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Summer Topwater with Impact Lures – By Mark Bilbrey


Summer Topwater with Impact Lures

Posted by mark on June 26, 2013

ThumbS3.jpg  Fishing topwater baits in the summer can be both fun and productive. In the warmer water of summer the metabolism is at its highest requiring more foraging and faster digestion. Bass will strike topwater baits with an aggression that will stop your heart. This is the right time to see shad flipping on the surface and wood topwater bait mimics an injured shad better than other lures and achieves results perfectly.


 The summer topwater bite can be at its best early in the morning and again later in the evening, and isolated grass can produce more fish than large areas of cover in early summer. The small patches offer greater ambush opportunity for the bass. Finding isolated grass close to deep water can make your day a great day for fishing. Look for areas where the grass does not reach the surface and throw a top water lure like this custom popper by Impact Lures can call bass out of the grass as well as from a great distances to strike. The key element in the summer is locating the baitfish and a location where the bass find comfort, cover and oxygen.

942305_595251273838838_882456025_n.jpgThe cadence of the retrieve is important in the warmer water and faster moving bait seems to be the preferred choice of bass. Establishing a rhythm with the lure greatly helps to attract the bass. The retrieve of the bait determines the rhythm and can make a big difference in the effectiveness of attracting bass. All bait fish make noises that bass can hear and feel. Predators attack and strike because of distressed sounds. Anglers should keep in mind that the sound a topwater lure makes can be just as important as how good the lure looks. Poppers create a sound that mimics a dying baitfish struggling on the surface and with its large eyes combine with natural colors and flash, the bait appeals to bass as much as anglers. The concaved mouth spits water everywhere to fool bass into striking as the action and splash contributes to the commotion on the surface.

ThumbSbvb3.jpg With durable construction to their casting ability, we are confident that you will see the difference between our product and mass produced lures. The wood lures are unique and crafted one by one, hand sanded and individually painted. These works of art can catch quality fish all summer long. The craftsmanship of each lure speaks for itself and their fish catching ability has been proven time and time again.


185496_455596821137618_199069513_n.jpg A lot can be said about wooden lures, they have definitely left their mark on history with long standing world records yet to be beaten by modern designs. They also hold a place in the hearts of anglers that remember the vintage lures in their fathers and grandfathers tackle boxes. Impact Lures with modern design concepts and time proven techniques in manufacturing give anglers the confidence of vintage lures and the technology of modern tactics in fishing. There is something special about the topwater bite of summer and using a handcrafted wooden lure can add to the excitement even more.

Happy Fishing!

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