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The MJ Rig Revealed – The Word is Out! – Story By Mark Bilbrey




The MJ Rig Revealed – The Word is Out!

 Now that the cat is out of the bag, I will share the secret bait with you that most anglers that knew of it kept it quiet about, I first learned of this rig while watching Timmy Horton Outdoors as he used what he called the MJ Rig. This rig is simply a Texas rigged worm with a willow blade on its tail that Timmy said that Keith Poche brought the Worm Blade to the bass fishing world’s attention with his 3rd place finish at the 2012 Red River Bassmaster Classic. And you know me, always looking for innovations that catch bass.

Step1: Start with the 4.5” Salty Sink Stick from Attack Pak Fishing. I prefer these for their neutrals buoyancy, and they are enhanced with Juiced Up Baits scent as well as impregnated with large grain salt that you can actually see come out of the bait when you roll it in your fingers. All of these enhancements will make the bass hold on longer for a solid hook set.

 Step 2: I use Talon Lures worm bling Willow Blade Size: #3 from Tackle Warehouse, they are the perfect size and weight for this presentation.
 Step 3: Insert the screw-lock willow blade into the head (or the thicker end) of the worm.

 Step 4: Trim the tail (or thinner end of the worm) to give more plastic for rigging.

 Step 5: Simply Texas rig it for a weedless presentation and you’re ready to throw it in and over grass.

  This rig is a simple design with an innovative application; the blades allow you to enhance the soft plastic presentation like never before.

Visit my YouTube channel for a video of rigging this innovative approach to worm fishing.

Happy Fishing!

For ordering the components for the MJ Rig visit these sites:


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