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Ask 100 anglers what their 3 favorite ways to fish a 7” straight tail worm are and you’ll find that ”on a Shakey head, Texas rigged and Carolina rigged” will be the majority rule. Each technique has a time and a place where one presentation will out-perform the other two based on the mood of the bass and how they want to be fed on a specific day. But look inside any tournament angler’s rod locker today and 99% of the time you’ll find a rod (or 2) designated specifically for Shakey head fishing. Why? Because Shakey head fishing is a serious producer, period. Bass love worms (always have and always will), but there’s something about that little tail dancing before their eyes that bass can’t seem to resist. And the 7” Tickler is the perfect match for a Shakey head. The bait itself is already neutrally buoyant which is key for Shakey heading, but the undercut tail design topped with its textured profile is like someone waving a mouthful of your favorite desert under your nose. It’s not a matter of “if” they’re going to bite it, it’s a matter of how long can they hold back before they inhale it.

We now have Football style Shakey heads on our website called Tick Shakes that are the perfect complement to the 7” Tickler. The heads boast a 5/0 Mustad hook which fits the worm perfectly and allows for plenty of bite when you drive that hook into a big bass’s mouth…a must for when you’re hauling in hogs! They’re available in Green Pumpkin or Black and come in 1/8 and 1/4 oz sizes. The powder coat paint is double baked for durability and you will NEVER find a blocked eyelet…it’s our guarantee.
Custom 7” Tickler Kits
You pick your 7” Tickler colors! You pick the weight and colors of your Tick Shakes!

That’s right, you get to customize your own personal kit to suit the waters you fish! Our New Custom 7” Tickler Kits are slam full of what you need to keep you catching bass for months. You get:

80 pcs 7” Tickers (4 colors/20 of each)
8 Tick Shakes (The perfect match for the 7” Tickler in either 1/8 or 1/4 oz, black or green pumpkin)
5 ea 2/0 Gamakatsu EWG hooks just in case you need to T-rig .
To top this off, this entire arsenal comes conveniently packed in a sturdy Plano Pro Latch 3600 utility box for easy storage and to help keep you organized.

Plus, for the next 10 days, each Custom 7” Tickler Kit that goes out the door will also receive a FREE pack of 5” Sick Sticks(also excellent on the Tick Shakes) along with the kit in one of our 6 hottest selling colors…and yes, you get to choose the color of the pack of Sick Sticks too! So build your own Custom 7” Tickler Kit today and start adding more big bass to your photo album. One hook set at a time!

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