Follow the Bait for Fall Success
  By Will Petty
“Find the bait and you will find the fish.”  How many times have you heard that statement made in the fall of the year?  It’s very easy to find large schools of baitfish when they are pushed into the back of a creek but what happens once they leave?  They don’t teleport to the main channel but they typically follow the same path that they used on the way in.  So when you can’t seem to find the bait in the back of the creek, just start working your way towards the main lake, checking the highest potential locations along the way.  Some of my favorite places to check are secondary points and flats near the main creek channels but don’t overlook any bird activity!  Some of my favorite baits when targeting shallow bass in the fall are the Spro Little John in Chrome Olive and Spooky Shad as well as the Aruku Shad JR in Chrome/ Blue and Magic Shad but I also catch a lot of fish vertically on a spoon and a drop shot when I see bait on my graph