Next Lake Monticello CATT is May 22!

To view the Lake Monticello Points go to the Monticello Division page and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page!

Tony Slack & Brent Helms weigh in 15.23 lbs good enough for 1st Place and $800.00!

Travis Robinson & Randy Rode took 2nd with 14.86 lbs!

Tony Slack – Brent Helms0.0015.23$800.00110
Travis Robinson – Randy Rose5.2114.86$365.00109
Steve Harris – Albert Darminius0.0013.21108
Louis Rosborough – Louis Rosborough II0.0012.35107
Dustin Bannister – Adam Fincher0.0012.21106
Jason Bateman – Michael Bateman0.0011.48105
Tony Exall0.0010.77104
Chad Bradburn – Phillip Thompson0.0010.36103
Devin Black – Cory Vaughn0.005.77102
Lenwood Sweatman Jr – David Beane0.000.0092
Todd Smith0.000.0092
Monticello Final$180.00


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