Sunday, October 1, 2023

2010 Lake Anna Cup


Darrin Bache and Craig Hayden Winners With 14.48Lb & 6.25Lb Lunker

When all fish were recorded, the duo of Darrin Bache and Craig Hayden had the best five bass, weighing 14.48 pounds. They narrowly missed having the biggest bass of the tournament, too, with a lunker of 6.25 pounds.
Bache and Hayden took the top prize of $2,000 plus they will put their names on the Lake Anna Cup trophy. Bache was part of a team (with Larry Meadows) that won the LKA Cup in 2008, so he is the first repeat winner.
Bache and Hayden told the crowd they caught their fish in the upper Pamunkey Branch of the lake using lipless crankbaits on rocky points.
Second place finishers Timmy and Jeff Jones had five bass that weighed 13.68 pounds. They took home $500, a pair of Habervision sunglasses and two Country Chevrolet hoodies. This team reported fishing mid lake rock piles with Bandit 300 Series crankbaits.
Congratulation goes to David Chisholm and Wilson Bradley for overcoming some early engine troubles and finishing third in the LKA Cup with five bass of 13.49 pounds. This team won $200, a pair of Habervison sunglasses and Country Chevrolet hoodies. Chisholm and Bradley noted they fished both the upper North Anna and Pamunkey Branch with crankbaits and jigs on hard cover, too.
1 Darrin Bache / Craig Hayden 14.48 lbs. (Anchored by a 6.25 lb. Bass)
2 Jeff Jones / Timmy Jones 13.68 lbs
3 David Chisholm / Wilson Bradley 13.49 lbs.
4 Ron Ellis / Scott Gibson 12.11 lbs.
5 Mike Roy / Allan Harvey 11.83 lbs.
6 Andrew Farmer / Brian Hensley 11.51 lbs.
7 Scott Conners / Brian Conners 11.16 lbs.
8 Anthony Clark / Magregor McCelleand 10.92 lbs.
9 Gene Hall / Dave Menard 10.86 lbs.
10 Dubby Carr / Mike Belcher 10.29 lbs.
11 Bill Deeds / Lewis Williams 10.08 lbs.
12 Mike Elswick / Casey Woodfin 10.06 lbs.
13 Mark Finley / Mike Patterson 9.51 lbs. (Lunker 6.59 lbs.) (Big Striper 6.09lbs.)
14 Mike Wood / john Wood 8.43 lbs.
15 Bill Smitherman / Cody Showers 7.94 lbs. (Tie)
15 John Hutchins / Rahim Rahimi 7.94 lbs. (Tie)
16 Danny J. Minter / Danny J. Minter II 7.78 lbs.
17 John Doyle / Eugene Carter 7.65 lbs.
18 Stan Cobb / Bubba Murphy 7.59 lbs.
19 Chris James / Charlie Bowles 7.58 lbs.
20 Mike Hurdle / Kyle Verrill  7.54 lbs.
21 Rich Newton / Rob Grike 7.48 lbs.
22 Bobby Powell / Neil Powell 7.36 lbs.
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