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Going Tubular – Powerteam Lures


When some anglers hear the word Tube they think to themselves “man, I haven’t thrown a Tube in years”. But the fact of the matter is, tubes work just as great now as they did back then. Hardcore smallie anglers keep tubes in the forefront of their tackle boxes because they know it’s a sure shot for putting fish in the boat. However, many largemouth anglers slowly steered away from tubes because they’ve been inundated with all the other appendage induced creature baits that flooded the market. The funniest thing about that is, the tubes never stopped working, anglers just stopped throwing them. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and a place for every bait and appendage out there, but the effortless appearance of a tube passing through the water holds a place in every hungry bass’s stomach. Along with all of the multiple ways to fish a tube (Texas rigging, pitching, flipping, punching, Carolina rigging, drop shotting, hopped Stand up head, dragged on a tube jig, fished weightless across vegetation), one of the many benefits of a tube is that it can mimic bait fish or crawfish depending on how you rig it and fish it.  


Pro Staffer Jeff Barrentine takes 1st Place on Smith Lake using the 4.5” Food Chain Tube.

Our 3.5” and 4.5” Food Chain Tubes are perfectly suited for all of these applications due to their profile and neutral buoyancy.  Being able to control the rate of fall from ultra-slow (for swimming, stroking, or crawling over mats), to super-fast (for punching, darting and reaction strikes) is the key in covering these multiple techniques with these awesome tubes. Plus once on the bottom, the neutral buoyancy of the Food Chain Tube allows it to stand at attention for a longer period of time which absolutely drives bass nuts.


So if you haven’t thrown a tube in quite some time, you’re truly missing the boat on a lot of bass. The Food Chain Tube can get you back to your roots, and help you start putting plenty of those missed bass back in the boat.  


Pro Staffer Dave DeLeeuw wins on Lake Winnebago. Also weighing in the largest bag ever on the lake. All fish caught on Food Chain Tubes and Diesel Craws.



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