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Make a Topwater Impact – By Mark Bilbrey – Story


Make a Topwater Impact


photo4.JPG There is no other experience that compares to standing on the front deck as the sun rises in the cool summer morning. Bait caster in hand winding up and making a long cast with the sound of only a whisper of a “plunk” as the lure lands on the surface of the calm water. You focus diligently watching the plug as the ripples separate and fade into the calmness. With morning fog rising from the water’s surface, you make a sharp twitch with the tip of the rod and then another as the silence is broken by the chug- chug of the bait gulping at the surface. With a pause in your cadence the early morning sounds of nature fill the air as the sun breaks over the horizon and then…KATUGE! The battle rages on as a massive bass has accepted your offering. After the fight you reach down and lip the beast, raising the fish into the air as the water on its scales glistens in the morning rays of sun light. This my friends is fishing at its finest, the long awaited summer top water bite!  

photo1.JPG  Many big bass are caught using top water presentation generally as the water warms above 65°in the spring until it cools back down to 65°in the fall. Many companies manufacture top water baits, but the nostalgia and the look of handmade wooden lures add something to the experience of topwater fishing that even the bass seem to relate to. The pride and the confidence that anglers of a passing generation had in the classic wooden lures seems to have a close kinship to the reaction of the bass when they have the opportunity to crush a wood lure. Not to say there is anything at all wrong with the new generation of plastic baits, they catch fish too, but I have noticed wood lure call up big bass, especially when they have the solid chug and pop that only comes from a solid wooden lure.

photo7.JPG Companies like Impact lures that manufacture all hardwood lures that are crafted individually by hand with the best woods and quality components understand this relationship between anglers, bass and a lure. In the process, each lure is personally hand turned, hand painted and hand assembles providing a lifelike action as well as durability. Even the Buck tails on the hooks are made of natural materials and are hand tied. The company being ran by fisherman that boats that their lures have been rigorously tested on some of the toughest and toothiest fish in Florida, from Peacock Bass in the Miami Canals to Black tip Sharks off the Beaches. This first hand field testing is what makes them confident in the quality and durability of their lures. Impact offers an endless array of colors, shapes and sizes. Hand selected quality woods are used but they also offer exotic hardwoods for special order.

 photo6.JPGWith the lures made by Impact being produced one at a time by hand allows the craftsmen to carefully inspect each and every lure made. Each lure is then assembled by hand insuring durability and quality. Because the lures are made with quality hardwoods, they are weighted to cast further than any plastic lure which is important to any topwater presentation. The hardwood will also hold up to toothy fish (even sharks) as much as ten times longer than hollow thin plastic baits.

 I have come to the conclusion that Impact Lures makes fishing lures that work, they put bass in the boat. Since becoming acquainted with the company, I know firsthand that the company is built on a simple concept of producing quality baits in the Old American style. Using only the best components–stainless steel eye screws, double strong split rings and hooks–for their hardwood lures. They take pride in creating products that they themselves have tested and found to be successful. photo3.JPG

Happy Fishing!

For more information about these great handmade lures visit Impact Lures at:

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