Saturday, June 22, 2024

Lake Anna – August Fishing Report


The bass are really starting to school up in the mornings down lake and are willing to take just about any top water you can throw at them. Look for them on shallow points close to deep water busting threadfin shad and blue back herring out of the water. This action usually starts at first light and can last as long as 2 hours after sun up. I like throwing the Repo man to them and I am now fishing another top water lure, The BOING LURE creates a sound like no other in the tackle industry. Fish Tales will have 9 colors in stock by mid August. The Burton Minnow is another great way to put schoolies in the boat, my favorite colors are CC SHAD, CC HERRING and CC SPECIAL. Rig these on a 4/0 Gamakatsu EWG hook and start catching.

After the top water schooling action is over you can still catch these fish by locating them with your electronics and dropping a Tooth Ache Spoon down to them. Look for bass in other areas of the lake to be holding on deep boat docks, bridge pilings, brush piles and rock piles. Shaky Head rigged plastics work great. I like the Power Team Lures Finicky Tickler in Green Pumpkin, Watermelon and Green Pumpkin Blue Swirl.

Deep diving crankbaits like the Bill Norman DD 22, Strike King 6XD and the Bass Pro LEC 15. My favorite colors are Chart/Blue and Sexy Shad (XXX Shad in the LEC 15) Fish these baits in and around the brush, bridges and rock plies. Deflecting your bait off of the cover will get you a reaction strike

STRIPER- The line sides are actively feeding on herring and shad around the splits all the way down to the 208 bridge. You can find them swirling and breaking at sun up and catch them on a variety of top water baits. Cotton Cordell Broken Back Red Fins are a great way to see the strike, retrieve them just under the surface creating a wake with the bait and hold on. Pop R’s, Zara Spooks and the Repo Man are all great baits to get explosive strikes from the hearty and tasty fish.

After the morning fun is over, try trolling DD 22’s, LEC 15’s and Deep Diving Red Fins in 18-22 feet of water around the many humps at the splits. Live bait such as Gizzard Shad and Blue Back Herring will work for you but you must be on the lake well before the sun comes up and be good at throwing a cast net in order to get your bait.

CRAPPIE- The crappie fishing is in  the summer time lull at the present time. If you are going to try and catch them, small minnows on a slip bobber or on a jig head will be your best bet. The bridge pilings in 18-26 feet of water has been the HOT ZONE!!!!!!!

Lake Level- FULL POOL
Water Temps
DIKE 3-  89-91
MID LAKE- 85-88
UP LAKE- 87-91

Chris Craft
CCBASSN Lake Anna Guide Service

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