cannon
Mike Evans/ Brian Cooper5.3215.58$195.00106
Mark London/ Matt Jennings4.0115.07105
Matt Greschak/ Dustin Alley
David Shaffer/ Scott Shaffer0.0013.80103
Ray Cobb/ Mark Moretz5.3313.63102
Chris Turner/ Quintin Chappell0.0012.81101
Russell Gammon4.9912.46100
Ken Mathias/ Jim Leavis0.0012.1199
Keith Jennings/Jerry Murray0.0011.5398
Mike Knapp/ Ben Knapp3.0211.4697
Charlie Reed/ Tom Houlyord0.0011.3696
Gary Debrito/ Derek Goodman0.0011.2895
Brad Higginbotham/ Joe Glazebrooke0.0011.1494
Jeremy Gatewood/ Jared Allbritten3.0810.9993
Richard Griswold/ Mike Watson0.0010.3592
Eric Rountree/ Josh Powell0.009.6691
Jason Law/ Terry Lovelle0.009.5790
Greg Dick/ Jim Dick0.004.7989
Scott Rock/ Cliff Hoggard0.000.0088
Stacey Light/ Paul Harris0.000.0088
Brandon Overton/Johnny Jones0.000.0088
Total Entrys$3,000.00
Total Paid At Ramp$3,020.00
2020 Tidewater Final Fund$330.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2020 Tidewater Final Fund Total$1,690.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund Total$4,470.00


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