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Lake Ann – September 2012 – Lake Report


With Labor Day weekend at the beginning of this month, the anglers should be able to take the lake back by the end of the month! Bass, Crappie and Striper will be getting their act together by the middle of the month and the FALL FEEDING FRENZY will be underway.

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BASS- The largemouth will start to make their move to the backs of the creeks this month. They will be following the baitfish migration to the cooler water. There are several ways to catch these fish. Once you locate a the bait, if the fish are actively feeding, top water is the most exciting way to catch them. Walking baits like Zara Spooks, Repo Man and the soon to be available at Fish Tales BOING LURES. Pop R’s are and easy lure to use and will catch them. Stop by Fish Tales and ask for Dave or Chris and they will modify a Pop R for you.

Another great way to catch these schooling fish is with a Burton Minnow, these soft jerkbaits are the best that I have ever used and are made here locally in Fredericksburg. Once the feeding action slows down, start covering water with Rat L Traps, Dave’s Tournament Tackle Tiger Shad Spinnerbaits and shallow diving crankbaits. Once you locate and catch a couple of fish in a small area, slow down a pick that area apart with a shaky head rigged Power Team Lures Finicky Tickler and Craw D’oeuvre or a drop shot.

STRIPER- With the cooler nights and dropping water temps the striper will start getting very active. You can find them schooling from the splits all the way to dike 3. If they are swirling on the surface, Broken Back Red Fins are a fun and exciting way to catch them. Once the surface activity has slowed down, try casting a Bass Assassin Sea Shad on a 1/4oz jig head. If trolling is your thing, you can still catch them all month by trolling a Deep Diving Red Fin with either a bucktail trailer or a Sea Shad, Put the baits 100 feet behind the boat and troll at an idle speed. DD 22’s in a Chart/Blue Back pattern, you can drag these alone or stop by Fish Tales and either Dave or Chris can rig these out with a “FLUKE KILLER Bucktail Rig” for you. Towards the end of the month, look for the linesides to start making the annual fall move up in the feeder rivers of North Anna and Pamunkey.

CRAPPIE- The tastiest Lake Anna morsel will start to make their move up to the shallow water haunts that they occupy towards the end of the month. They will be on shallow boat docks, brush piles, rock piles and up in the water column on the bridge pilings. Great ways to load the live well with “BUCKET FISH” is with small minnows rigged on a slip bobber, 2″ Kalin Grubs and Crappie magnets. I use a 1/16 jig head for a slower fall on my artificial baits. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


UP LAKE  81- 84
MID LAKE 81 – 86
DOWN LAKE 82 – 86
DIKE 3  88

Chris Craft
CCBASSN Lake Anna Guide Service

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