The Importance of Setting Realistic Goals


The Importance of Setting Realistic Goals

I just got back from a small tournament this past weekend on a lake that I had never seen before.  I didn’t get to practice for it either so I basically went into the event not knowing what to expect.  Knowing that I was going in cold, I did a little research on the internet to find out typical weights that it has historically taken to do well as well as some other particulars.  From my research, I found out that the body of water we were fishing generally did not produce big bags or large quantities of fish.  Most of the reports would only say they caught 2-3 keepers a day.  So armed with that information, I knew that a limit would go a long way towards cashing a check or possibly winning.
With my goals set on catching a limit, I spent more time with finesse tactics like shaky heads and drop shots instead of the big sticks and we came away with a little change in our pockets.  Had I fished the way that I typically would have this time of year, we more than likely would have caught less weight than we had and finished farther back in the pack.  This is a prime example of the importance of setting realistic goals when heading to the lake.  Of course I would have loved to catch fifteen pounds and taken home the hardware but that would have been gamble that I would have more than likely lost.  I’ll take the finish that we had over a bomb any day!  Remember, fishing is played mostly between the ears!

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