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New Innovation far from ICAST from Attack Pak Fishing – By Mark Bilbrey


New Innovation far from ICAST from Attack Pak Fishing



There is no need to go to ICAST to find new and innovative fishing lures this year. Our friends at Attack Pak Fishing have provided us with a sneak peek of a prototype lure that is scheduled for production soon, called the “Crankin’ Swim Jig”. This innovative jig/crankbait is a balsa crankbait with a skirt like a jig and a free moving hook that can be rigged with almost any soft plastic bait from a grubs, worms or swimbaits.


The action is like nothing bass or anglers have seen before. The bait comes alive when swam slowly remaining close to the surface, but increase the retrieve speed and the bait will dive from three to five feet at a constant depth, bringing together the appeal of a crankbait and a weedless soft plastic bait.


The serpentine winding action of the bait is even more enhanced by the flair of the skirt when the retrieve is killed, imitating a defensive stance of a bait that is willing to square off with a perusing predator, which is the quickest way to provoke a following bass into a reaction strike.

photo4.JPG The “Crankin’ Swim Jig”. is a four season bait from fishing prespawn flats in the spring to summer grass lines. And for the fall migration the baits natural action will be sure to get reactions when the bass are busting on baitfish. The bait can also be weighted to get it down deeper in the winter when bass are suspending as well as Carolina rigged in the hot water of summer.   

True innovation from the mind of a fisherman, the “Crankin’ Swim Jig” is the creation of Attack Pak’s creative and visionary owner Brad Holt, who sought input from the experience of his pro-staff and family during the carful design and paten process. This bait is truly unique and anglers know that for a pressured lake, bass will seek unusual baits that they are not accustomed to seeing. Be watching Attack Pak Fishing’s Facebook wall and web site for more information.

photo3.JPGHappy Fishing!

Check out the video that Donna made slow cranking the bait:

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