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Castaway Anglers – Buggs Island Tournament Results 3.16.13



Castaway Anglers – Buggs Island Tournament

Results 3.16.13

We had a great day and great tournament yesterday down at Buggs Island. We had a great turn out with 16 boats competing on a cool southside Virginia day. We had some nice bags of fish weighed in with first place going to Funk/Funk with 12.58 lbs, second went to Slagle/Day with 12.42 lbs, third place went to Thomas/Angel with 10.70 lbs and they had big fish with a 3.90 lb large mouth. You can see where everybody else finished (below) and see the club standings after our first tournament of the year. I have also attached a word document with the same results. Thanks to everybody see you next month at Lake Anna. Thanks.
Funk/Funk – 12.58 lbs.
Slagle/Day – 12.42 lbs
Thomas/Angel – 10.70 lbs    Big Fish – 3.90 lbs
Powell/Jennings – 9.86 lbs
Willis/Wood – 8.76 lbs
Kluender – 8.64 lbs
Gilbert – 7.34 lbs
Orange/Walker – 7.32 lbs
Edwards – 6.92 lbs
Owens/Walter – 6.32 lbs
Langford/Langford – 5.14 lbs
Millner/Millner – 3.20 lbs
Stachowiak/Stachowiak – 2.12 lbs

Harris/Tyree – 2.08 lbs

Castaway Anglers 2013 Standings
Team                      Buggs        Anna     Claytor   Smith Mt.       Smith Mt.      Leesville      Total
Team Funk               100                                                                                                                           
Slagle/Day                 90                                                                                                                   
Thomas                     90                                                                                                                         
Powell/Jennings        80                                                                                                                    
Willis/Wood             75                                                                                                                   
Kluender                  70                                                                                                                     
Gilbert                      65                                                                                                                       
Orange/Walker        60                                                                                                                     
Edwards                   55                                                                                                                    
Owens/Walter         50                                                                                                                          
Team Langford       45                                                                                                                         
Team Millner          40                                                                                                                   
Team Stachowiak   35                                                                                                                                
Harris/Tyree            30                                                                                                                                  
Doss/Hartberger      —                                                                                                                                  
Team Spencer          —

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