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Prowling for Summer Bass – By Mark Bilbrey – Story


Prowling for Summer Bass

 BY : Mark Bilbrey.com


When fishing for bass during late summer and early fall anglers have turned to a tactic for years that many have guarded as a secret. Summer anglers successfully fish for bass that are suspended in relation to the shaded structure of bluffs in reservoirs with a finesse jig and the pattern has worked very well in tournaments over the years. The go to bait for this tactic, the finesse jig has remained unchanged for many years, however innovation and technology has changed the way many anglers think about this summer technique. The lighter finesse jig that has been used so long to target fish in really deep water during summer by parachuting it down the face of the bluffs has been replaced with a new slow falling “Prowler Jig” from Bass Attacker. The balance of a lighter jig head designed to provide a certain amount of bouncy along with a skirt material that provides a neutral buoyance allows the rate of descent to be controlled and adjusted by the angler with the choice of trailers used.


 Many summer bites from largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass occur as the jig falls down the face of the bluff. This jig keeps the offering in the strike zone longer than standard lead-head jigs by design. With realistic eyes and endless color schemes, Bass Attacker has met the needs of summer as well as winter anglers when a slower bait is needed to catch suspended bass.

IMG_3102.JPGThese advancements along with side imaging technology enhanced even more by companies like Humminbird with the new 360 imaging, summer fishing can now be more productive and more fun. Summer bluffs and ledges can be among the most productive structure to pattern with a slow falling jig. Ledges are great places to find large schools of big bass to catch a limit in the shortest amount of time. Ledges are basically “old river banks” that existed before a reservoir was created by a damming a river. With the correct location and a slow decent jig, bluffs and ledges can be summer hot spots for bass.

IMG_3117.JPG When fishing a lake with floating docks, the slow descent Prowler jig also will catch bass that are using docks for ambush cover and shade. Boat docks in the summer are another productive pattern as long as anglers are targeting the shaded side of the docks. Casting the Prowler into the places where it can be difficult to throw a heavy jig greatly increases the chance of a kicker bass. Along with a slow descent, the Prowler jig can be swum around the docks to imitate bait fish and entice the lunkers lying in the shadows waiting to devour un-expecting bait. The Prowler fished on 17 to 20 lb fluorocarbon line or up to 50 lb braid to meet the needs of the type of cover you are fishing, will prevail.

 Color selection is another factor that should be taken into consideration when fishing a slow falling Prowler finesse jig. In clear water anglers prefer more natural colors like green pumpkin or brown, but in stained to muddy water, bright colors do well as well as the classic a black and blue that is an over cast day best selection. Bass Attacker has an unbelievable line of color choices to fit the needs of virtually all conditions. 

IMG_3111.JPGDepending on water clarity, holding depth and the bass activity anglers select the size and type of trailers needed to be productive. In clear water a smaller more subtle presentation can be the best and in clouded water bass prefer a larger bait that provides more contrast and more vibration from water displacement.

 When there is money on the line, there is a majority of tournament anglers that put their confidence in a finesse jig, and Bass Attacker Jigs can increase that confidence even more. The Prowler is armed with a surgically sharp Trokar hook that almost guarantees once hooked the bass will be in the livewell. The jig also has an innovative designed with the screw-lock bait keeper. This feature alone can save money in trailers being lost of missed hook sets when the soft plastic fails.

IMG_3140.JPG Summer finesse jigging is not a new technique, but with the innovation of the Prowler Jig has brought has changed this tactic in such a way that it is more productive and more rewarding. Bass Attacker showcases a complete line of innovative and quality products that are all producing bass for tournament anglers as well for weekend recreational fishermen. You can learn more about the company and their products on Facebook and at their site: http://bassattackerlures.com/

Happy Fishing!

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