Results from last Saturday with 32 boats, most boats we have had at any SENC event . Thanks for everyone that showed up and hope to see more and more participants. Also the 1st and 2nd place received donation money. David Sasser won the raffle winning 200$ cash for gas
Congratulations to
1st place ZackandChristie Rogers with 11.64 and a total of $1,650.00 in winnings
2nd place Michael Long and Reid Gore with 11.48 total winnings of $650.00
3rd place went to Jason Dew and Tom Elliott $300.00
4th place went to Jeremy Sullivan and Eric Buie $250.00
5th went to Andy Coor $200.00
6th went to Neil Smith and Jimmy Roughton $150.00
Big fish 1 went to Josh Sellers and Devyn Chavis with a 5.52 lb bass and $225.00
Big fish 2 went to Neil and Jimmy with a 4.33 lb bass and $95.00

Zach Rogers4.2111.64$1,605.00
Michael Long – Reid Goe4.0211.48$650.00
Jason Dew – Tom Elliott3.2511.23$300.00
Jeremy Sullivan – Eric Buie3.5911.08$250.00
Andy Coor3.6310.98$200.00
Neil Smith – Jimmy Roughton4.3210.64$245.00
David Jones – Hunter Jones0.009.10
Josh Cox – Jeremy Branch0.009.10
David Sasser – Chris Gainey0.008.76
Seth Smith2.848.02
Michael Garrell – Misty Garrell0.007.75
Zack Cox – Dawlton Cox2.557.31
Patrick Lunsford3.186.01
Jody Fowler – Camron Fowler0.006.00
Zach Milan – Ben Milan0.005.57
Josh Sellers – Devyn Chavis5.525.52$225.00
John Davey -Keith Edenfield0.004.97
Chris Hall – Jeremy Byrd0.004.84
Preston Watts – Ron Watts0.004.40
Donovan Barnes- Rickey Barnes2.704.34
Chris Walton – Ed Walton2.102.10
Paul Warwick – Austin Jernigan0.000.00
Alan Arnette – Tim Arnette0.000.00
Riley Findeison – Wilson Sessions0.000.00
David Lambert – Dakota Foy0.000.00
Mitch Garner – Ralph McLain0.000.00
Jerry Taylor0.000.00
Clay Wilkins – Lester Todd0.000.00
Wane Mishue0.000.00
Michael McDonald – Cody Thompson0.000.00
Mathew Cox – Richard Speights0.000.00
Mark Fairfax – Chandler Merritt0.000.00