Van Turbeville & Jonathan Hammond Win CATT Waccamaw River July 27, 2019


Tournament Results Phantom Invitational Waccamaw River July 27, 2019 Van Turbeville & Jonathan Hammond Blow Away the 62 Boat Field! 20.02 lbs! BF 6.41 lbs! $8,400.00! 2020 Phantom Invitational Is In the Works!!

I would say the 1st Phantom Invitational on the Waccamaw River was a huge success! We had a great crowd and paid back over $18,000.00!  We are making plans to do this again in 2020 on the Waccamaw River out of Bucksport! Thanks for the support and I’m sure next year will be even bigger! We started the NC Championship the same way and now it offers a $10,000 1st place Prize! Please give Phantom Outdoors your support! A portion of the proceeds from your Phantom purchase will be donated towards charitable foundations for youth fishing programs, the military and law enforcement! 

Jonathan Hammond & Van Turbeville win the 2019 Phantom Invitational! 20.02 lbs. 1st BF 6.41 lbs. $8,400 cash PLUS 2 Level Performance Rods PLUS a Lews Mach Speed Stick PLUS 2-$25 Academy Gift Cards! $9,000 in cash & prizes! PLUS Van was in a new Nitro and checking on Outdoors Reward Program … could possibly be another $3,000 added to their total cash winnings! It pays to fish the CATT Trail….BIG TIME! 

Jonathan Hammond also received a Lews Mach Speed Stick for weighing in the 6.41 lb BF of the tournament!

Jason Owens & Jonathan Lee finished 2nd with 15.72 lbs and took home $2,600.00 and 2 – $25 Academy Gift Cards!

Joel Barfield & Carlton Thompkins  finsihed 3rd with 15.09 lbs worth $2,500.00!

Robby Byrum $ Sam Patterson brought 14.65 lbs to the scales and the 2nd BF at 6.04 lbs! They claimed $1,085.00!

Check out the rest of the money winners and we have tons of pictures posted on the CATT FB Page! Go to the page and give us a like!

Here’s the Facebook link!

62 TeamsBFWeightWinnings
Van Turbeville – Jonathan Hammond6.4120.02$8,400.00
Anthony Lee – Jason Owens5.0215.72$2,600.00
Carlton Thompkins – Joel Barfield3.9415.09$2,500.00
Robby Byrum – Sam Patterson6.0414.65$1,085.00
Patrick Cook – Mack Cook5.1212.75$700.00
Ryan Thompson – Josh Medlin4.1412.72$500.00
Jess White – Hunter Dickerson3.9112.65$400.00
Andy Howell – Branson Howell4.3912.62$300.00
Reid McDowell – Danny Allen3.6312.41$250.00
Nick Gant – Randall Miller4.3212.32$200.00
Alex Cribb – Roddy Cross2.8812.06
Tim Williamson – James Walters3.4311.73
Andrew Vereen – Jordan Weaver4.6211.34
Michael Dennis -Matthew Moore3.6711.32
Britt Brown – Danny Martin3.4910.74
Timmy Squires – River Squires2.7610.37
Casey Stamey – JD Farrand2.1910.08
Wade Cook – Brian Howard2.6610.00
Wayne Marlow – Winston Marlow2.649.96
Gary Pope – Kevin Alford3.209.78
Kyle Chestnut – Kristen Chestnut3.379.54
Kaleb Gerald – Wesley Williamson2.739.40
Travis Gatlin – Grant Powell2.459.40
Calvin Clatterbuck – Gregory Parker2.809.34
Marshall Sasser – Kel Owens3.699.18
John Alford – Glenn Altman2.699.18
Chad Pennell – Casey Warren2.189.00
Rodney Hardee – TJ Hardee2.408.96
Kevin Owens – Bill Moore2.368.87
Ray Inman – Jenneifer Floyd2.208.75
Adam Lewis – Timmy Barfield2.448.48
Jacob Barfield2.678.47
Ben Cox – Chase Marshall2.368.46
Seth Rabon2.118.40
Johnny Johnson – Wesley Howell2.538.33
Chris Jones – Ed Owens1.868.23
Jesse Hopkins – Corey Singleton2.248.22
Dason Lasek – David Crabill2.568.12
Chad Williams – Jeremy Hewitt2.427.67
Winkey Watford – Scotty Mixon1.967.62
Darren Williamson – Charles Fryer2.547.39
Bradley Suggs – Cal Cox0.007.32
Avery Williams1.857.29
Dylan McConnell – Dave McConnell2.636.70
Stephen Smith1.726.52
Sammie Grier – Cleo Strickland0.006.38
John Eagen – Amanda Eagen2.176.29
Casey Leach – Charlene Leach0.006.18
Steven Martin – Jacob Martin1.775.69
John Proctor – Johnny Dauart0.000.00
Matthew Goheen – Hunter Spivey0.000.00
David Quandt – Carson Quandt0.000.00
Shawn Todd – Clay Lewis0.000.00
Eric Freeman – Kevin Bazen0.000.00
Richard Porter – Gavin Porter0.000.00
Wayne Marsh – Ryan Marsh0.000.00
Cody Squires – Dillon Thompkins0.000.00
Greyson Brewster0.000.00
Anthony Amerson – Devin Lambert0.000.00
Greg Benton – Logan Benton0.000.00
Danny Rabon – Jamie Godbolt0.000.00
Chris Blanchette – Marc Protor0.000.00


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